The Best Baby Gear of 2022: Top 75 Products

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Category: Baby Wearing

#1 Best Baby Carrier

LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Baby Carrier.

best baby carrier 2022 lillebaby complete all seasons

One of the most essential baby products you will purchase, the baby carrier provides the comfort and intimacy of baby wearing with superior convenience and ease of use. The LILLEbaby accomplishes all of that and more with its beautiful design, amazing versatility, superior comfort, and reasonable price point. It supports newborns as small as 7 pounds and has a very high maximum weight of 45 pounds, allowing you to maximize the use of all 6 carrying positions all the way up to nearly 4 years old! Check out our full list of amazing baby carriers, including options from Boba, Tula, Beco, LILLEbaby, and Onya, and learn why the LILLEbaby is the best baby carrier of the year!

#1 Best Baby Wrap

Solly Baby Wrap.

best baby wrap 2022 solly wrap

The Solly, Boba, Moby, Baby Ktan, and CuddleBug baby wraps are all top-selling options that have quickly become essential baby gear for new parents. The Solly ended up at the top of our buying guide this year for several reasons. We found it to be super soft with its Modal fabric sourced from Austrian beechwood trees, which was comfortable for mom, dad, and baby, flexible and versatile for several body types, and over the course of our testing we didn't experience any issues with sagging or excessive stretching, or pilling fabric. We were able to achieve some really nice c-shape spine support with several Solly wrap methods, and we thought the wrap felt really secure and safe in these position. The Solly wrap is relatively light weight, providing an awesome spring, summer, and early fall option, and we loved all the little features like a pacifier pocket, personalized video tutorials, and good plus-size wrap options.

Category: Car Seats

#1 Best Infant Car Seat

Chicco KeyFit 35 Infant Car Seat.

chicco keyfit 30 35 best infant car seat 2022

The Chicco KeyFit 35 offers superior quality, quality, comfort, and convenience at a very reasonable price. One of the most popular infant car seats of all time, the KeyFit has proven itself worthy of a top position on our list. As the big brother of the KeyFit 30, the KeyFit 35 has everything that flagship car seat offers, plus a higher weight and height capacity, no-rethread adjustable harness height, European belt routing, and an anti-rebound bar. Chicco took awesome and made it amazing! In our testing we loved the premium SuperCinch LATCH connectors, EPS energy-absorbing foam and side-impact protection, preemie support (4 pounds) with the included infant insert, machine washable fabrics, RideRight bubble levels to help installation, and 6 year expiration. Everything about this car seat is fantastic, including the price! Check out our full reviews for details on not only the Chicco, but also several great options by Britax, UPPAbaby, Nuna, Graco, Clek, and more! 

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#1 Best Convertible Car Seat

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat.

graco extend2fit platinum convertible car seat

The Graco Extend2Fit never ceases to impress us with its safety features, superior quality, easy installation, versatile adjustments, and high quality fabrics. You can't beat the comfortable fabrics, thick side-impact protection, steel-reinforced frame, energy-absorbing foam, and its convenience features. Given the amazingly low price, those are some amazing convenience and safety features! Combine those positives with the fact that this car seat can support babies up to 50 pounds in the rear-facing position, which is the safest way to ride, and you've got a clear winner! Check out our full reviews for additional options from Chicco, Clek, Nuna, Britax, and more.

#1 Best Booster Seat

Clek Oobr Booster Car Seat.

best booster car seat 2022 clek oobr

The Clek Oobr has been slowly creeping its way up our list of the best booster seats, and for some great reasons. Made in Canada by a company with a strong reputation for quality, style, simplicity, and safety, the Clek Oobr hits all the right spots. It supports children from 40 to 100 pounds and 38-57" tall using the vehicle's seat belt (as a belt-positioning booster), then as a backless booster it can support from 40-57" tall. That's an awesome weight and height range, and it's complemented by some serious features: adjustable recline, rigid lower LATCH connectors, magnesium-reinforced frame, side-impact protection, EPP energy-absorbing foam, and well-positioned belt guides. Take all of the features and versatility and combine it with Clek's commitment to sustainable and low-emissions fabrics and materials, and you've got a clear winner! Check out our reviews of the Oobr, along with other awesome options from Chicco, Britax, Diono, Graco, and more!

#1 Narrowest Infant Car Seat

Clek Liing Infant Car Seat.

best narrow infant car seat 2022 clek liing

The Clek Liing comes in at a super slim 16.9" wide, with a base that only measures about 13" wide! But don't let the narrow profile fool you, this car seat packs some serious capabilities and features. Among them are some excellent safety features such as awesome crash test performance, a load leg, side-impact protection, energy-absorbing EPP foam, and premium low-emissions fabrics. For comfort, the entire seat has beautiful fabrics, excellent padding, and one of the best recline systems we've seen. The Clek Liing can support infants and toddlers from as little as 4 pounds (using the two-stage infant insert) up to 35 pounds or 32" tall. Add that range to an industry-leading 9-year warranty, and you've got yourself a clear winner with serious longevity! The Liing wins the contest, but be sure to check out the other narrow infant car seat options we found from Chicco, Nuna, Graco, and Cybex!

#1 Narrowest Convertible Car Seat

Clek Foonf and Clek Fllo Convertible Car Seats.

best narrow convertible car seat 2022 clek foonf fllo

The Clek Foonf and Fllo are the narrowest full-featured convertible car seats on the market, coming in at only 16.9" wide at their widest point. And the Foonf and Fllo are not just narrow, they're also some of the best overall convertible car seats of the year, offering excellent versatility, comfort, and safety and convenience features. Both the Foonf and Fllo are fantastic car seats, designed and manufactured in Canada, and equipped with side-impact protection and an anti-rebound bar while rear-facing. They accommodate children from 14-65 pounds, or from newborn to 65 pounds if you purchase the separate "infant thingy" insert. Even more impressive is that rear-facing they can support children up to 50 pounds, letting you reap the safety benefits from rear-facing for as long as possible! Overall, we love these car seats, and small distinctions between them can be seen in our full review, where we also consider options from Diono, Combi, Peg Perego, and more!

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#1 Narrowest Booster Car Seat

Chicco Myfit Booster Car Seat.

best narrow booster car seat 2022 chicco myfit

The Chicco MyFit is not only one of the best overall booster seats of the year, it's also one of the narrowest booster seats you can find without compromising comfort or safety. Coming in at only 17.5" wide at its widest point, with a base that's about 16" wide, this narrow booster seat is perfect for fitting 3 in a row, especially when positioned next to a rear-facing infant car seat. This booster seat converts from a combination booster with harness (25-65 pounds), to a belt-positioning booster (40-100 pounds), with a maximum height limit of 57". This booster seat is sturdy, stylish, versatile, easy to use, safe, and high quality. Check out our full buying guide for more details!

#1 Best Budget Infant Car Seat (under $100)

The Graco SnugRide infant car seats are one of the most popular lines of rear-facing car seats ever made. They have the Snugride 30 model with a 30-pound weight capacity, and the Snugride 35 model with a 35-pound weight capacity. They are great for small newborn babies as low as 4 pounds, and have some great features at a very low price. The SnugLock feature provides an amazing seat belt lockoff system that helps you achieve a secure installation, and the SnugRide snaps into all Graco compatible strollers. All this versatility in a safe and lightweight infant car seat, the Graco Snugride Snuglock 30, that sometimes costs under $100? Sweet deal! Check out the other cheap infant car seats we found from Evenflo, Safety 1st, and Baby Trend!

#1 Budget-Friendly Convertible Car Seat

Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat.

cheap budget convertible car seat 2022 graco contender

While our best convertible car seats buying guide considers car seats that range from about $150 all the way up to $450, the Graco Contender is at the top of our budget-friendly convertible car seat list (under $150). If you know anything about Graco, you know they make high quality baby products that transcend nearly everything your baby will touch in the first two years of life, and they have an excellent reputation for safety and versatility. The Graco Contender 65 is no exception, and it has an impressive array of safety and convenience features for a car seat at this price point, including energy-absorbing foam, side-impact protection and testing, a no-rethread harness height adjustment (at this price!?), recline, and a cup holder. It is a rear-facing infant car seat from 5-40 pounds, and front-facing toddler car seat from 20-65 lbs.

Category: Diapering

#1 Best Diaper Bag

Itzy Ritzy Boss Diaper Bag.

best diaper bag 2022 itzy ritzy boss

Overall, we absolutely love this diaper bag! It is big (about 1300 cubic inches), very well-made, and has a ton of dividers and pockets (10 to be exact) to organize all your baby gear. It has insulated side pockets big enough to fit even the widest baby bottles and keep stored at a nicely controlled temperature, easily accessible small pockets, and zippered pockets for personal stuff like car keys and a wallet. It has a lot of inside storage that is perfect for diapers, toys, sunscreen, and more. It also looks fantastic, and it one of the most popular diaper bags of the year! Check out all of our best diaper bags, including options from Freshly Picked, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Skip Hop, JuJuBe, TWELVElittle and more!

#1 Best Sensitive Baby Wipes

Water Wipes Baby Wipes.

best baby wipes 2022 water wipes

Baby wipes, especially sensitive baby wipes, can be very hard to evaluate and compare. Even after nearly 10 years of research to find the best sensitive baby wipes, we are constantly checking out new additions to the market and trying to be as objective as possible in our evaluations. Water Wipes have been around for several years, and this is the first year we're featuring them at the top of our list. Why? Because they are 99.9% water with a big of grapefruit seed and soapberry extracts. We've never tested a more sensitive wipe with the best score from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for its low-risk ingredients. Not only are they hypoallergenic, sensitive, and chemical-free, they are also very effective at cleaning up the dirty stuff! Check out all of our baby wipe reviews, including options from Honest Company, Babyganics, Pampers, Bloom Baby and more!

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#1 Best Baby Wipe Warmer

Hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmer.

best wipe warmer hiccapop

No infants like the feeling of a cold baby wipe suddenly freezing their little tooshy! The Hiccapop baby wipe warmer is the solution for that problem, and it passed our hands-on testing with flying colors. It had even and reliable heating that wasn't too hot, it didn't brown the wipes or melt the plastic on the wipe packages, it was easy to reload and dispense from, and it felt like it had pretty decent build quality. Not to mention that it's available for only about $35, putting it squarely in the middle of all the other baby wipe warmers we reviewed.

#1 Best Cloth Diaper

bumGenius Freetime All-in-one Cloth Diapers.

best cloth diapers bumgenius

Cloth diapers vary widely in shapes, sizes, functionality, versatility, and style. The bumGenius line of cloth diapers is superior in all of these areas, with a one-size fits all approach, innovative snap closure and fitment system, superior absorbent pads and leg opening gussets, easy wash and dry, durable and high quality, and stylish colors and patterns. The bumGenius Freetime is a top-rated all-in-one cloth diaper that combines the waterproof diaper cover, soft inner liner, and attached absorbent pads into a single cloth diaper system that parents are raving about!

#1 Best Diaper Pail

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail.

best diaper pail 2022 munchkin

Dirty diapers smell terrible, and every nursery absolutely needs a good quality diaper pail to seal in the odor and keep things fresh without having to bring every single dirty diaper outside immediately! The Munchkin diaper pail passed our tests with flying colors: it was easy to use, stylish, durable and reliable, and did a fantastic job sealing in the odors from dirty diapers. The step-to-open foot pedal is so much better than having to use two hands, or having to touch all the potentially dirty surfaces around the pail's lid. Coming in at just over 2 feet tall, it can fit a decent number of diapers before you need to refill using the ring-style bag system. And it's stylish and sleek, fitting in with a clean contemporary style. Did we mention that it holds in the smell really well? That's really the most important thing, and everything else is a bonus!

#1 Best Diapers

Pampers Swaddlers, sizes Newborn to 5.

best diapers 2022 pamperhuggies little snugglers

If you're not using cloth diapers, then you will want a sensitive, absorbent, comfortable disposable diaper that doesn't suffer break-throughs during the day or night. Combine that with the softness you'd expect to be touching your newborn or infant's bottom, and it can be a tough set of criteria to fulfill! The Huggies Little Snugglers diapers are the ultimate infant diaper, ranging from newborn up to size 6, and trusted by hospitals and NICUs for their excellent fit, sensitivity to rash-prone skin, and superior protection. In our testing, we though they were everything you need in a diaper, at a very fair price!

#1 Best Diaper Rash Cream

Era Organics Diaper Balm.

best diapers 2022 era organics

This completely organic diaper balm is not intended to treat moderate or severe cases of diaper rash, instead it is an extremely effective balm for treating and preventing mild diaper rash. We loved that it uses only the best ingredients, is easy to apply, not greasy, smells nice and mild, will not stain cloth diapers, and does an excellent job protecting your baby's skin against diaper rash. We also found that it does a nice job treating mild diaper rash, but if you have moderate diaper rash you'll probably need some zinc oxide.

Category: Feeding

#1 Best Baby Bottle

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottles.

best baby bottles 2022 comotomo

This baby bottle mimics breastfeeding like no other bottle on the market. A little more expensive than other bottles, but you're getting a truly fantastic baby bottle with excellent anti-colic venting, a flexible and squeezable body, and a nice wide 3" nipple base that gives it an amazingly natural shape and feel. Not only do they have a nice modern and stylish look, these Comotomo baby bottles are second-to-none in their overall performance.

#1 Best Bottle Warmer

Grownsy 5-in-1 Bottle Warmer.

best bottle warmer 2022 grownsy

The best bottle warmers provide fast and even heating for breast milk or baby formula with high reliability, great features, and ease of cleaning and use. Typical shortcomings include early failure, build-up of minerals and nasty residue, and uneven or unreliable heating. This new bottle warmer is simple, easy to use, reliable, efficient, and very reasonably priced (under 50 bucks)! Even better, it fits wide Tommee Tippee, Comotomo, and AVENT bottles perfectly, as well as taller (9 ounce) Dr. Brown's bottles, all without any issues. It provides five core features: fast bottle warming, normal bottle warming, defrost, food heating, and sterilization. It passed our tests with flying colors! Check out additional options from Kiinde Kozii, The First Years, Philips AVENT, Tommee Tippee, Dr. Brown's, and more!

#1 Best Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

Babymoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer and Dryer.

best baby bottle sterilizer dryer 2022 babymoov turbo pure

The baby bottle sterilizer is more than it seems, allowing you to sterilize not only bottles but nearly everything else your baby comes in contact with! Pacifiers, bottle nipples, bottles, teething toys, and more! The Babymoov is a truly awesome all-in-one steam sterilizer and dryer system integrated into one compact appliance that can fit even smaller counter spaces. In our testing, we not only found it super effective and easy to use, but also reliable, stylish, simple, and quiet. All of that for what amounts to a pretty reasonable price for such a versatile unit, and we were thrilled with the results of our testing! It fits all of the baby bottles we tested, including wide-mouth and tall, plus pacifiers and nipples, with room for more. A great baby registry gift, this is an awesome top-rated bottle sterilizer and dryer that deserves its top spot on our list!

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#1 Best Organic Baby Formula

Kendamil Organic Baby Formula.

best baby formula 2022 kendamil organic

High quality organic baby formulas are difficult to find in general, and organic infant formulas (suitable for 0m+) are even harder to find, especially for babies who get gas, bloating or reflux challenges when digesting dairy. Fortunately, European formula brands have built a very strong reputation for their high quality ingredient sourcing, manufacturing practices, and nutritional compositions. The biggest European formula brands are Kendamil, HiPP, Holle, Loulouka, Topfer and a few others. At the top of our best organic baby formulas list is the amazing Kendamil formula, which combines everything we love about high quality European baby formulas with omega-3 (ALA, DHA), and a nutritional composition, viscosity, and taste that are very similar to breast milk. With no additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, starch or maltodextrin, or GMOs, this baby formula is perfect for supplementing or replacing breast milk. The Kendamil baby formula is very deserving of this spot on our list! Check out our reviews of additional options from HiPP, Holle, Lebenswert, Loulouka, Bobbie, and Baby's Only.

#1 Best Goat Milk Formula

Kendamil Goat Milk Formula.

best goat milk baby formula

Goat milk baby formulas are becoming more popular than ever, and there are tons of awesome options flooding the market! Whether you're looking for a gentler formula option for your little one's sensitive tummy, to reduce your environmental impact, or simply prefer the nutritional value or taste of goat milk, we found you some fantastic options. The best goat milk formula of the year is the amazing Kendamil Goat infant formula, which combines non-GMO ingredients with excellent nutrition to make an easy-to-prepare formula that was well-accepted and well-tolerated by the babies who tested it for us. With full cream whole goat milk that is high in A2 beta-casein protein, a whey to casein ratio that rivals breast milk, and none of the nasty stuff you should avoid, Kendamil Goat is the obvious choice for discerning parents and sensitive tummies! Check out our full list of several excellent options, including conventionally-grown and organic goat milk formulas!

#1 Best Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow.

best nursing pillows 2022 my brest friend my best friend nursing pillow

Once you've held your baby for more than a few minutes you'll realize why nursing pillows are a baby essential! They help get your baby into the perfect feeding position and prevent sore arms, shoulders, and necks. The Brest Friend nursing pillow provides the best support for breastfeeding moms or bottle-feeding parents, with its deep, flat support, its highly versatile and adjustable waist band, and its convenient storage pocket. The firmness is perfect to provide support for your tired arms while giving your baby a comfortable place to relax. Ideal for moms of all shapes and sizes, including plus-sized moms, this is an awesome nursing pillow that passed our tests with flying colors! Highly recommended! 

#1 Best Organic Baby Cereal

Happy Baby Organic Baby Cereal.

best organic baby food 2022 happy baby cereal

The Clean Label Project conducted a comprehensive study to quantify levels of industrial and environmental contaminants in baby cereals and purees. Happy Baby passed their tests with flying colors, showing some of the lowest levels of potentially harmful contaminants out of the 30 different baby cereals tested. In case that isn't enough to justify why it's in first place, this organic baby cereal uses fantastic manufacturing standards, superb ingredients and quality control, and is great-tasting and nutritious. We think this is the best first baby food on the market, and our test babies agreed! Mix it with a little bit of breast milk and they'll fall in love! Check out several additional options from Holle, Earth's Best, Gerber, and more! 

#1 Best Organic Baby Food Puree

Once Upon a Farm Organic Baby Food.

best organic baby food 2022 once upon a farm

Once Upon a Farm is certified organic and uses responsible ingredients that are sustainably sourced and packaged, using high quality manufacturing standards. Once Upon a Farm holds themselves to very high standards, as demonstrated by the overall quality of their baby purees. These taste fantastic and fresh, come in a ton of flavor varieties, and provide great nutritional value. We especially loved the Fairest of Pears and Magic Velvet Mango flavors, and the Chocolate Ever After flavor is as good for parents as it is for babies! All of the samples we tested had a very fresh taste and the fruits and vegetables were high quality, like they were fresh-picked! Check out our reviews of several additional baby food options from Plum Organics, Serenity Kids, Mama Bear, and Sprout Organics. 

#1 Best Baby Food Maker

BEABA Babycook Pro Baby Food Maker.

best baby food maker 2022 beaba baby cook

Baby food makers are designed to steam cook, puree, chop, dice, and otherwise prepare your baby's favorite fruit and vegetable purees right on your kitchen counter. This is great for parents who want to control which produce they use, control the quantities they make, and possibly save a bit of money in the process. The BEABA Babycook is fantastic at all of these tasks, and in our testing we found it to be fast, effective, quiet, high quality, and more reliable than any other baby food maker on the market. A bit more expensive than most others, but definitely worth it.

#1 Best Sippy Cup

Munchkin Latch Transition Sippy Cup.

best sippy cup munchkin latch

Munchkin makes a wide range of baby bottles and sippy cups, and their LATCH series is truly top-notch. This Latch Transitions sippy cup is no exception: it is the perfect first sippy cup for babies over about 4 months old. It uses an awesome soft and flexible spout design that has a shape and feel that is slightly reminiscent of the bottle nipple, making for an easier transition away from a bottle. It has awesome anti-colic venting, convenient handles that are easy for little hands to grip, and we didn't encounter any issues with leaking or spills. And that's super important when you're dealing with babies as young as 4 months old!

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#1 Best High Chair

Peg Perego Siesta High Chair.

best high chair 2022 peg perego siesta

When your baby is ready to join the family at the dinner table and explore first foods, you want a high chair that not only fits your style needs but also supports good posture for digestion and is safe and easy to use and clean. The Peg Perego Siesta high chair combines safety, ergonomics, style, and features into the ultimate high chair that is well-deserving of the top spot in our buying guide. It's a little more expensive than many others, but is offers superior fabric quality and comfort, a huge range of adjustability for height and recline, a 5-point harness (like a car seat!), a crotch bar to stop slouching, a foot rest for comfort, and wheels for portability. Speaking of which, it folds up and the tray can be removed for washing. A great high chair, or put on some fun Skip Hop toys and use it as an activity center! 

#1 Best Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump.

best breast pump 2022 medela pump in style

This newest release from Medela offers everything that the super popular original Pump in Style breast pump offered, plus some awesome new features including MaxFlow pumping algorithm with hospital strength, a more powerful motor, and longer-lasting battery. In our testing, the Medela Pump in Style consistently out-performs every other option out there, with the exception of $2000 hospital pumps! Nothing pumps as strongly, reliably, and comfortably as the Medela!

#1 Best Nursing Bra

Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Nursing Bra.

best nursing bra 2022 kindred bravely

We have been super impressed with the comfort and versatility of the Kindred Bravely Sublime nursing bras, and are excited to feature them at the top of our list! Ideal for breastfeeding moms looking for comfort and simplicity, the Simply Sublime bras use super soft nylon and spandex fabrics to nicely accommodate the constant changes in breast size you'll experience throughout the day. Using a series of clip-down cups, the bra provides easy breastfeeding or pumping access, and we love the wireless construction that still keeps breasts well-supported. The fit of these bras is amazing, using adjustable shoulder straps and rear panel with hook and loop closure, and is great for both plus-size women and everyone else! One of the most comfortable and versatile nursing bras we've ever tested, we highly recommend it!

#1 Best Organic Nipple Cream

Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter.

best nipple cream 2022 earth mama nipple butter

Nipple creams are an essential tool for any breastfeeding mom to help keep nipples soft, hydrated, and ready to provide sustenance at even the least convenient times! This completely organic nipple cream is great for treating chapped, chaffed, tender, and cracked nipples for all breastfeeding moms. All organic ingredients means that you don't need to wipe it off before breastfeeding, and you don't need to worry about what your baby is putting in his or her mouth. This nipple cream works wonders for soothing and healing tender nipples, and is high quality and reasonably priced. Forget lanolin nipple creams, they are generally unsafe for application to mucous membranes (like your nipples). Instead, pick a nipple cream that you can feel safe and comfortable with.

Category: Nursery & Home

#1 Best Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO.

best baby monitor 2022 infant optics dxr-8 pro

The Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO is a completely new release from Infant Optics, building on the popularity of the classic DXR-8. The PRO model is the best overall baby monitor of the year, offering a huge 5" high definition (720p) display, active noise reduction, higher zoom levels, and customizable alert brightness and volume levels. Everything workes perfectly with the new DXR-8, the video looks great during daytime and night, reception range is excellent, and we loved the new alert features. Coming in at about $199, it's a great price for what is sure to be a long-lasting, reliable, and highly effective baby monitor. Check out our reviews of several different options from VAVA, Nanit, Miku, iBaby Care, and more!

#1 Best Crib Mattress

Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress.

best crib mattress 2022 newton wovenaire

This Newton Wovenaire crib mattress is made right here in the USA, and has a ton of accolades: it is Greenguard GOLD certified, won the JPMA innovation award, and is recommended by Dr. Sears. And there's really good reason for all of that, including its lack of latex, springs, urethane or polyurethane foam, allergens, and glues. Instead, it uses an innovative air-puffed (90% air) food-grade polymer at its core, and has extremely low off-gassing odors and VOCs. Not to mention it's comfortable, safe, reliable, and very well made. It fit snugly into our test cribs, has a washable cover and core, and the entire thing can be recycled (if you can fit it in your recycling bin!). Given that your baby will be sleeping on it several times a day for several years, it's important to find a crib mattress that meets your high standards for chemical emissions and safety. Check out our reviews of several different options from Avocado, Naturepedic, Lullaby Earth, and Babyletto!

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#1 Best Convertible Crib

Nestig Wave 4-in-1 Crib.

best baby crib 2022 nestig wave

Nestig has been making a huge splash on the crib market, and we're proud to feature two of their products on our list of the best cribs: the Wave and Cloud. The Wave is this year's winner, transitioning fully from a mini crib, to a full-size crib, to a toddler bed, to a full-size bed! Not only is it versatile, it's beautiful, durable, easy to assemble, handmade to order in Brazil, and looks amazing in any modern home. Check out our reviews of several additional options, including the amazing Nestig Cloud and Babyletto Hudson!

#1 Best Bassinet

BabyBjorn Gentle Rocking Cradle Bassinet.

best baby bassinet 2022 babybjorn

BabyBjorn made something a bit more natural, peaceful, and relaxing than most other bassinets, and we fell in love! The only movement is through the flexibly-sprung metal feet that allow the bassinet to gently and subtly rock side-to-side in response to your baby's motion, just like a classic cradle. Of course, you can reach over and gently rock the cradle too. It has great mesh sides that are breathable and help you peek in the side to check on your baby. The entire bassinet is lightweight, easy to move, and uses only Oeko-Tex fabrics and safe surfaces. It fits right up beside the bed as a convenient co-sleeper alternative, and is high quality and well-made. Check out our reviews of not only the BabyBjorn, but tons of addition options from HALO, 4Moms, Mika Micky, Fisher Price, and more!

#1 Best Travel Crib

The Lotus Travel Crib & Portable Playard.

best pack and play 2022 lotus

Travel cribs have come a long way since the original Graco Pack n Plays of the 80's and 90's, and the Lotus portable crib is a great example of innovation, quality, durability, and safety. We fell in love with its features, light-weight, portability, style, and the fact that it can fit right into an included backpack. It doesn't get any better!

#1 Best Baby Gate (not for stairs)

Toddleroo by North States Baby Gate.

best baby gate 2022 toddleroo north states

The top-rated North States Supergate was recently renamed the Toddleroo, and it'd definitely one of the best-reviewed baby gates on the market! The Toddleroo is a tension gate, meaning that there is no assembly required, it basically squeezes itself into your doorway. The gate is relatively easy to install, has true one-handed opening, fits narrow or wide doorways, has high quality hardware, and is a joy to use! Check out our full reviews of not only the awesome Toddleroo, but also options from Regalo, Summer Infant, DreamBaby, and more!

#1 Best Baby Gate (for stairs)

North States Toddleroo Stairway Baby Gate.

best baby gate 2022 north states toddleroo stairs

Yes, we picked the Toddleroo as the best baby gate for both doorways and stairwells! It's important to realize, however, that these are two very different gates. The Toddleroo comes in a tension-gate variety that is perfect for doorways and between rooms of your home, and this version which is perfect for the top or bottom of stairs. The two primary differences are the way it's installed, and that there is no bottom rail tripping hazard. This baby gate does a great job fitting into awkward installation scenarios, between walls, railings, and irregular angles. It's perfect for the top of your stairs, and we think you'll love it! Check out our full reviews of the Toddleroo along with over a dozen different baby gate options!

#1 Best Nursery Humidifier

TaoTronics 6L Cool Mist Humidifier.

best humidifiers 2022 taotronics

A nursery humidifier has unique requirements relative to a regular humidifier, as it needs to be quieter, dark at night, safe, reliable, and germ-free. This TaoTronics cool mist humidifier accomplishes all of those goals. It is one of the quietest and highest-capacity humidifers we've ever tested, with a huge 6-liter water tank, and is safe and reliable in our testing, has a night light that can be turned on or off, uses ultrasonic filtering to keep things clean, and it can humidify for nearly 60 hours on a single tank of water. It is only slightly more expensive than other options on our list, but the features and reliability make it worth the cost.

#1 Best Nursery Glider

Dutailier Sleigh Nursery Glider.

best nursery glider 2022 dutailier

This is a comfortable and durable nursery glider and ottoman that will leave any tired parent feeling relaxed and ready for the next adventure! Perfect for reading books, bottle and breastfeeding, cuddling, and rocking to sleep, this beautiful sleigh-style nursery glider offers superior comfort, quality, and reliability. Made in Canada from high quality and sustainably-sourced wood, the Dutailier offers excellent build quality and features. In our testing, we fell in love, and fell asleep! Check out our full reviews of several additional options from StorkCraft, Baby Relax, Delta Children, and more!

#1 Best Baby Bathtub

The First Years Sure Comfort Bathtub.

best baby bathtub 2022 first years

Another important baby essential, a great baby registry gift, and a piece of baby gear that will get tons of use. The right baby tub will keep baby safe and comfortable, and make bathtime easy and fuss-free for parents. And with some bath toys and bubbles, it can be really fun for both of you! The First Years bathtub has been around for decades and has proven itself as a clear winner. It uses an infant hammock for newborns that suspends them safely up above the tub until they're ready to sit unsupported. With its sturdy and lightweight construction, convenient drain plug, and low price, it's the perfect pick!

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#1 Best Bandage for Babies

Nexcare Waterproof Clear Bandages.

best baby band-aids and bandages Nexcare

Nicks, cuts, and scrapes can be traumatic for babies and parents alike, but this awesome bandage will help keep boo-boos clean and protected. These Nexcare bandages were the best we could find for their levels of waterproofing, comfort and flexibility, and their super strong adhesive. They are also latex-free, and do a great job keeping germs out of a cut. We were so impressed with them that we ended up buying ourselves several different sizes for use in babies and adults! Putting them on is a little different from regular Band-Aids, but you'll quickly figure it out. And once you do, you'll come to realize that they are very different from the Band-Aids of your youth: they actually stay on in the shower, don't peel at the edges, and don't leave a messy residue when removed.

#1 Best Baby Lotion

The Honest Company Organic All-Purpose Baby Balm.

best baby lotion balm moisturizer

Once you start bathing your baby, you'll realize that he or she will have a little drier skin, sensitive skin, and maybe even some eczema or rashes. You'll need to find a baby lotion that is both sensitive and effective, and has ingredients that won't make you worry about hazards associated with long-term use or a little bit of it getting into your baby's mouth or other mucous membranes. This baby balm is a super thick, super gentle, and super effective baby moisturizer that please even our toughest test parents! We use it on dry skin, baby rashes, eczema, diaper rash, and anything else that needs a little soothing moisture. A little pricier than most other baby lotions, but a little really goes a long way! And we love the Honest Company for its organic products and solid business philosophy; and the fact that it was founded by Jessica Alba doesn't hurt! 

#1 Best Baby Laundry Detergent

Grab Green Baby Laundry Detergent Pods.

best baby detergent grab green pods

Finding the perfect sensitive laundry detergent for your little ones is truly challenging. You want it to be super sensitive and contain no harsh chemicals, but you also want it to be somewhat effective against even the worst stains. Unfortunately, sensitivity and effectiveness tend to not go hand in hand! We put 15 different sensitive baby laundry detergents through hands-on testing for sensitivity, stain-fighting, fragrance, cost, and ingredient safety. In the end, the Grab Green baby laundry detergent pods were the clear winner, with high sensitivity, excellent stain-fighting abilities, a fragrance-free version, reasonable cost, and a commendable ingredient safety profile. When testing samples of these pods in our Grab Green baby laundry detergent pads review, our clothes came out feeling softer and smelling more amazing than ever - highly recommended! 

#1 Best Kids Probiotics

Hyperbiotics PRO-Kids Probiotics.

best kids probiotics 2022 hyperbiotics

Prebiotics and probiotics are becoming increasingly popular for babies, children, and adults. And the effect of probiotics on developing brains and bodies is becoming increasingly complex, pointing at bidirectional relationships between gut health and brain health. In other words, keeping a healthy gut is important for the brain, and a stressed brain can influence the guy. These Hyperbiotics probiotics are specially made for kids using small pearls that can be easily swallowed and maintain their structure and function all the way down into the lower areas of the GI tract. That means that they will slowly release the prebiotics and probiotics when the pills have made it to the area of the stomach where they can be most useful. They are vegetarian, lactose-free, non-GMO, all natural, and contain no nuts, sugar, soy, or artificial ingredients. So you can feel pretty good about these kids probiotics, not to mention that they also contain a prebiotic to help with absorption.

#1 Best Baby Thermometer

iProven Oral and Rectal Thermometer.

best baby thermometer 2022 iproven

Another baby essential, but not one you'll need to keep in your diaper bag, is the baby thermometer! This essential goes in the bathroom, linen closet, or kitchen drawer (as long as you clean it well!), and gets used when you suspect your little one might have a fever. To find the best baby thermometers, we tested oral thermometers, rectal thermometers, and forehead (temporal) thermometers, putting them to the test for accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and battery life. While rectal is still the best overall method for getting your little one's temperature, we were impressed by several of the infrared options as well. In our testing, we found that this iProven baby thermometer was awesome in several regards, not the least of which is the extremely low price!

#1 Best Sound-only Baby Monitor

Philips Avent DECT Audio Baby Monitor.

best audio baby monitor philips avent dect monitor

If you're more traditional or simply looking to save a little bit of money, you might be considering simpler baby gear, including an audio-only baby monitor without all the fancy digital video features. This Philips Avent DECT model has some of the clearest and most reliable baby monitor reception we've ever seen, and a ton of features to boot - including two-way intercom, nursery temperature monitoring, remotely-controlled nightlight, lullabies, and a rechargeable battery that lasts nearly 18 hours! For about $100 it's a bit steep for an audio-only baby monitor, but we think it's well worth the cost! Check out our full reviews of several different options from VTech, Hello Baby, Hatch, and Hello Baby!

Category: Teething & Oral Hygiene

#1 Best Teething Toy

Itzy Ritzy Teething Mitts & Rings.

best teething toy itzy ritzy

We reviewed over 20 different teething toys, including necklaces, bracelets, stuffies, icy gel packs, and teething mittens, and this one came out on top! Itzy Ritzy sells a full line of teething toys, and we specifically fell in love with the teething rings and teething mitts. The rings provide an adorable and versatile teether with high sensory input from textured silicone surfaces. Even better, they can be refrigerated for an extra-soothing experience! The teether mitts are similarly cute and functional, and are perfect for infants who have a tendency of self-soothing by putting their hands in their mouths. Highly recommended for babies about 2-3 months and up!

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#1 Best Baby Toothbrush

Nuby Nubs Banana Baby Toothbrush.

best baby toothbrush

This is a fun, effective, safe, and durable first toothbrush that passed our tests with flying colors! We loved the wrap-around silicone bristles, the bright and fun colors and shape, the grips for little hands, and the wide handles to prevent the toothbrush from going too deep into the mouth. It's small, inexpensive, BPA-free, and very effective as both a gum brush for babies who are starting teething, and first toothbrush for babies who are first cutting their gums. Doubling as a teether, this is an awesome and versatile first toothbrush that wont break the bank! Be sure to check out all of our reviews of baby and toddler toothbrushes.

#1 Best Baby Toothpaste

Tom's Natural Baby Toothpaste (fluoride-free).

best baby toothpaste

While the AAP recommends using a baby toothpaste containing fluoride starting at when the teeth start to first break through the gums, many parents and pediatricians are hesitant to use a fluoride toothpaste at such a young age. So we review both toothpaste options, with fluoride and fluoride-free. This particular fluoride-free option was truly awesome, and our test babies loved its mild flavor and texture. With all natural ingredients and the solid reputation of Tom's of Maine, this toothpaste stood out as a great first toothpaste option! Not only was the taste nice and mild, and therefore more acceptable for picky babies, it was also surprisingly effective at cleaning. The price is relatively high, but still towards the lower end per ounce in comparison to other options on our list. Overall, it's an awesome first baby toothpaste! Be sure to check out our fluoride options as well.

Category: Soothing & Activity

#1 Best Baby Swing

4Moms MamaRoo 4 Baby Swing.

best baby swing 2022 4moms mamaroo

The baby swing provides a comfortable place to soothe and entertain your little one with a smooth repetitive motion that helps relax and calm a fussy baby. The 4Moms MamaRoo is definitely the coolest-looking baby swing on our list, and maybe even the most capable, comfortable, and fun! The original mamaRoo swing was released back in 2012, and we've been reviewing updates to it ever since. The current model, the mamaRoo 4 is the best yet, with superior versatility, comfort, and reliability. The most unique aspect of the mamaRoo is that it was the first swing or glide soother designed to mimic mom's natural soothing motions. Just like you bounce up and down and sway side to side when you're holding your baby, so does the mamaRoo! Amazing, and highly recommended! Check out our full reviews of additional options from Fisher Price, Graco, 4Moms, and more!

#1 Best Baby Play Mat

Wander & Roam Foam Play Mat.

best playmat of 2022 wander and roam

This roll-up style foam play mat is awesome! Wander and Roam has really raised the bar for baby playmats, making this stylish, non-toxic, super soft and thick, and fun mat without including any of the nasty chemicals found in some options. We loved how there is no off-gassing out of the package, that it's not only non-toxic and free of lead, latex, phthalates, and formaldehyde, but also not made with PVC foam. We also love the fact that it's made by a woman-owned small business that truly cares about their products and customers. Just as importantly, we found the Wander and Roam play mats to be super soft, plush, durable, waterproof, and great-looking! Check out our reviews of several different play mat options, including those from Weegiggles, Berry Lane, Skip Hop, Baby Care, and Hape!

#1 Best Baby Sound Machine

Hatch Baby Sound Machine and Night Light.

best baby sound machine 2022 hatch baby

This is an awesome baby sound machine that syncs with an app on your smart phone to play white noise, nature sounds, and lullabies. It has adjustable volume, adjustable brightness night light, and can be set to act as a time-to-wake sleep trainer. That means that at a certain time (like 7am) it can slowly turn on a preset light color to train your toddler when it's late enough to wake up. In our testing, we found it to be cute, reliable, versatile, and easy and intuitive to use. You really can't go wrong with this awesome baby sound machine!

#1 Best Exersaucer

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo.

best baby activity center 2022 fisher price jumparoo

The exersaucer is a fantastic way to keep your baby entertained and safe while you do work, cook, clean, or take a much-deserved break! The Fisher Price exersaucers are some of the best ones out there, and the rainforest jumperoo is the best we've tested (be sure to read our full Jumperoo review!). This best-selling activity center provides hours of jumping fun and exercise, with some awesome (Skip Hop style) toys that can join in on the wild jumping party! There are lights and sounds that you can adjust, and the height is adjustable as well.

#1 Best Baby Bouncer

BabyBjorn Balance Soft Baby Bouncer.

best baby bouncer baby bjorn

Baby Bjorn has been making high quality, comfortable, and reliable baby gear for many years, and has earned a reputation for safety and customer service. The Baby Bjorn baby bouncer seat is no exception. Available in soft cotton (pictured) or a more breathable cool air mesh, this bouncer seat is super high quality, stable, comfortable, and can be adjusted between upright and lying down recline positions to find the perfect fit. And it's simple, without any of the battery-draining lights, sounds, and vibrations that are so common (but also so unnecessary) on the baby bouncer seat market.

#1 Best Baby Swaddle

Solly Baby Swaddle Blankets.

best swaddles solly baby

Another baby essential that makes an excellent baby registry gift and is an important part of any baby gear arsenal, is the swaddling blanket. Solly has been doing swaddling blankets for a long time, and doing it consistently and with high quality. These beautiful Lenzing modal (a sustainable Austrian fabric derived from beech tree pulp) swaddling blankets are super high quality, amazingly soft, adorable, and perfectly sized for swaddling newborns and infants up to about 2-4 months of age. Not only are these super soft out of the box, they only get softer as they age and are washed! Check out our full reviews of several additional options HALO, Miracle Blanket, Woombie, and Summer Infant!

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#1 Best Baby Book

The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

best baby book 2022 the very hungry caterpillar

Parents and kids have very strong opinions about baby books, but there's really nothing to dislike about this top-rated board book! Eric Carle fascinates babies and parents with a simple visual and verbal experience that teaches about fruits and vegetables, delicious desserts, counting, days of the week, and the growth from caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. It also teaches you to slow down and avoid a belly ache when you're too hungry! With its basic colors and interactive pages, this is the best board book for babies. Check out our full list of over 50 of the best baby books!

#1 Best Bilingual Baby Book: English-Spanish

The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

best bilingual baby book 2022 spanish english the very hungry caterpillar

We read over 50 bilingual children's books to find the best bilingual English-Spanish books for babies, toddlers, and big kids! If you haven't figure it out already, we really love the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and this Spanish adaptation of the popular baby book is awesome - not only does it showcase the vivid colors and amazing story, but it figures out clever ways to keep the story and rhymes intact in the Spanish version. Watch as La Oruga Muy Hambrienta feasts on fruits, veggies and deserts, and practice counting, colors, days of the week, and natural concepts, all while practicing Spanish and English associations!

#1 Best Play Kitchen

Hape Wooden Play Kitchen.

best play kitchen hape wooden

The Hape play kitchen is our favorite overall for the year, and there are so many things we love about it! First, it's made by Hape, which is one of the best overall toy companies with responsible business practices, high quality wood products and paints, and an eye for style and function. This wooden play kitchen is made of premium quality wood (not particle board), and every part feels like it was made with care and precision. Second, it's a super simple and high quality design that doesn't take up a huge space in your home, is very well-made, and will last your family for many years. Overall, it's perfect! Check out our reviews to see how the Hape compares to other options from KidCraft, Step2, Melissa & Doug, and more!

#1 Best Baby Walker

Joovy Spoon Baby Walker.

best baby walker 2022 joovy spoon walker

Baby walkers have been popular for several decades, as a fun way to get your baby moving around the house while also contained within a seat that is surrounded by favorite toys and other baby gear. Baby walker safety has come a long way, and they are now safer than ever, with lower rail guards to decrease the risk of rolling over an edge, and a wide radius around your baby to keep them from reaching up onto counters and other dangerous areas. The Joovy Spoon Baby Walker performed really well in this regard, and was also very well-constructed, and super versatile.

#1 Best Toddler Trampoline

The Original Toy Company Trampoline.

best trampolines original toy trampoline

Toddlers and big kids have seemingly unlimited energy, and parents are constantly looking to find safe and rewarding ways for kids to get out their energy. The kid trampoline is an excellent and fun way to do exactly that. Not only is it great for training balance and coordination, it's long-lasting fun that will wear out even the most energetic child! The Original Toy Company trampoline is the best toddler and big-kid trampoline we've tested, competing with the Bazoongi for this top spot. It's the perfect size, folds up for storage, uses durable metal springs that don't break as often as the bungee springs, and has the perfect amount of springiness for little kids.

#1 Best Infant Sensory Toy

Lamaze Mortimer the Moose.

best baby infant newborn sensory toy lamaze mortimer the moose

A good set of sensory toys will stimulate your baby's senses while keeping them occupied and entertained, providing auditory input (like the sound of a rattle), tactile input (feeling different textures and shapes), visual input (high contrast colors and unique shapes), and oral input (like a good teething toy) . Mortimer the Moose is an expert at all of that! With his soft fluffy body, crinkly feet, high contast and colorful body parts, teether toy tail and ears, and a convenient hanging ring, this sensory toy will find a special place in your baby's heart! Bright colors, high contrasts, rough and soft textures, and a smile that lights up the room, Mortimer is ready to help soothe your baby!

#1 Best Toddler Sensory Toy

TickiT Sensory Circle Pads.

best toddler sensory toy tickit sensory circle pods

This is another amazing sensory toy brought to you by TickiT, one of the most popular brands in the sensory product market! When your little one learns how to walk and is seeking a unique whole-body sensory experience, these silicone sensory circle pods will provide hours of fun! Each circle has a unique texture to provide tactile input on the bottoms of your toddler's feet. Use them on the floor, in a high chair seat, on the table and counter, and invite some friends to make for fun social activities like hop-scotch or Twister! Reasonably priced and super durable, these are an awesome addition to any sensory toolkit!

#1 Best Learning Toy

Fat Brain Forest Discovery Tree.

best educational learning toys infants toddlers

Once your baby can sit, pull to stand, or walk, they will be ready to experience this amazing Fat Brain Forest Discovery Tree! This amazing learning toy helps your child build perceptual and fine motor skills, learn to recognize colors, match patterns, identify cause and effect relationships, and learn about object permanence. Basically, it will help them along towards all of their cognitive milestones! The Forest Discovery Tree has swirly loops, sliding colored beads, fruits and animals that scoot along through wooden grooves, and a mirror so they can look at their beautiful self! Check out our full list of educational toys for infants and toddlers!

#1 Best Pacifier

Philips AVENT Soothie Pacifier.

best newborn pacifier 2022 philips avent soothie

When over 1000 hospitals hand out this pacifier to parents of newborns every single day, you know either the company has struck a great deal with the hospitals, or it's a truly excellent newborn pacifier! In this case, we believe it's both! This newborn pacifier uses a non-orthodontic shape that is a great match to mom's nipple and is designed to prevent nipple confusion when switching from breastfeeding to pacifier. It uses a one-piece construction made of 100% silicone that is BPA and BPS-free. We love it because babies love it, and it doesn't interfere with breast-feeding like an orthodontic pacifier can. Not only are these highly effective and super simple, with the excellent price point you can probably even afford to lose a few!

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Category: Strollers & Travel Systems

#1 Best Stroller

UppaBaby Cruz and Vista Strollers.

best stroller 2022 uppababy cruz vista

UppaBaby makes some of the best-looking and best-performing strollers on the market, including the popular UppaBaby Vista and UppaBaby Cruz. The main differences between the two is that the Vista is typically sold as part of a travel system including the UppaBaby Mesa car seat and detachable infant bassinet, and can be converted to a double stroller in a ton of different configurations (infant and toddler, two toddlers, etc). But it's also a very expensive (like $1300) system! The UppaBaby Cruz is the Vista's younger brother and is sold as just the stroller itself, with any bassinet attachment being sold separately. This saves on cost tremendously while offering basically all of the features of the Vista other than the multi-child capability. Features include reversible toddler seat, attachable bassinet, suspension, telescoping handlebar, a huge canopy and storage basket, true one-handed folding, no-flat tires, and maneuverability that is second to none. It's stylish, very well built, durable, and we absolutely love it! 

#1 Best Double Stroller

Bugaboo Donkey3 Double Stroller.

best double stroller 2022 bugaboo donkey 3 mono duo

Whether you have twins or just two children very close in age, the double stroller is an essential piece of baby gear to keep parents sane and kids from becoming tired and grumpy on longer treks. The Bugaboo Donkey3 Mono + Duo stroller is really the cream-of-the-crop double stroller, with everything you would possibly want, including style, features, reliability, safety, and surprisingly good folding that can allow it to fit into the trunk of a midsize car. This double stroller has a smooth ride, good dimensions for fitting through doors and hallways, and surprisingly reasonable weight given its capabilities. Check out our full reviews of additional options from Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, UPPAbaby, Joovy, and more!

#1 Best Jogging Stroller

BOB Gear Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller.

best jogging stroller 2022 bob revolution

The BOB Revolution jogging stroller is at the top of two of our lists - the best double stroller and the best jogging stroller. And it's an outstanding performer in both of those cases. We loved so many things about this jogging stroller, which has become an essential piece of baby gear for parents looking to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors with their baby. It has premium feel fabrics, amazing versatility and adjustability, suspension for a smooth ride, a super comfortable seat, good storage bin, real rubber tires, a large sun canopy, a great hand brake, and a safe stable ride that feels luxurious.

#1 Best Lightweight & Umbrella Stroller

ZOE XL1 Deluxe Xtra Light Stroller System.

best lightweight stroller ZOE XL1

Sick of lugging around a 30+ pound stroller, folding and unfolding it, heaving it into the back of your car, and dreading trips up or down the stairs? Well, a lightweight or umbrella stroller might be the perfect solution! Whether you travel a lot, need to up or down stairs a lot, need to pull the stroller in and out of the trunk all the time, or simply want a highly maneuverable and lightweight stroller, the ZOE XL1 is an amazing do-it-all stroller that tops our list. The ZOE XL1 stroller is high quality, lightweight, and has a ton of awesome features including multiple adjustments, huge sun canopy, detachable front belly bar for holding cups and snacks, a large storage bin, and a peek-a-boo window.

#1 Best Luxury Stroller

Bugaboo Fox Stroller and Bassinet.

best luxury stroller bugaboo fox stroller

Bugaboo makes a wide range of luxury strollers, with the super fancy Bugaboo Donkey coming in at about $1600, and this amazing Bugaboo Fox coming in at about $1300. This high-end stroller exudes luxury and style with its brushed aluminum and wood trim, high quality fabrics, and detachable bassinet. This amazing stroller supports newborn babies in the bassinet, and then supports kids up to 50 pounds in the stroller seat. At only 21 pounds, that's some excellent versatility, not to mention all the great features such as a huge storage basket, super compact fold, and an unparalleled steering system that provides amazing maneuverability. This stroller is the most luxurious and high quality we've tested in many years, and we're happy to feature it at the top of our list!

#1 Best Travel System

Chicco Bravo and KeyFit Travel System.

best travel system chicco bravo

Chicco makes some of the best overall infant car seats and strollers, and when you combine them you make for one truly fantastic baby travel system. The Chicco Keyfit 30 and 35 car seats combine perfectly with the Chicco Bravo stroller, the flagship Chicco stroller with excellent features, ride quality, and bang for the buck. When you consider the comfort, features, versatility, and safety of this stroller and car seat combo, you'll realize why Chicco is consistently topping our charts as best-in-class for baby gear. Check out our extensive list of the best travel systems, including options from Britax, UPPAbaby, Doona, Baby Jogger, Maxi-Cosi, and more!

Category: Outdoors

#1 Best Cloth Kids Face Masks

MasksUp Cremoly Kids 2-Layer Cotton Face Masks.

best kids face masks masksup

Use coupon code MASKSUP20 to get 20% off your order! MasksUp/Cremoly makes kids face masks that hit all the right spots for style, quality, and effectiveness. The masks have two layers of cotton sandwiching a filtration layer, adjustable ear loops, an adjustable metal nose bridge, and great sizing for kids from about 4 to 10 years old. These are perfect back-to-school masks for kids because of the ear loop adjustability and comfortable inner cotton lining. The only downside is you can't machine wash these, but with all the other positive aspects we think these are definitely still the best.

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#1 Best Baby and Toddler Sunscreen

ThinkBaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+.

best kids sunscreen thinkbaby

Sensitive sunscreen is a must-have baby essential that needs to be included in any diaper bag full of baby gear! It's super important, especially at a young age, to minimize exposure to the sun's harmful rays, reduce the risk of painful sunburns, and reduce the odds of developing excessive wrinkles and melanoma at an older age. ThinkBaby makes the perfect baby and kid sunscreen, using only relatively low-risk pigment Zinc Oxide (20%) to provide the highest possible (50+) SPF protection. The ingredients are all safe and sensitive, excluding colors and fragrances, parabens, and other bad stuff! In our tests, our children had no adverse rashes or other reactions, it stayed on very well in the pool or ocean, and we got absolutely no complaints about stinging in the eyes or sunburns. A bit harder to rub in than the cheap chemical-based sunscreens, and quite a bit more expensive, but worth it!

#1 Best Kids Kick Scooter

Micro Maxi Kick Scooters with T-Bar.

best kick scooter 2022 micro maxi

The kick scooter becomes popular around 3 years of age, and the three-wheeled scooters are the best way to train the balance and coordination necessary to start, turn, and stop a riding toy. The Micro Maxi series is absolutely fantastic, reliable, durable, versatile for many ages and weights, and has great stopping power. The weight limit is all the way up at 110 pounds, making it surprisingly strong for such a lightweight and nimble scooter. 

#1 Best Power-Wheels Toy

Power Wheels Dune Racer.

best ride-on toys power wheels dune racer

The best power wheels can be super fun while maintaining safety, reliability, and maneuverability. In our buying guide, we found several excellent power wheels options that will make great ride-on electric toys for kids ranging in age from about 3 to 10, including two-seater ATV-style dune racers, adorable tractors, and rugged-looking Jeeps. We realized some key features of this Dune Racer option that made it stand out from the crowd: good traction on the tires to decrease slipping, a low center of gravity to decrease tipping, and the ability to support up to 130 pounds, including a driver and passenger. The seats were reasonably comfortable and well-positioned, the steering and pedals were easy to reach, and it went fast enough for a thrill but not so fast that parents were panicking (there are two-speeds and a parent lock-out). We found it in pink, camouflage, green hunting style, Batman, and more.

#1 Best Mosquito Repellent

Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Repellent.

best mosquito repellent sawyer premium

Your diaper bag needs some safe mosquito repellent if you're going to venture into the woods this summer. Fortunately, mosquito and insect repellents have come a long way, no longer using DEET, and incorporating innovative and effective ingredients that do a great job repelling mosquitoes and ticks without feeling greasy and possibly having negative health effects. This Avon Bug Guard mosquito repellent uses IR3535, a new weapon in the arsenal against mosquitoes and ticks. Very similar to Picaridin, it lasts for up to 8 hours after first application. In our testing, it worked really well without having too strong of an odor, no greasy feel on the hands or body, and we felt confident in its ability to protect against pesky bites and even more dangerous mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika. As an added bonus, it also includes an SPF 30 sunscreen! While there are a ton of sprays, lotions, stickers, and other contraptions available, we think this is the best option for little ones.

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#1 Best Toddler and Kids Bike

The Strider 12" Classic or Sport Balance Bikes.

best kids bikes strider toddler bike

Once spring comes along, your child will want to get out and explore the world, whether on a scooter, bicycle, or by foot. Before they've learned how to ride a bicycle, and starting as young as around 2 years old, they can start to learn some of the basic bike riding skills by practicing on one of the Strider balance bikes. These are one of the best inventions out there: the concept is that they are easy to ride and learn, allowing kids to keep their feet on or close to the ground at all times for balance and braking, and get the hang of balancing a two-wheeled bike. Then, when they're old enough to graduate to a bike with pedals and brakes, they will be able to transition to a big-kid bike with relative ease. That makes learning to ride a bike so much easier for both kids and parents, and pediatricians and physical therapists suggest skipping training wheels altogether, so these bikes are the perfect option before putting your kid onto a pedal bike without training wheels.

#1 Best Outdoor toy

Step2 Seaway Water Table.

best kids outdoor toys step2 water table

Looking for a way to keep your toddler or preschooler entertained outdoors while stimulating their senses, having fun, and not breaking the bank? Us too! A water table provides tons of fun and versatility almost year-round! Fill it up with water, sand, water beads, or anything else and watch your child play! Filling and dumping cups, squirting water with toys, and entertaining themselves and their friends for hours! This Step2 water table is one of the best, with its large capacity (5 gallons), fun squirt toys and fish catapult, and a sun-shielding canopy. Check out our full reviews of over a dozen different great outdoor toys for toddlers and preschoolers.

Notes and Conclusions

Our list of best baby products is perfect for finding great baby gift ideas for girls, baby gifts for boys, filling out your baby registry checklist, or finding perfect baby shower gift for a new baby! All of the products on this list are top rated and passed our hands-on tests with flying colors, made by some of the best baby gear brands like Graco, Summer Infant, HALO, Britax, Fisher Price, Gerber, Baby Jogger, First Years, Medela and Munchkin. You really can't go wrong with any of those brands, and many of the products we've identified are also reasonably priced for online shopping or in-store so you won't need to max out your credit cards! Some great baby shower gift ideas are to buy a baby bathtub or a signature diaper bag and fill it up with smaller baby essentials, like lotions, creams, bath toys, diapers, diaper cream and other personal care products, onesies, or a nursing pillow. That should run you under about $100 and make the gift not only large and nice looking, but also super useful for new parents!

Looking for resources for planning a baby and plotting your baby's development? Check out our pregnancy guides and parenting resources!

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