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tara carnegie blog author
Tara Carnegie
Tara is a developmental specialist and mother of 3 from Chicago, IL. She enjoys writing, swimming, and shopping for local and organic food.
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Jessica Rose
Jessica is a mom of twin boys and a little Wonder Woman, who loves anything crafty, mocha lattes in the early morning, and writing.
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Rayne de Jongh
Rayne is a mother of 3 first and foremost, with a passion for creating beautiful brands and providing content that rocks.
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Jess Jordan
Jess is a mother of three, a writer, and an adjunct communications professor, who loves reading, painting, and kitchen experimenting!

Am I Pregnant? 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy You Should Know

Written by Tara Carnegie


Before you take your first pregnancy test, you might be one of the women who notices small and early changes in their body that suggest they might be pregnant. But what are those early pregnancy signs and symptoms? When should you expect them, and how common and reliable are they for indicating you might be pregnant? We pulled together 10 of the most common early signs of pregnancy, and read the science to see if they are real or old wives tales