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Parenting is both rewarding and challenging at times, and there is nothing more beautiful than watching your efforts to nourish, educate, guide, and love your child pay off through the phases of development. Our parenting articles are not only well-researched and updated on a monthly basis with new science and insights, they are also written by parents with expertise in child development, occupational therapy, neuroscience, and/or pediatrics.


kids at home schedule

Modify and Print our Daily Schedule for Kids

Stuck at home with the kiddos? Going stir-crazy!? To make the days more predictable, download, modify, and print our daily schedules for kids!

how to pick a daycare

15 Tips for Picking a Daycare

Choosing a daycare center is a difficult task both logistically and emotionally. Parents seek daycare centers for a number of reasons, which may include personal and professional obligations, social skills development, and others. But no matter the motivation, all of these parents are searching for a clean, quality daycare center with passionate, experienced staff.

What to Look for in a Daycare

When researching and touring daycare facilities, parents should notice signs of a high-quality childcare operation.

how to increase milk supply breastfeeding

Breastfeeding: How to Increase Milk Supply

Breastfeeding is a journey with a greater learning curve than many new mothers expect. While moms spend 40 weeks planning, prepping, researching cribs, baby monitors, car seats, and strollers, those who plan to breastfeed may not think too much about how to nurse. Many may assume the natural process will come as second nature—after all, they already have the equipment, and evolution has done millions of years of work for us already! And some moms may find little challenge in the process. But the reality for many mothers is unexpected challenge and frustration along with the joys of breastfeeding.

how to dress baby in winter clothes

Winter Baby Clothes: How to Layer and Prepare for Cold

Dropping temperatures generally motivate more indoor activities like snuggly pajamas and warm cocoa. However, the outdoors are not always off limits through late fall and winter, and a little fresh air is always great for health and mood. Many parents want to escape the house and even bring their baby to winter sports activities such as sledding, skiing, showshoeing, and more.

early signs of autism babies toddlers

10 Early Signs of Autism in Babies and Toddlers

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC), 1 n 37 boys in the United States are diagnosed with Autism, with boys being about 4.5 times more likely than girls to receive a diagnosis.

Autism is a spectrum that varies in severity and symptoms. If you have concerns about your baby's development, please seek the advice of your pediatrician and contact your local early intervention program.

signs of a hungry baby

Signs of a Hungry Baby: 8 Cues Every Mom Should Know

Both new and experienced breastfeeding mothers want what is best for their children, and no one ever said breastfeeding was easy. But in addition to soreness, changes in appetite, learning various feeding positions, and sleeplessness, many mothers also wonder if their babies are receiving enough milk. They know their babies are nursing, but without a measurement standard like the ounce marks on baby bottles, breastfeeding mothers must rely on other signals to indicate how much breast milk is being consumed.

how to deal with a picky eater

Picky Eaters: Tips, Tools, and Foods

Baby’s first solid food is an exciting milestone. Parents are often eager to sit with their child at the family table. Additionally, for babies who were exclusively breastfed, the start of solid foods means the child’s other parent may now be involved in feeding and that special bonding time.

The American Academy of Pediatrics indicates solid foods should be introduced at around six months of age. At this point, babies are “supported sitters” and have...

holiday hazards christmas safety babies infants toddlers

Holiday Hazards: Keeping Baby Safe and Happy

When the world is aglow with holiday lights and spirit, parents and children alike will buzz with excitement and wonder. The holiday season is a lovely time of year, full of tradition, festivities, and vibrant bustle. This time of year can also add stress and dangers to a baby’s routines. Some of the top holiday hazards include decorations, shopping dangers, and celebrations.

how to get baby to sleep

6 Tricks To Help Your Baby Fall Asleep Alone

Helping your baby be comfortable and happy during bedtime is a long-term endeavor that requires a lot of dedication, tolerance, and sometimes total exhaustion! Many moms start off putting their newborn baby to sleep with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, lulling them into sweet dreams while rocking them in their new glider (check out our list of the best nursery gliders). But your newborn will become a baby, and baby will soon be a toddler. All those hour-long rocking sessions will not be so fun anymore, and you’ll be wishing you never taught your baby to only fall asleep after eating and rocking!

how to massage baby

How to Massage Your Baby: A Daily Routine

There’s something absolutely magical about the bond that exists between parent and child. Here’s the great news: Baby massage not only strengthens that bond but also helps your child achieve optimal health. Physical touch is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your little one as she or he grows and in return, you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to learn more about what makes your baby happy, calm, and feel secure.

how to start breastfeeding

How to Start Breastfeeding your Baby: A Beginner's Guide

Getting Started With Breastfeeding

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 83% of all women choose to breastfeed their children. That doesn't mean that it's possible for all moms, or that it's easy for all of them either!

Breastfeeding is one of the most important and satisfying bonding experiences that a mom will have with a new baby, and it carries health and well-being benefits for both baby and the mother.

activities for kids at home keep busy

Activities for Kids at Home - 13 Fun Ideas

Home with the kids for who-knows-how-long? Running out of ideas to keep the kids busy and entertained while you're all at home?

Here are 13 fun activities to keep you and the kids busy while helping their minds and bodies stay active during the time off from school.

how to travel with baby plane car bus train

How to Travel with a Baby - 25 Essentials

Vacations and holidays are wonderful times to gather with family and friends who may be excited to meet your new infant or see how your toddler has grown. Whether traveling by car or by plane, for just an overnight stay or longer at a destination, it is best to get a head start on planning and packing for travel with a baby.

how to start solid foods baby

How to Start Solid Foods

With all the changes in recommendations over the years, introducing your baby to solid food can be a confusing time. This simple guide outlines when to introduce solid foods to your baby, what to feed them, and how to do it. With patience and practice, your little one will be eating on their own before you know it!

babies eating lemons funny video

Babies Eating Lemons for the First Time: Cutest Video Ever!

Scientists and pediatricians typically recommend providing your baby with diverse foods to help provide new sensory experiences and develop healthy food preferences.

And studies show that adding in extra homemade foods such as fruits, vegetables and meats helps babies develop diet diversity, get more valuable nutrients, and even have lower percentage of body fat once they become a toddler.

baby childproofing safety home

Childproofing Your Home: The Ultimate Guide

Once your baby starts scooting, rolling, crawling, pulling themselves up, and walking around, you'll soon realize why babyproofing is an essential step in preparing a safe and stress-free household!

We solicited advice from our 25,000+ Facebook and Twitter followers and pulled together this list of childproofing ideas for your home. Three hundred and twelve ideas were submitted us! Some of the ideas were amazing and can be done for free, some ideas required inexpensive products, and some were just plain bad!

fall autumn tweets funny

Fall Activities We Love To Hate: 15 Hilarious Tweets

It's that time of year again when we all start thinking about apple picking, cider drinking, pie making, pumpkin picking, cider donuts, hay rides and corn mazes.

Now that you're filling your weekends with fall activities to fill the time and drain your wallet, the Tweets have started flying about this tradition that can strain even the strongest parenting skills!

coronavirus pinata fun for kids

Make a Coronavirus Piñata in 8 Easy Steps!

Looking for a way to vent your frustration about the coronavirus? Check out this easy-to-make coronavirus piñata that will let you bash and smash the virus, revealing a delicious treat inside!

Perfect for birthdays, graduations, and socially-distanced gift giving, this takes just a couple hours to make and will keep the kids busy and entertained for hours trying to get at the candy inside! All you need is flour, water, newspaper strips, a balloon, paint, and a string. And something fun to put inside!

8 Reasons Why Reading to Your Kids is so Important

8 Reasons Why Reading to Your Kids is so Important

From the very beginning, we are told how important it is to read to your kids, even before they know how to speak. But why is it important? What is it about reading that is so important to their development? Which baby and toddler books are the best?

We all know reading is an important step to learning. When children know how to read they are a step closer to understanding concepts and topics. It is crucial to school success. But why read to your kids at a very young age? Here is our list of reasons why reading to your kids is so important.

Potty Training - Advice, Tricks, and Helpful Products

Here are seven things you might not know about potty training:

1. The younger you start potty training, the longer it will take and the more you and your child will suffer through the process.

2. Potty training fails when it starts during a major transition, like when starting a new year of school, having a new baby, or moving into a new home.

3. Girls tend to potty train faster than boys, and the first child usually takes the longest.

fathers day gift coupons for fun

Father's Day Gift Coupons - Print and Clip!

Looking for a heart-felt gift for your child to give on father's day? Check out these adorable gift coupons that you can print, clip, and give as a gift.

Dad can use these year-round to spend special time with their daughter or son, or just to get some special treatment!

Breakfast in bed and a car wash? What dad could resist those!? Free to print, share, use, and enjoy!

developmental milestones babies toddlers

Developmental Milestones: from Baby to Preschool

During the first years of life, children go through a wonderful series of changes that are truly unique to every child. We gathered the expertise of a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and asked her to compile some of her experiences about developmental milestones, how to recognize them, and when to be concerned about possible delays. Below is what she put together, organized by age range - from newborn to toddler and beyond.

autism developmental milestones

Autism and Developmental Milestones - Therapist Observations

When a child receives an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis, there may be an adjustment process for some parents as they learn to be the best parent for their child while also navigating therapies, insurance claims, and a new vocabulary.

For parents of a child with autism, there will be new special moments in growth and development that are unique to your child and unique to autism. These might separate your son or daughter from the neurotypical child development pathway; some developmental milestones might arrive earlier than others, and some milestones might be delayed.

when babies crawl

When Do Babies Crawl?

Be careful what you wish for! Once your baby starts crawling, you are in for a whole new set of challenges. But when exactly should you expect your baby to start crawling? We reviewed the research and consulted with a developmental pediatrician, and figured out the appropriate developmental milestones you should pay attention to.

extended breastfeeding ancestors

Super Extended Breastfeeding: What Your Ancient Ancestors Did

Every mom will make her own personal decision about when to wean their baby from breastfeeding. Maybe it happens at 3 months, and maybe at 3 years.

Only you and your doctor can decide when to wean your baby. This process often considers demands on work-life balance, finances, convenience and schedules, health, nutrition, and your child's own emerging preferences.