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Pregnancy is an amazing and sometimes anxiety-provoking phase of your life, and pregnancy advice and guidance will come from all angles: friends, parents, in-laws, siblings, and ordinary strangers!

While most of the advice will be well-intentioned, it's important to do your own research: talk to your Ob/Gyn, read about current science, and figure out what's right for you and your developing baby. Our articles are not only well-researched and updated on a monthly basis with new science and insights, they are also written by parents with expertise in child development, occupational therapy, neuroscience, and/or pediatrics. We hope you find them helpful and they give you confidence and peace of mind during your pregnancy!

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Nursery Ideas with Photos and Product Details Links

118 Nursery Ideas with Photos and Product Details

Nursery themes add a personal touch, style, and heart-felt message to the first place your baby will know as home.

We gathered hundreds of popular nursery photos across several themes such as nature, animals, boho, modern, fantasy, and character themes. Then we researched all the products so you'll know where to find them!

feeling hot or cold during pregnancy

Feeling Hot or Cold During Pregnancy? Here's Why

Most women will have temporary bouts of feeling abnormally hot or cold during their pregnancy. Flushing skin, sweating, shivering, and cold chills are all a common part of the experience.

It might even seem like no matter what you do, you're either too hot or too cold, and can never achieve a comfortable temperature for more than a few minutes!

why are there more boys than girls

Why Are There More Boys Than Girls? Hint: It's Not Super Sperm!

Since the 1800's, scientists have wondered why so many more male babies were born than female babies.

Last year alone, in the United States there were 3.2 million more boys than girls (source).

And there are tons of possible explanations why boys are so much more common.

early pregnancy discharge woman

What is Early Pregnancy Discharge?

Many women experience unexpected early pregnancy vaginal discharge, called leukorrhea.

Leukorrhea is a thin white discharge coming from your vagina, and can happen at any time during your menstrual cycle and during pregnancy.

best fetal doppler ultrasound home systems

Best Fetal Doppler Systems? Think Again!

Here at Mommyhood101 we pride ourselves in in providing unbiased information and giving parents the opportunity to make informed decisions about which baby, toddler, and child products are perfect for their unique lifestyles and needs.

Many websites that are similar to ours have recently published reviews of the Best Fetal Doppler systems, providing their opinions about several systems currently available on the market.

third trimester of pregnancy what to expect

The Third Trimester of Pregnancy: What to Expect

During the third trimester of pregnancy, your baby will increase in size and weight from about the size of a football (and up to about 2 pounds in weight), to about the average birth weight of 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

This incredible third trimester transformation is marked by several changes to your body that you'll want to be prepared for. Our guide to the third trimester will fill you in on all these details, including what your baby is doing developmentally inside your belly, what to expect for symptoms, and how to manage the increasing strain on your body.

Gender-Neutral Unisex Baby Names List with Meanings

350 Gender-Neutral Baby Names

Picking a gender-neutral baby name is becoming very popular, and there are tons of reasons why parents are turning to unisex names when picking the perfect moniker for their baby-to-be.

odds of implantation fertilization ovulation pregnancy

Pregnancy Odds: From Ovulation to Birth

Getting pregnant involves a complex dynamic between the woman's body and the man's sperm, and a cascade of genetic, hormonal, and metabolic processes determine whether you get pregnant and carry your baby to term.

What are the odds of getting pregnant? How do those odds break down into ovulation, fertilization, implantation, embryo development, and fetal development through the first, second, and third trimesters? We reviewed the scientific literature, analyzed the data, and figured out how the likelihood of a successful pregnancy changes over time.

exercise during pregnancy

How to Stay Fit and Healthy During Pregnancy

When it comes to taking care of yourself during pregnancy, it can be difficult to determine exactly what you should be doing to ensure the health of you and your baby. Apart from that, it can be confusing to determine which symptoms are of concern and which are typical during pregnancy.

second trimester of pregnancy what to expect

The Second Trimester of Pregnancy: What to Expect

During the second trimester of pregnancy, your baby will increase in size and weight from about the size of a lime (and about half an ounce in weight) to the size of a small eggplant or football (and up to about 2 pounds in weight).

This amazing transformation of size is accompanied by several changes to your body that you should be prepared for, and not just the increasingly prominent belly bump! We're talking about a range of pregnancy symptoms that will make you wonder how women have been doing this for millions of years! Our guide to the second trimester will fill you in on all these details, helping you prepare for the amazing journey towards childbirth!

Figuring Out Your Baby's Sex at the FIRST Ultrasound! The Ramzi Method.

Figuring Out Your Baby's Sex at the FIRST Ultrasound! The Ramzi Method.

One of the most exciting phases of pregnancy is finding out the sex of your baby and celebrating the results. Maybe through a gender reveal party, or maybe just the two of you sharing some ideas about the nursery, clothing, and toys.

The First Trimester of Pregnancy What to Expect

The First Trimester of Pregnancy

Each day, week, and month of pregnancy will bring surprising changes to your body and mind.

Some of these changes will be amazing, and some will make you a nervous nelly. We're here to help!

early signs of pregnancy

Am I Pregnant? 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy You Should Know

Before you take your first pregnancy test, you might be one of the women who notices small and early changes in their body that suggest they might be pregnant. But what are those early pregnancy signs and symptoms? When should you expect them, and how common and reliable are they for indicating you might be pregnant? We pulled together 10 of the most common early signs of pregnancy, and read the science to see if they are real or old wives tales. Below we describe our take-aways from our research.

boy or girl predicting gender during pregnancy myths old wives tales

Boy or Girl? 19 Funny Myths for Predicting Gender

Every grandma and mother in law thinks they have a few tricks up their sleeve to predict whether you're going to have a baby girl or boy.

Over the centuries, these old wives tales have been passed down through generations and often reinforced by anecdotal data. Some of them might actually have legit biological underpinnings, but most are just about as good as a flip of a coin!

popular baby boy names girl names

Most Popular Boy & Girl Baby Names 2020 (with meanings)

Each year the US Government (social security administration) puts out a list of last year's most popular baby names. Below are the most popular baby names from last year. We list the most popular boy names, and the most popular girl names. We will update this list as the Government provides more data to us.

signs of labor pregnancy

13 Early Signs of Labor in Pregnancy

Once you've made it into the 37th week of pregnancy, you'll become increasingly vigilant and aware of subtle signs and symptoms of labor.

That little cramp, upset tummy, back pain, or any other new discomfort will have you wondering: is this labor!?

Many of these little signs will probably be false alarms, subtle signs that your body is changing and getting ready for birth, but not necessarily a sign of early or active labor.

pregnancy acne

What Causes Pregnancy Acne?

Pimples, zits, acne, blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, large pores, whatever you want to call them, are a total nuisance, can be very painful, and are often embarassing.

With all the challenges of pregnancy, no grown adult wants to also worry about acne suddently making its first reappearance since teenage years.

baby registry checklist must haves

Baby Registry Checklist: 20 Must-Haves

The idea of building a baby registry can be incredibly overwhelming, especially for first-time parents-to-be. You simply don't know what items to add and what to avoid. Once you start looking around at Amazon or your local Target, you’ll soon become overwhelmed with all the products that suddenly all seem necessary!

Ovulation Predictor & Calendar

Ovulation Predictor & Calendar

You can predict when you will ovulate by using the below ovulation predictor and calculator. Many women wish to know more about their bodies, especially fertility and when they will ovulate. The below tool can help you figure out important dates for you to watch, whether you're trying to have a baby or even trying to avoid a pregnancy (be warned, however, that this is not a very effective method of birth control!!).

baby essentials new parents

50 Baby Essentials for New Parents

New parents-to-be will find there are numerous baby essentials to have on hand before baby is even born! When checking off items on a baby registry wish list or preparing for baby needs throughout the house, new parents will need to consider these essentials to care for both baby and mom.

Here is a top 50 baby essentials list by category. Click on any list item to jump down to additional information, tips, and resources!