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Activities for Kids at Home - 13 Fun Ideas

fun activities for kids toddlers children to keep busy at home

Home with the kids for who-knows-how-long? Running out of ideas to keep the kids busy and entertained while you're all at home?

Here are 13 fun activities to keep you and the kids busy while helping their minds and bodies stay active during the time off from school.

Once you pick some fun activities, be sure to also check out our free, modifiable, and printable Daily Schedule for Kids at Home!

Modify and Print our Daily COVID-19 Schedule for Kids

daily schedule for kids coronavirus covid-19

Stuck at home with the kiddos? Going stir-crazy!?

Many kids crave routines, and being home from school can make things feel unpredictable, especially with all the scary news right now.

We developed a COVID-19 kids schedule that you can download, modify, and print, to help keep things more predictable while you're at home with the kids. Also check out our list of fun activity ideas for the kids!

Baby Registry Checklist: 20 Must-Haves

baby registry shower checklist must-haves

The idea of building a baby registry can be incredibly overwhelming, especially for first-time parents-to-be. You simply don't know what items to add and what to avoid. Once you start looking around at Amazon or your local Target, you’ll soon become overwhelmed with all the products that suddenly all seem necessary!

The goal is to choose items that are going to be useful on a daily basis and don’t end up turning into clutter and taking up space. A good baby registry will also help you avoid getting tons of the same gift from friends and family, like a dozen plushies or five of the same exact baby book!

Protecting Babies and Toddlers from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

protecting babies toddlers kids from coronavirus covid-19

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking the world by storm, quickly spreading across continents and ending up right in our own neighborhoods. And if it hasn't shown up near you yet, according to the CDC it's only a matter of time before it does.

While everyone is panicking and stock-piling respirators, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper, keep in mind that there are many more practical steps you can take to reduce your own risk, and your children's risk, of contracting coronavirus in the first place.

Looking for ways to structure your kids' days? Check out our COVID-19 kids schedule that you can modify and print for free!

Is your Car Seat Expired? Dates and Guidance

car seat expiration date graco example

Car seats vary widely in the number of years they can be used after their production date. Some car seats expire after only 6 years, whereas some of the best convertible car seats and newer car seat models expire 10 years after their manufacturing date. Because these vary so much, and the labels or imprints can be so hard to find, we've developed this car seat expiration guide to make your life a little easier!

Britax Car Seats - The Ultimate Comparison Tables

britax car seat comparison infant convertible

Britax is long-established as a world leader in the car seat industry, making a first-class line of infant car seats, convertible car seats, and booster seats. For more than 70 years, Britax has innovated sleeker and safer car seat designs.

In 1996, after becoming a best seller in Europe, the company launched a line of car seats in the United States. Today, Britax car seats for small children are categorized into two groups:

Picky Eaters: Tips, Tools, and Foods

baby eating food

Baby’s first solid food is an exciting milestone. Parents are often eager to sit with their child at the family table. Additionally, for babies who were exclusively breastfed, the start of solid foods means the child’s other parent may now be involved in feeding and that special bonding time.

350 Gender-Neutral Baby Names

unisex baby names gender neutral names

Picking a gender-neutral baby name is becoming very popular, and there are tons of reasons why parents are turning to unisex names when picking the perfect moniker for their baby-to-be.

Holiday Hazards: Keeping Baby Safe and Happy

safe baby christmas tree

When the world is aglow with holiday lights and spirit, parents and children alike will buzz with excitement and wonder. The holiday season is a lovely time of year, full of tradition, festivities, and vibrant bustle. This time of year can also add stress and dangers to a baby’s routines. Some of the top holiday hazards include decorations, shopping dangers, and celebrations.

Best Fetal Doppler Systems? Think Again!

ultrasound pregnancy

Here at Mommyhood101 we pride ourselves in in providing unbiased information and giving parents the opportunity to make informed decisions about which baby, toddler, and child products are perfect for their unique lifestyles and needs.

Many websites that are similar to ours have recently published reviews of the Best Fetal Doppler systems, providing their opinions about several systems currently available on the market.

When Do Babies Crawl?

baby crawling

Be careful what you wish for! Once your baby starts crawling, you are in for a whole new set of challenges. But when exactly should you expect your baby to start crawling? We reviewed the research and consulted with a developmental pediatrician, and figured out the appropriate developmental milestones you should pay attention to.

Figuring Out Your Baby's Sex at the FIRST Ultrasound! The Ramzi Method.

ultrasound baby fetus parents happy

One of the most exciting phases of pregnancy is finding out the sex of your baby and celebrating the results. Maybe through a gender reveal party, or maybe just the two of you sharing some ideas about the nursery, clothing, and toys.

How to Start Solid Foods

baby solid foods

With all the changes in recommendations over the years, introducing your baby to solid food can be a confusing time. This simple guide outlines when to introduce solid foods to your baby, what to feed them, and how to do it. With patience and practice, your little one will be eating on their own before you know it!

50 Baby Essentials for New Parents

baby essentials

New parents-to-be will find there are numerous baby essentials to have on hand before baby is even born! When checking off items on a baby registry wish list or preparing for baby needs throughout the house, new parents will need to consider these essentials to care for both baby and mom.

Here is a top 50 baby essentials list by category. Click on any list item to jump down to additional information, tips, and resources.

How to Travel with a Baby - 25 Essentials

child travel airport safety luggage

Vacations and holidays are wonderful times to gather with family and friends who may be excited to meet your new infant or see how your toddler has grown. Whether traveling by car or by plane, for just an overnight stay or longer at a destination, it is best to get a head start on planning and packing for travel with a baby.

The 29 Most Ridiculous Baby & Kid Products!

ridiculous baby and kid products

First-time parents need to fill about nine months of time waiting for their bundle of joy to arrive. There is plenty of planning - choosing names, building a crib, and packing your bag for the glorious hospital trip. But toward the end of pregnancy, when the anticipation is all-consuming, first time parents have the wonders of Amazon to fill their countdown minutes - and the selection of ridiculous baby products does not disappoint!

15 Tips for Picking a Daycare

baby products you dont need unnecessary

Choosing a daycare center is a difficult task both logistically and emotionally. Parents seek daycare centers for a number of reasons, which may include personal and professional obligations, social skills development, and others. But no matter the motivation, all of these parents are searching for a clean, quality daycare center with passionate, experienced staff.

Strollers - Everything You Need to Know

strollers frequently asked questions and answers

Strollers come in all shapes and sizes, with varied car seat compatibility, folding size, travel suitability, child capacity (number, weight, height), suitability for jogging, price, comfort, and quality.

Because there are so many different strollers with different features and prices, you probably have tons of questions about how to pick the perfect stroller, how to use the stroller, where you can bring the stroller, and whether you can fit two or more kids in the stroller.

20 Baby Products You Really Don't Need

baby products you dont need unnecessary

As the adage goes, “Babies are not born with instruction manuals.” So it’s a good thing all their stuff comes with directions! In addition to sustaining another human life, new parents are tasked with sorting through the inundation of new and improved baby products!

There are some obvious needs: good diapers, a safe car seat and stroller (or maybe an awesome travel system!), a baby monitor system, a baby carrier, and a comprehensive diaper bag to tote around baby’s supplies. Be sure to check out our list of 50 baby essentials for all new parents. But some other baby essentials on the market seem more superfluous (and silly) than essential!

Baby Foods and Formulas Without Heavy Metals? A Few Options

baby foods formulas safety heavy metals arsenic cadmium lead mercury

Heavy Metals in Baby Food and Formula?

A study released by the non-profit Healthy Babies Bright Future (HBBF) organization is causing concern among parents about the safety of traditional and organic baby foods and formulas. The HBBF conducted a study to test for 4 different toxic heavy metals in 61 baby food brands and 168 different food and formula products.

The group tested for lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and an additional neurotoxin called perchlorate. They found concerning results for even the best organic baby foods and organic baby formulas.

Full List of Kids Foods Containing Cancer-causing Herbicide

spraying crops with herbicide glyphosate cereals

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has published results of a new study demonstrating that 43 of the 48 cereals, oatmeals, and snack bars they tested contained the herbicide Glyphosate, which is classified by several agencies as a likely carcinogen. And Glyphosate was found in all of the Cheerios and Quaker cereals tested. This study builds upon very similar results found in their earlier study of oat-based products.

These are the same breakfast cereals we feed our children, the same oatmeal we feed our babies, and the same snack bars we include in packed snacks and lunches. That's scary stuff!

Are Teething Necklaces Safe? Amber, Rubber, vs Silicone

amber teething necklace safety baby silicone rubber

Are Teething Necklaces Safe?

The answer is NO. Any teething necklace worn by a newborn, infant, or toddler is unsafe.

There are two primary risks here.

The first risk is that necklace beads will break apart or pop off the necklace itself, posing a major choking hazard.

The second risk is that anything worn around the neck poses a strangulation hazard.

Breastfeeding: How to Increase Milk Supply

woman breastfeeding baby

Breastfeeding is a journey with a greater learning curve than many new mothers expect. While moms spend 40 weeks planning, prepping, researching cribs, baby monitors, car seats, and strollers, those who plan to breastfeed may not think too much about how to nurse. Many may assume the natural process will come as second nature—after all, they already have the equipment, and evolution has done millions of years of work for us already! And some moms may find little challenge in the process. But the reality for many mothers is unexpected challenge and frustration along with the joys of breastfeeding.

Super Extended Breastfeeding: What Your Ancient Ancestors Did

breastfeeding in park mom baby nature weaning

Every mom will make her own personal decision about when to wean their baby from breastfeeding. Maybe it happens at 3 months, and maybe at 3 years.

Only you and your doctor can decide when to wean your baby. This process often considers demands on work-life balance, finances, convenience and schedules, health, nutrition, and your child's own emerging preferences.

Winter Baby Clothes: How to Layer and Prepare for Cold

mom and baby in snow pexels

Dropping temperatures generally motivate more indoor activities like snuggly pajamas and warm cocoa. However, the outdoors are not always off limits through late fall and winter, and a little fresh air is always great for health and mood. Many parents want to escape the house and even bring their baby to winter sports activities such as sledding, skiing, showshoeing, and more.

Fall Activities We Love To Hate: 15 Hilarious Tweets

fall activities kids funny tweets

It's that time of year again when we all start thinking about apple picking, cider drinking, pie making, pumpkin picking, cider donuts, hay rides and corn mazes.

Now that you're filling your weekends with fall activities to fill the time and drain your wallet, the Tweets have started flying about this tradition that can strain even the strongest parenting skills!

Halloween Costumes for Cats? Count me in!

best cat halloween costumes 2018

We've seen plenty of baby costumes, dog costumes, and even halloween costumes for random objects like mailboxes and shrubs. But halloween costumes for cats!? You can't possibly get any cuter than this!

Sit back, relax, grab a handful of halloween candy (we won't tell!) and feast your eyes on some serious feline adorableness!

Halloween is just around the corner and here's your chance to outfit your favorite furry friend in some of the cutest halloween costumes we've ever seen!

Childproofing Your Home: The Ultimate Guide

babyproofing childproofing home baby safety

Once your baby starts scooting, rolling, crawling, pulling themselves up, and walking around, you'll soon realize why babyproofing is an essential step in preparing a safe and stress-free household!

We solicited advice from our 22,000+ Facebook and Twitter followers and pulled together this list of childproofing ideas for your home. Three hundred and twelve ideas were submitted us! Some of the ideas were amazing and can be done for free, some ideas required inexpensive products, and some were just plain bad!

best stainless baby bottles review

Stainless Steel Baby Bottles: Safer than Plastic?

best stainless baby bottles 2020

With all the concerns about leaching dangerous chemicals into breast milk and formula, parents are increasingly steering away from plastic baby bottles.

At first, parents were shifting toward plastic baby bottles advertised as BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and Bisphenol-A-free. More recently, research has shown that even BPA-free plastic baby bottles can leach chemicals into food and beverages.

Specifically, BPA-free baby bottles are commonly made with plastics using BPS, BPF, BPAF, BPZ, BPP, and/or BHPF. Notice how they all have "BP" in their names? That's bisphenol, and leading scientists say that BPA-free plastics are just like BPA in that they leach chemicals that cause genetic and hormonal disruption.

Safety Alert! Over 50 Infant Deaths due to Inclined Sleepers

safety dangers inclined bassinet

Every parent wants their baby to have a special sleeping place that is nearby, comfortable, and safe. This desire leads many parents to purchase a bassinet, co-sleeper, bedside-sleeper, or moses basket. Many of these options offer a sleeping surface inclined between 10-30 degrees that is intended to help babies with reflux or colic fall asleep more easily and stay asleep for longer periods of time.

Unfortunately, any baby product with an inclined sleeping position increases the risk of airway compression, suffocation, and even death. Let's learn a little more about these risks, how they are being addressed, and what you can do to increase your baby's sleep safety.

Signs of a Hungry Baby: 8 Cues Every Mom Should Know

breastfeeding mom shutterstock

Both new and experienced breastfeeding mothers want what is best for their children, and no one ever said breastfeeding was easy. But in addition to soreness, changes in appetite, learning various feeding positions, and sleeplessness, many mothers also wonder if their babies are receiving enough milk. They know their babies are nursing, but without a measurement standard like the ounce marks on baby bottles, breastfeeding mothers must rely on other signals to indicate how much breast milk is being consumed.