The Best Lightweight Umbrella Strollers of 2022

There are two main types of lightweight strollers:

First is the umbrella stroller, named for its ability to fold up into a long and narrow footprint that looks like, you guessed it, an umbrella!

Second is the more modern lightweight stroller that has a one-piece handlebar and folds into a rectangular footprint.

Over the past decade we've considered more than two dozen different models for this list, across both of these styles. Our top 5 lightweight strollers are listed below, followed by in-depth reviews of several different models.

For our testing, we took them on walks, loaded them up with babies and supplies, folded and unfolded them, put them in trunks and overhead bins, and tested out all the features. The top-rated model has the honor of appearing on our list of the year's best strollers!

Full disclosure: Some of these strollers, including the Biba and GB models, were sent to us as free test samples by the manufacturer.

Here are the Best Lightweight Strollers of 2022!

1. ZOE XL1 Deluxe Xtra Light Stroller System.

best lightweight stroller ZOE XL1

This is the best lightweight stroller we tested, and everyone who used it was thrilled with its performance! The Zoe XL1 uses a modern folding design that is different from a traditional umbrella stroller, folding into a relatively small size: specifically, it folds down to 26" long, 15" wide, and 7" thick. That size will fit right into an overhead bin on most commercial airplanes, and easily behind the seat of a Jeep Wrangler. And lifting it into either of those places is a breeze, with the XL1 coming in at only 10 pounds! Don't let that low weight fool you, the XL1 is very well-equipped: there is a great snack holder and cup holder for baby, a detachable cup holder and storage pouch for the parents, front wheel suspension, a HUGE canopy (the biggest we tested), a reclining seat, a peek-a-boo window to check on your baby (sleeping yet!?), detachable padded front belly bar, rear wheel brakes, and a decently large storage basket on the bottom. In our testing, the XL1 was surprisingly sturdy and stable, and showed great maneuverability around town, over curbs, and down steps. The one-handed fold was super easy, and it folds into a very compact package - the wheels can be popped off to make it a couple inches shorter if needed. We suggest using this stroller from about 6 months of age, up until about 45-50 pounds maximum. Zoe accomplished such a durable stroller and high weight capacity by using a lightweight but strong aluminum frame.

best baby cribs nestig

All of the accessories are also lightweight, like the plastic cup holders and belly bar. Surprisingly comfortable and versatile, this super lightweight stroller can be purchased for around $180, which we think is a very reasonable price. Cons? A carry strap would have been nice, but they do make a backpack that it slides into pretty nicely. Overall, we love the XL1 and think it is very deserving of this top spot on our list! Who else loves the Zoe XL strollers? Our friends at WhatToExpect and Babygearlab also consider them excellent picks! Impressed? You can check out the ZOE XL1 here, and the double version XL2 here.

2. Babyzen YOYO2 Stroller.

best lightweight stroller babyzen yoyo2

The Babyzen YOYO2 is the newest release from Babyzen and the newest addition to our list of lightweight strollers! Technically a luxury stroller, the YOYO2 has very high build quality, great style, and amazing versatility - but you'll pay for it, coming in at about $500. We were excited to get our hands on it to see if it's worth the relatively high cost. When we received the box, we were immediately surprised by how small it was - we started to wonder how such a great stroller could possibly fit in a box this size! Once we unfolded it, we were impressed with the style and build quality. The lightweight frame is sleek and well-made, the hinges functioned smoothly, and all levers were easy to use. Out of the box, the YOYO2 comes equipped for infants 6+ months old (they call this the 6+ version), though you can separately purchase either a bassinet or newborn pack attachment, which will allow you to use the YOYO2 from birth onward. We didn't test out those two accessories, but they range from about $200-250 and from what we've seen, they offer some great comfort and quality. The 6+ version has multi-position recline, a comfortable seat, a large waterproof and UPF 50+ canopy with peek-a-boo window, and can be used with children up to nearly 50 pounds (48.5 to be exact). With the 6+ seat, as tested, the YOYO2 weighs just about 13.5 pounds, and it folds down to a small footprint of only 20.5" long, 17" wide, by 7" thick. This can either be carried on your shoulder with the included shoulder strap, or in the included carrying bag. We tested the YOYO2 with a 10-month old boy, and absolutely loved it. The seat was comfortable, the 5-point harness was easy to use, and the entire stroller was very smooth and easily maneuvered.

Over paved surfaces it was very smooth, but as expected the smaller wheels were not great for dirt, sand, or gravel. The storage basket was reasonably sized (supports up to 11 pounds of weight), the handlebar was super plush and comfortable (and we liked the shape), and the steering was super nimble. The entire stroller was not only lightweight but also very compact for fitting through tight spaces and around tight turns. Overall, we loved it and the only con we could really come up with is the price; personally, we think the ZOE is a much better deal, though the build quality here is definitely better. If you're not scared away by the high price, we think you'll love the YOYO2! Who else loves the Babyzen YOYO strollers? Our friends at WhatToExpect, Babygearlab, and The Wirecutter also consider them excellent picks! Impressed? You can check out the Babyzen YOYO2 here.

3. Summer Infant 3DLite Stroller.

best lightweight stroller summer infant 3d lite

This is a true umbrella stroller that folds into a long narrow shape that can fit into even the smallest places (44" high, 14" wide, 12" deep). Do you deal with tiny European rental car trunks, small plane overhead bins, or a tiny urban apartment closet? This is probably a great option for you. Not surprisingly this is one of the best selling strollers of all time, coming in at only 12 pounds and with some really great build quality, comfort, and features. Even with its light weight and low cost (usually under $80), this is not a flimsy stroller at all, and we thought that was really impressive. It turns well, has good brakes, and isn't tipsy at all. And the company Summer Infant has a very long reputation for reliability and customer service. We like the curvy lines of the frame, the handlebar shape and grips, the front wheel suspension, and the fact that it includes a carry handle (for when it's folded) which is surprisingly hard to come by! It has a good sized storage basket that is actually easy to access from the rear, a decent size canopy (but nowhere near the ZOE XL1), padded shoulder straps, and a pretty comfy seat (and deep recline).

best baby cribs nestig

There's also a cup holder and little pouch for mom or dad. Cons? We couldn't figure out how to get it to stand on its own while folded, and there are no cup or snack holders for baby. It's also quite a bit heavier than the ZOE or GB Pockit models, but the low cost might compensate for the added 3 pounds! Outside of that, for this price-point you are really getting an exceptional stroller! Who else loves the Summer Infant 3dLite Stroller? Our friends at WhatToExpect call it a top pick! Interested? you can check out the 3dLite Stroller here.

4. GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller.

best lightweight gb pockit stroller

This is definitely one of the more extreme lightweight options on this list. It is the most portable, compact, and lightweight (9 pounds!) convenience stroller we've ever reviewed, and that's saying a lot! We want to be clear that this stroller is for the people who really want to minimize the weight and size of a folded stroller for the ultimate in portability and travel use. I mean, you can put it the overhead bin on even a smaller plane, which is a challenging feat and unique to the GB Pockit. You can also simply throw it into your suitcase or a duffel bag without any issues (they also make a Pockit travel bag that you can sling over your shoulder). Just how small is it when folded? Under 12" wide, 14" long, and 7" thick. That's like a stack of 5 laptops on top of one another - much smaller than any other option on this list; in fact, it's so small that it won the award for smallest folded stroller in the Guiness Book of World Records! When we first got our hands on this stroller, that's the immediate first impression: the box just seems too small to have a functional stroller in it! Pulling it out of the box, it's only about 9.5 pounds, making it super light and easy to maneuver. Speaking of laptops, the laptop I'm typing on right now is heavier than this stroller! Once you get it out of the box, you'll need to read the owner's manual because it uses a unique folding design that will take a few minutes to get used to. Unfolded, this stroller is pretty sparse. It's narrow and simple, super easy to maneuver around tight spaces, yet somehow is able to support kids up to 55 pounds (with an additional 11 pounds of gear in the storage basket!). While it's not appropriate for newborns and does not attach to any infant car seats, once your baby is about 6 months old and has head and neck control, they can use this stroller. In terms of features, it's pretty lacking, but that's not surprising given the portability aspect - it does have a canopy but it's pretty small (see the Pockit+ for a larger canopy), it does have storage but it's small, it does recline but it's cumbersome to use and restricted in range, and it has no cup holders or small storage pockets or trays (for parents or kids). We also found the wheel locks a bit difficult to engage at times, and it's nowhere near as sturdy as the heavier options on this list - which itself is not surprising. But what it does have is superior portability that leaves all the other lightweight strollers in the dust, and a price (around $150) that isn't too outrageous for one of the best travel strollers out there. And that's why it's so high up on our list! Who else features the GB Pockit as a top pick? Our friends at WhatToExpect! Interested? Check out the Pockit Stroller or Pockit Plus Stroller.

5. Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller.

best lightweight stroller baby trend rocket

This is a great, well-featured and reasonably priced (only about $50) umbrella stroller. Baby Trend has a good reputation for making good quality products at very reasonable prices. Nothing fancy here, but definitely great bang for the buck! This is a classic umbrella stroller that folds up to a long and narrow form, but then folds in half vertically again to make for a very compact stroller that fits nicely into an overhead bin. In our testing, we found some things that we really loved. First, this is a great stroller for tall parents. The top of the handles is over 40" above the ground, which makes it much easier for tall parents to reach the handles without hurting their backs. If you're really looking for tall strollers, this is a good option, another even taller option is the Joovy New Groove ultralight stroller, which is about another inch taller. Second, the ride was surprisingly smooth and handling was nimble, and the brakes worked pretty well, and we loved the 5-point harness which was easy to use and adjust. Third, the handles were comfortable, there is a little zippered pocket for your keys or phone, there are cup holders for parents, and it feels much more durable than some of the other inexpensive umbrella strollers we've tested. Finally, we found the fabric easy to clean yet comfortable enough for baby. It's designed to support babies who can sit upright on their own without support (it is not made for infants), all the way up to 50 pounds. We did notice, however, that the seating surface itself is a bit narrow so it's better for the tall-and-lean than the short-and-chunky kiddos. Of course, we're talking about an umbrella stroller here so it has many of the same limitations as other umbrella strollers: very limited recline functionality, small and fickle wheels, and a small canopy and storage basket. At this price, those limitations aren't surprising, but they're worth mentioning. Overall, this is a great stroller that could be a bit lighter weight (it's 13 pounds), but offers high bang-for-the-buck!

6. Colugo Compact Stroller.

best lightweight stroller colugo compact

If you haven't heard of Colugo strollers before now, you're in for a pleasant surprise! This Colugo Compact stroller comes in at a lightweight 16 pounds, which is a bit heavier than some others on this list, but we think it might be worth the rich set of features. The Compact supports little ones starting around 6 months all the way up to 55 pounds, while maintaining a relatively small footprint measuring about 17" long by 26" wide when unfolded, and 17" x 24" x 10" when folded (which can fit in a large overhead bin!). The stroller has some great features including no-flat rubber tires, a super simple one-handed fold, removable and washable fabric, a large UPF 50+ canopy, lay-flat recline, and a big storage bin. Some interesting little features are the magnetic seat buckle and harness, detachable cupholder, carry backpack, and a separate infant kit (for 0-6 months) that provides a beautiful bassinet attachment for your little one.

In our testing, we quickly fell in love with how easy it was to fold and unfold the Colugo Compact. It's truly a one-handed fold that you can perform while also holding your baby on your hip. Once it's folded, it's a bit heavier than others on this list, at 16 pounds, so you might not be able to lift it and put it in the trunk single-handedly. The stroller is highly nimble and maneuverable, with very agile steering, and a small turning radius. The handlebar is comfortable but it doesn't adjust height for shorter or taller parents. The wheels have very low rolling resistance, but they are not large enough in diameter to suit rougher surfaces (sidewalk bumps, holes, cracks). The one awkward thing we found was that while pushing this stroller, the rear axle was pretty far back towards your legs and feet. With taller parents, this can cause their stride to kick the stroller. The same thing happens to an even greater extent when you attach the infant bassinet, which sticks pretty far back towards the parent's knees. Outside of those little issues, we think the Colugo is beautiful, practical, highly functional, and reasonably priced at under $300. Who else recommends the Colugo Compact? Our friends at Wirecutter and Babylist consider it a top pick! Interested? You can check out the Colugo Compact stroller here.

7. Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller.

best lightweight stroller mountain buggy nano

This is a very minimalistic stroller that is great for traveling. Heading to Europe for an adventure with a baby or toddler? This might be a great solution for you. It folds into a carry-on size for airplane travel, and is super compact even when opened. Not for big chunky monkey babies or toddlers, the seat is rather narrow and we think it reasonably tops out around 40 pounds. The stroller itself weighs 13 pounds, which was heavier than we were expecting, especially given the minimalistic design and features. But we found it really clever in its design, well built and reliable, and narrow enough to fit through little European doorways. Folding was easy enough, but we found that it really required 2 hands. It folds up nice and small (12" by 22" by 20") and fits into its own (included!) pouch, and has a built-in carrying handle. Even with its minimalist design, it has some good features for travel: adjustable footrest, rear wheel suspension, and a canopy with a nice extension to block sun or rain. Overall, if you're planning on doing some serious traveling with baby, this is the way to go. Cons? Well, it doesn't have anywhere near the features as the top lightweight strollers on this list, and there are some minor annoyances. Like when it's folded up the canopy interferes with your hands gripping the handlebar, there's no cup holder, and the storage basket is small. Not to mention it's pretty pricey! Overall, we like the style and quality, and we're not alone: our friends at Babylist, Babygearlab, and The Wirecutter all consider it a great option. Interested? You can check out the Mountain Buggy Nano here.

8. Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Stroller.

best lightweight stroller kolcraft cloud

Looking to get your hands on a capable and reliable lightweight convenience stroller that won't break the bank? Maybe the Baby Trend Rocket is a perfect fit, or maybe you're looking for something a little different? Enter the Kolcraft Cloud Plus! This stroller comes in at only 11.8 pounds, can support children up to 40 pounds or 40" tall, and packs some great features. While this stroller cannot be used with newborns, once your child is able to sit unassisted and has full controll of their head and neck, this stroller is a great fit. Out of the box, we were impressed with how small this stroller is when folded - it was about 12" thick, 18" wide, and 34" long. Yes, it's not quite as much of a compact stroller when folded as many other options on this list (like the ZOE XL1 or Mountain Buggy), but that's a pretty decent size that you'll be able to fit into the back of a Jeep Wrangler or Smart Car if you needed to. Unfolding it was a breeze - you simply grab it by the handle while squeezing the red lever. Theoretically, it could be done one-handed but you'd probably have to be over 6 feet tall and have shoulders and biceps like Hulk Hogan (or the Arnold) so you can shake it open. So assume you'll need to use two hands for this. Once unfolded, there were some things we really liked about it: first, the canopy was impressively large at this price point, providing some great protection from the elements. Second, there are two cup holders and a tray for parents, and a detachable tray and cup holder (and a nifty area that serves as a juice box holder) for your kiddo. Third, it was super easy to maneuver around tight spaces, with its narrow frame and versatile wheels (there is a front suspension, but we don't think it does much). The recline settings were pretty decent - there is no "lie flat" option, but you can get reasonably close for a nap. Cons? A few: the back rest isn't very comfortable, we found the locking mechanism a little finicky when folded, the cup holders were way too shallow for most bottles and drinks (my Grande Starbucks coffee tipped over within a minute), it does not fit any infant car seats, and the storage bin could be a little larger and more accessible. Outside of that, this is definitely a good addition to this list, especially considering that it can be had for only about $70. Who else recommends the Kolcraft Cloud? Our friends at Babygearlab and WhatToExpect also consider it a top pick. Interested? You can check out the Kolcraft Cloud here.

9. BIBA M Single Stroller.

best lightweight stroller biba m

BiBA only recently began making their strollers available in the USA, and we are really excited about the potential for these high quality and stylish strollers to make a splash on the baby market! We're excited about their simple urban styling, high quality fabrics and parts, easy adjustments and folding, comfortable seating surface, versatility, and reasonable pricing (this one is around $199). In our hands-on testing we found the stroller to have some great features. Let's start with the canopy. Of course, you can have the canopy all the way up and out of the way. You can also put it down for a regular-size canopy. You can also extend the back of it a bit by unzipping to reveal a see-through mesh screen that you can use to peek down at your child (and them up at you!). Finally, there is an extra-large extension on the front that you can fold down for extra coverage and privacy. This feature makes for one of the largest canopies on this list, second only to the ZOE XL1. We also liked the almost-flat recline, which brings the seat down to about 150-degrees recline, nearly flat, or one of a couple other less reclined positions. There was also a large storage compartment at the bottom, though access to it was a bit difficult when the seat was reclined. Speaking of recline settings, the thigh support can also be set downward, flat, or at a little incline for toddlers who want to do criss-cross applesauce, or to keep things from rolling out of the seat. There is also a footrest for bigger toddlers and kiddos, a cupholder for mom or dad, wheel-brakes, a lightweight (about 11 pounds) aluminum frame, and smooth foam rubber wheels. We found it very easy to maneuver through tight spaces, and it folded up into a reasonably small package measuring about 28" wide, 20" long, and 11" high. Some additional things we liked were the chest pad on the 5-point harness, which helps with the flopping-forward factor, and the fact that you can buy some inexpensive accessories for it. For instance, a foot and leg cover for the colder months, for about $25, a mosquito net cover, and more. Finally, this is one of the few strollers that uses the front handle-bar for kids, which kids like to use when they're sitting up and looking around. It can make pulling kids in and out more difficult of course, but if you don't like it you can just pop it off very easily. Supports from 6 months and older, and up to 33 pounds. So this is a great addition to our best lightweight stroller list, and we're happy to put it through some longer term testing to see how the quality holds up over time. No real major cons here, though it would be nice to have a cupholder for the kid, and to fold down into a smaller footprint like the ZOE does. Overall, this is a great option, so be sure to check it out!

Coming soon to this list: the Inglesina Quid 2 stroller!

How to Pick a Lightweight Stroller

Easy Folding

All of the best umbrella strollers are lightweight, and this is a really critical characteristic. You're buying a lightweight travel stroller for a reason. You want it to be quickly and effortlessly fold up and fit into the half-full trunk of a compact car, fit into the overhead bin on a plane, fit neatly into an apartment closet (or restaurant coat area!), or to strap onto a suitcase during travel. Folding with only one hand is even better. You also want it to unfold with ease and not too much hassle, preferably also with just one hand. These were really important features for us. There are basically two folding modes for the strollers we review here. First, the traditional umbrella stroller folds by squeezing the two handles together and then folding in half lengthwise. Second, other lightweight strollers fold by collapsing lengthwise, usually using three folding points. Either way, you're going to be able to fit these into the overhead bin of a normal size airplane (though usually you can just gate-check a stroller), into the back of vehicles with smaller trunk areas like a Jeep Wrangler, and into the corner of a restaurant without taking up too much space.

Safe and Reliable

The best umbrella strollers will fold easily, but won't fold up with your baby inside, or have several exposed hinges that could pinch their little fingers. The stroller needs to have a 5-point harness, not tip over easily, have good locking wheel brakes, and have a sturdy build quality that will last for years. There are many lightweight strollers on the market that are flimsy, tipsy, and won't last you more than a year. Those don't show up on our list; also not on this list are double strollers since they tend to be much heavier and we review them elsewhere.

Comfy and Lightweight

There's a trade-off between a super comfortable stroller and a super lightweight stroller: rarely will you find a stroller that meets both of those needs, especially not an umbrella stroller. To keep an umbrella stroller super lightweight (under 10 pounds), you often compromise a bit on seat, head, and side cushioning. The best lightweight strollers strike a good balance between weight, build quality, and comfort. When we tested out the Baby Jogger City Tour LUX as a potential candidate for this list, we totally loved it; it was easy to use, comfortable, versatile, and highly maneuverable. But it weighed 19 pounds, so we decided to leave it off this list - but if you're willing to consider a stroller that is a bit heavier, definitely check out the Baby Jogger City Tour.

For more information about how to pick a stroller, check out our full stroller buying guide.

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