The Best Bassinets of 2021

In an ideal world, newborn babies sleep about 16 hours per day, usually about 10 at night and 6 during the daytime. But in the real world, babies only sleep that much when the stars align!

The best bassinets will help you squeeze every last minute out of naps and overnight sleep by making sure your baby is comfortable, nearby, and safe. Below are the top 5 best bassinets we found, followed by full reviews of over a dozen different models.

To help you find the perfect bassinet for your family, every year we gather the newest, most popular, and top-rated bassinet models and put them to the test. Our testing involved pulling together a group of 11 moms and dads to do a hands-on review, and then rank ordering the best bassinets we found. The bassinet is an essential addition to your baby gear collection, and it makes a great gift for new moms or a baby shower. You'll realize that in the first year of life, a lot of time is spent focusing on getting your baby to sleep through the night, nap frequently during the day, and spend less time fussing. A good bassinet can help make those dreams a reality!

For new parents, there is nothing better than seeing babies sleeping through the night and napping well during the day! A comfortable and versatile bassinet can make the difference between a fussy sleeper and a quiet and happy baby that gets all the restorative sleep he or she needs.

Here are the Best Bassinets of 2021!

best bassinet baby bjorn

1. BabyBjorn Gentle Rocking Cradle Bassinet.

In our opinion, and in the opinions of our mom and dad testers, this is the most beautiful and stylish bassinet on the list. It doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles like music, vibrations, motorized rocking, or anything fancy like that. Instead, BabyBjorn made something a bit more natural, peaceful, and relaxing. The only movement is through the flexibly-sprung metal feet that allow the bassinet to gently and subtly rock side-to-side in response to your baby's motion, just like a classic cradle. Of course, you can reach over and gently rock the cradle too. It has great mesh sides that are breathable and help you peek in the side to check on your baby. The entire bassinet is lightweight, easy to move, and uses only Oeko-Tex fabrics and safe surfaces. In our tests, we found that the height is good for fitting snugly right up to the side of a normal-height adult bed, with the legs sliding right underneath without any issues. Our test bed was 23" tall, and the top of this bassinet was about 26" tall, making it a nice height. The height made this a great bedside bassinet option for us, and a good co-sleeper alternative; if your bed is any taller than 23" you might want to consider the Halo Bassinest. The mattress is firm but surprisingly comfy and supportive, and we like how the surround is made with fabric only so there are no bars or anything to bump up against.

newton crib mattress sale

We used the BabyBjorn bassinet for over 6 months and found some minor issues, not including the high price. We love BabyBjorn's dedication to using safe materials wherever the baby might contact a surface, but the board that supports the mattress is made of MDF (just like most others), and the mattress is made of polyurethane. None of that is surprising, but we thought that they should be more transparent about the materials used during manufacturing. That being said, this is a beautiful, safe, lightweight, comfortable, but very expensive bassinet! The BabyBjorn cradle bassinet usually costs just about $300, and supports babies from newborn to about 6 months old (the weight limit is 17 pounds). Who else loves the BabyBjorn? It's also a top pick by our friends at Babylist, Babygearlab, WhatToExpect, and The Bump. Impressed? You can check out the Baby Bjorn Gentle Rocking Cradle Bassinet here.

best bassinet halo bassinest

2. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet.

This bedside Halo BassiNest bassinet truly does it all: bassinet, co-sleeper, adjustable base to fit all bed heights, nightlight, sleep sounds, soothing vibrations, feeding timer, rotates and swivels 360-degrees to bring you closer to your baby, has mesh ventilating sides, and has excellent build quality. In our testing, everyone loved this bassinet! It looks great, feels sturdy, and adjusted to fit a variety of circumstances, including our tall bed and our living room sofa (from 24-34" tall at the level of the mattress)! One mom commented about how great it was after a C-section so she could lie down on the couch or bed and it would adjust to fit either perfectly, and she didn't need to get up in order to access the baby. The sidewall lowers down to make your baby lie down right at the same level as you. And it doesn't take a C-section for mom to want to relax a bit after birthing a baby! We loved how the feet fit right under the side of our bed or sofa, helping you bring the bassinet right up to the side of the bed. With its mesh sides and firm mattress, you might not be surprised to learn that the CJ Foundation certified this bassinet as the safest alternative to bed-sharing for reducing SIDS risk.

In our testing, we only came upon two negatives. First, the comfort level of the mattress, which is somewhat thin relative to some of the competition. Of course, firm mattresses are recommended for newborn babies to reduce the risk of SIDS, but this seemed a little excessive. Second, we had a hard time getting the mattress perfectly level at times, especially at higher height levels, but we got it figured out after a few minutes of adjustment. The Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet Premiere and Luxe versions are usually about $300, and support babies up to 5 months old or 20 pounds. There is a less expensive Essentia Series Halo bassinet, but it doesn't include the music, timer, vibrations, nightlight, or nature sounds. Who else loves the Halo? It's also a top pick by our friends at Babylist, Babygearlab, WhatToExpect, and The Bump. Impressed?You can check out the HALO BassiNest here.

best bassinet mika micky bedside

3. Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Bassinet.

Parents frequently ask us which bassinet is the best bedside sleeper with a drop-side, and we think this is one of the best available on the market! It is one of the simpler bassinets on our list, without any fancy vibrations or music, mobiles hanging overhead, storage, or shade cover. Instead, what you're getting is an awesome bedside bassinet that has all the right adjustments to make it fit perfectly right up beside your bed for effortless feeding and transfer in and out of the bassinet. This makes it a great option for parents who want the bassinet right up against the bed for easy night-time feeding, but also a great option for c-section moms who need a few days recovery in bed. Let's talk about its best feature - the bedside versatility and drop-side. First, it fits beside a wide range of bed heights: if the top of your mattress is anywhere between 18" to 26" off the floor, then this bassinet will adjust properly for your bed. The bassinet itself adjusts between about 24" to 33" high (across 7 height positions), but realize that you want the edge of the bassinet's mattress to be about 1-2" below the upper edge of your bed's mattress. If you put the bassinet lower than that (even though it might seem convenient for reaching in), there is increased danger that a blanket or pillow will flop off your bed and into the bassinet. That's the primary risk with any bedside style bassinet, and you need to be very careful and respect that risk: read the owner's manual carefully to ensure you're positioning the bassinet properly against your bedside. Second, once it's set up next to your bed, you will love how easy it is to drop the side down (using a zipper on each side), and how low it drops. Note that this bedside sleeper attaches to your mattress using two adjustable tether-type straps, which keeps the bassinet nice and snug up against the side of your bed.

newton crib mattress sale

Other features? We found the mattress to be perfectly comfortable and not too thin like many bassinets. The entire bassinet is easy to fold up and it comes with a carrying case so you can throw it in your trunk for a trip; it's not the most portable or lightweight bassinet by any means, but it does a good job. There is a small pocket pouch on each side, perfectly sized for putting a swaddling blanket, pacifiers, and extra sheets or waterproof mattress protectors. We also liked the mesh sides for their style and breathability, the size is really quite substantial (people also use this as a bassinet for pets!), and the locking wheels made it easy to scoot around the bedroom (especially on hardwood or berber carpet). It's also reasonably priced (about $150) and we thought the fabric style and quality were pretty good. Cons? Not many, but of course it would be nice to have a storage shelf or some vibrations, white noise, or lullabies. But that's probably too much to ask in a bedside bassinet at this price point! Overall, this is an awesome option for parents looking to sleep with their baby right next to the bed (without the dangers of actual co-sleeping) without dropping too much cash on the Halo BassiNest or BabyBjorn Cradle Bassinet. Interested? You can check out the Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Bassinet here.


4. 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet.

This 4moms mamaRoo bassinet was released in late 2020 and the folks at 4moms were nice enough to send us a sample for testing (thanks, 4moms!). Overall, we were very impressed with the features and functionality of this bassinet. For basic specifications, the bassinet is 34.5-39" high and supports newborns up to 6 months of age or 25 pounds. It has a firm but reasonably supportive mattress, see-through and breathable mesh sides, adjustable height legs (using the 4.5" extensions), and a storage basket that can be purchased separately for about $30. For more advanced specifications, the bassinet can sync with your smartphone over Bluetooth and you can control a ton of cool features: it has 5 unique motions (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and wave), 4 white noise options, 5 speeds, and an auto-off timer. You can control all of these from your device, or by using the buttons on the front panel of the bassinet. The 5 motions are designed to replicate the movements you use to comfort and soothe your baby, and in our testing we found them to be quiet, gentle, and relaxing. Connectivity with the App was OK but not super reliable, so we tended to simply use the buttons on the bassinet itself. We gave the bassinet to two families to test out, one with a 4-week old boy, and one with an 11-week old girl. Both families loved having the opportunity to try it out, and made several comments about how impressed they were with the technology and the motions and sounds. Their babies both took to the new bassinet without any issues, with the boy using it for daytime naps and the girl using it overnight. The girl's parents raved about how much easier it was to settle their daughter to sleep with this bassinet, keeping them from bouncing and rocking her in their arms for 20 minutes at bedtime. And that's exactly the intent, to make things easier for parents, reduce the latency to sleep onset, and help babies sleep better and longer. The mamaRoo achieves all that and more, but it does come at a substantial cost - about $350 to be exact. The only con other than price is that some parents have reported early failure of the bassinet's motor after a few months of use; it hasn't happened to us after 5 weeks of use, but we will definitely update this review if it does! Interested? You can check out the 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet here.

best bassinet snoo smart sleeper by happiest baby

5. SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet by Happiest Baby.

Parents keep asking us about the SNOO Smart Sleeper bassinet system. To be honest, we were intrigued by it as well! It was created by Dr. Harvey Karp, the same person who wrote the Happiest Baby book series, and it looks amazing and sophisticated. And it has features to match the look - using an app, you can set the bassinet to automatically respond to fusses and cries with a gentle white noise and soothing rocking motion that is supposed to help calm your baby back down. This all sounds great, and we were excited to give it a shot. We checked it out at the CES conference and we loved several things about it: the simple, modern, and sophisticated styling with white mesh and wood styling trim, the included SNOO Sacks that clip onto the sides of the bassinet to prevent rolling, and the user friendly app. The app lets you track sleep habits, remotely control the sensitivity and intensity of white noise and rocking, and setup and receive alerts. It truly is a Smart Bassinet in every regard, and one of very few on the market (that will likely change as competitors see how successful the SNOO has been!). SNOO makes claims that this bassinet will significantly increase sleep duration and quality - some parents absolutely swear by the SNOO, and most parents see some improvements when they use it. When we tried the SNOO, the representatives showed us all of the features, how to use the app, and we even got a chance to place a baby inside and see how she liked it. It was comfortable, the mattress was soft (not too soft for newborns though), and it includes three SNOO Sack swaddlers (one S, M, and L size). It also includes a nice sheet, and we want to point out that the SNOO Sacks and Sheets are all certified organic, which is a nice touch! While the mattress itself is not Greenguard certified, SNOO let us know that it does comply with all required and optional regulations and standards, such as ASTM, CPSC, CFR, CA Prop 65 and FCC, and JPMA. The gentle rocking motions were absolutely amazing - quiet, smooth, and very soothing. Just watching this basinnet do its job will gently lull you to sleep! It's clear that this bassinet has a ton of awesome things going for it, and we're happy to include it on our list of best bassinets. But there are also some cons. First, let's consider the price: it's well over $1000 for a bassinet, making it one of the most expensive bassinets we've ever seen. Yes, there are other bassinets at that price, but they are the more luxurious hand-carved wooden spindle bassinets, which are also a little ridiculously priced in our opinion! Second, in our testing we found the app connectivity a little finicky - sometimes it would work really well, and other times it would crash or not connect successfully. Third, while SNOO makes some serious claims about how well this bassinet will help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep, we want you to take those claims with a grain of salt. Yes, it will probably work for most babies, do nothing for a few babies, and still other babies might hate it! That's normal, and unfortunately you won't know which category your baby falls into until you buy it (or rent it!) and test it out. Finally, let's talk about what you're not getting for nearly a thousand dollars: no mobile, no drop-side, no portability, no recline, no lullabies or music (just white noise, vacuum and thunderstorm types of sounds), no wheels, and no storage bin. So overall, we think this is truly a great bassinet that really is revolutionizing the baby bassinet market; but we also think it has some limitations that are worth considering, and it definitely is not the panacea for all your baby sleeping woes! Especially not at this price! Who else loves the SNOO? It's also a top pick by our friends at Babylist, WhatToExpect, and The Bump. Impressed? Check out the SNOO Smart Sleeper bassinet here!

6. Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet.

best bassinet fisher price soothing motion

When we first received this bassinet for testing, we were excited by all of its features. It has an adorable mobile with hanging stars that reminded us of a classic bassinet from our childhood, calming vibrations, lights and soothing sounds, a light projector that projects stars onto your walls and ceiling, a nightlight, natural swaying motion that gets triggered by your baby's movements (or your gentle push), modern styling, storage shelf, and the safety and reliability of Fisher Price. We had high expectations and we're happy to note that we weren't let down! We enjoyed testing this bassinet, and our testing babies got many hours of valuable sleep while using it. We liked that it was sturdy, that when it's rocking it doesn't tilt the sleeping surface at all (so baby doesn't drift from side to side), that it uses a nice breathable mesh on the sides, and that the bassinet and its mattress are overall a pretty good size (the mattress itself is 31" long, and 15" wide), without the bassinet being too large to easily position in your room or move around. We found the oval base to make it nice and sturdy on both hardwood and carpet, though we do note that the bassinets with wheels are definitely easier to scoot around (like rolling it up to the edge of your bed for a feeding). The biggest downfall we found with this bassinet is that it's only about 28" tall from the floor to the upper edge of the bassinet (of course the mobile sticks up another 20" or so). That height was just about the same height as our mattress when positioned against the side of our bed, but since the mattress is another 10" lower than the upper edge, it made reaching in really challenging. This was the case when it was used as a bedside bassinet (imagine reaching way down from the edge of your bed in the middle of the night!), but also when we had to bend way down while standing to pick up the baby, and the height is not adjustable. Note that for safety when you are using the bassinet at a bedside, you want the walls of the bassinet to be higher than the top of your mattress - this keeps things from falling into the bassinet, like your pillow or blanket. Another minor downfall is that it does include one fitted sheet for the mattress, but you'll be hard-pressed to find another replacement sheet of this size and shape. So, there are a lot of great things about this bassinet, with only some relatively minor limitations. Sells for about $150. Who else loves the Fisher Price Soothing Motions? It's also a top pick by our friends at Babylist! Impressed? You can check out this Fisher Price Bassinet here.

7. Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet with Cry Detection.

best baby bassinet graco sense2snooze

Looking for a smart bassinet that doesn't cost over a thousand dollars!? Graco made a great option for the tech-savvy consumers who want to leverage the latest in cry detection technology and adaptive soothing, including gentle motion, vibration, white noise, melodies and sounds. Pretty slick, and coming in at about a third of the price of the SNOO. We got our hands on this for testing in late 2020 (thanks, Graco!). Out of the box, the Sense2Snooze took about 10 minutes to put together, basically popping on the legs and canopy, and plugging it into the wall. Bring along a cross-head (phillips head) screwdriver. There are a few things we noticed during assembly. First, lots of mesh around the sides help with visibility and breathability. Second, the fabrics and padding are high quality, and the mattress is pretty decent, striking a good compromise between too firm for comfort and too soft for safety. The canopy is pretty big and can be reversed to shade either side of the bassinet. There are a few storage pockets that are big enough for the simple things - a few diapers, small pack of wipes, and pacifiers. We had to read the manual to figure out how to use all the buttons, but once we got a hang of it we were good to go. The rocking motion is more like a front/back sliding motion than it is actual rocking, and it has three speed settings. There are also multiple settings for vibration intensity (2), various songs (10), soothing sounds (10), and a white noise. Volume can be adjusted too, and there is a cool nightlight that you can turn on - it's nice and dim, so you can use it to find a pacifier in the middle of the night rather than turning on your phone's bright flashlight. Once you find a nice combination of settings, you can set that into the system's memory for later use. Or, you can let the system figure out what the best combination of movement, vibration, and sounds is to soothe your baby back to sleep. In our testing, we think that some babies would do well with this, whereas others might be a little overwhelmed by all the movement and sounds; each baby is a bit different, and you'll need to make a judgment call. When we tried it out with a crying baby recording, we found that it took about 5 seconds or so to start some gentle movement, and if that didn't resolve within several seconds, it kicked in some vibration and music. We shared this bassinet with two different moms, one with a 3-month old and one with an 8-month old. The 3-month old seemed to find it pretty soothing and it worked well to calm her down; the 8-month old was a little indifferent to it, and the parents needed to find the ideal combination for him and keep using that. Both parents had several little positive things to say about it, without any major concerns. One parent mentioned that you don't really want to let the bassinet choose all its own combinations of movement, vibration, and sounds; instead, they suggested finding a combination that you think will be right for your baby, and saving it into memory, and only using that. They noted that the bassinet tends to go a little overboard when left up to its own devices, at least for their child, so it was nice to have that customization feature. The other parent mentioned that the wheels were a little akward to use since there was no handle on the other end, and one mentioned that the buttons were a little too "clicky" sounding. Also, we should point out that while we compared this to the SNOO, it's pretty basic - you can't control it from an app, it doesn't help you track sleep habits, and it doesn't have all the organic fabrics and certifications of the SNOO. Overall, we think this is a pretty great first smart bassinet by Graco, and we're impressed with its functionality and features. The primary feature, automatic sensing and soothing, wasn't perfect, but with some effort you should be able to get it right for your child. Who else loves the Graco Sense2Snooze? It's also a top pick by our friends at Babylist. Impressed? You can check out the Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet with Cry Detection here.

8. Arm's Reach Concepts Cambria Bassinet.

best bassinet arms reach concepts cambria

Looking for a co-sleeper bedside bassinet? This could be your best bet!Sharing a bed with a newborn is such a beautifully intimate experience for mom and a newborn baby, but due to SIDS and suffocation risk, pediatricians do not recommend it. Instead, some bassinets are specifically designed to make co-sleeping safer by putting the baby right up next to mom, but in its own little bassinet. The HALO (above) is a great example of that. Co-sleeper bassinets are generally more expensive than traditional bassinets, but moms love them especially if they have undergone a C-section and need to restrict their movement. This is basically a no-frills co-sleeper bassinet with some great basic features. It has a lot of mesh walls on the sides to help breathability, a thin and firm mattress (like it's supposed to), and we found it very easy to raise and lower the co-sleeper side. Basically, when you want to feed you can push down the side to access your baby, and pull it back up when you're finished. There are adjustable legs to fit shorter or taller beds, and a great strap you can put under your mattress to hold it close (you can also lock the wheels). Having the bassinet right up against the side of your bed can give some comfort and security that will help lull your baby to sleep. There's also a nice storage basket on the bottom, which is perfect for swaddling blankets, diapers, pacifiers, and extra clothing. Overall, this is an excellent no-frills bedside bassinet with a co-sleeper option that works quite well. It's a bit on the higher end in terms of price, coming in at over $200, but we think it provides some serious capability in a simple, sturdy, reliable, safe, and convenient package! And if you've read this far into our reviews, you know that's saying a lot. Who else loves the Arm's Reach bassinets? They are also top picks by our friends at Babylist and The Wirecutter. Impressed? You can check out the Arm's Reach bassinet here!

9. Green Frog Cradle Bassinet with Gentle Rocking.

best baby bassinet green frog cradle bassinet

Looking for a simple, stylish, classic cradle bassinet with comfort and quality? Definitely check out the Green Frog cradle bassinet! We purchased a test unit on Amazon for about $200, in the Grey Diamond color, and we fell in love! Out of the box, assembly was nothing out of the ordinary. It comes with the bassinet and mattress, two leg pieces, and two bottom rockers. The wheels are already attached to each bottom rocker, the legs simply click onto the rocker, and the bassinet basket simply clicks onto the legs in 8 places. No tools required, and it would be very hard to mess it up! It's literally a snap to put together and definitely one of the easiest bassinet assemblies we've ever done. This got us off to a great start with our review. The fabric, breathable mesh, and all touch-points are high quality and soft. The mattress is the perfect balance between too firm or flimsy, and too soft for safety. The bassinet includes a (somewhat thin) sheet, and the mattress measures about 30" by 16", meaning most bassinet sheets will fit. Speaking of measurements, the height from floor to the upper edge of the bassinet is about 28", making it a good height for next to the bed. There are no fancy vibrations, sounds, or automated rocking, but that's one of the things we like best about this cradle bassinet: it simply rocks gently side to side when you want it to, and there are no annoying batteries, timers, or buttons. There were no gaps between the mattress and edge of the bassinet, which is great, and the mesh window is great for peeking in from the side and helps with breathability. The rocker legs have little wheels on each side to help with moving it around from room to room, and also to help keep it from rocking too far to one side (like when a curious older sibling grabs the upper edge and pulls down to have a peek inside!). There are a couple cons for parents looking for a more fully-featured bassinet. For example, there is no storage basket underneath, no storage pockets, no adjustable height, or any other fancy bells and whistles. Also, the rocking motion is in the opposite direction of a typical cradle side-to-side rocking motion; this was unexpected, but it also made it easier to rock while keeping it up against the side of the bed. Just a simple, high quality bassinet that functions like a classic cradle, that we think you and your baby will love! Interested? You can check out the Green Frog Cradle Bassinet here.

10. Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper.

best baby bassinet bedside sleeper baby delight

Here is another bedside sleeper option that is surprisingly similar to the Mika Micky and Simmons Kids options, both of which offer the ability to scoot the bassinet right up to the side of your bed. The Simmons Kids is the cheapest option (about $100), the Mika Micky is about $150, and this one is about $199. Given its similar side-access feature to the Micka Micky, we're going to compare it primarily to that model. Let's start with what we liked about this bassinet. First, out of the box it was really easy to assemble and took us under 10 minutes to pop it together. All of the parts felt like they were decent quality, and it has very long feet that can extend way under your bed. The only part we didn't like was the mattress, which we thought could be better quality and more comfortable (especially for the price). The sheet was perfectly fine, nothing to write home about. It also has two safety straps to attach it to your bedside to keep it flush with the side of your mattress. Second, once it was setup, the adjustments were pretty easy. It has six height settings, with a maximum height of around 18" (from floor to bassinet mattress) and minimum height around 13". That maximum height might not be high enough for some parents with high bed frames or thick mattresses, so we suggest measuring your bed height before picking a bedside bassinet. If your mattress is above about 22" high (it probably is), you might want to consider the Micka Micky instead (which is suitable for beds up to about 26" high). Third, it has a nice zip-down flap on the side for convenient access to your baby, which is a must-have for moms recovering from a c-section or those who simply want to make their lives a bit easier. Finally, it's a bit heavy coming in at 20 pounds, and it only supports babies up to 20 pounds (or 5 months old); by comparison, the Mika Micky supports babies up to 33 pounds or until they can pull themselves into an upright position. There is a small mesh pocket on one side of the bassinet, but it's not really accessible from bed. Overall, we liked the easy setup and functionality, and thought it makes a decent competitor against the other bedside sleepers on this list. We'd definitely pick the Mika Micky over it, but that's for you to decide! Interested? You can check out the Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet here.

11. Simmons Kids By-The-Bed City Sleeper Bassinet.

best bassinet simmons by the bed

This may sound nerdy, but we get really excited when there are new baby gear releases that look like they will solve some of the biggest challenges parents face. This Simmons bedside sleeper bassinet was poised to solve the challenge of not wanting to co-sleep due to the safety risks, but wanting your baby right up next to you in bed. This lets you easily look over, hear your baby's breathing and movements, reach easily to get your baby in and out for breastfeeding, and give you that nice feeling of closeness with your newborn baby. This baby bassinet is a bit like the Halo and Baby Bjorn in that it is designed to slide its legs right under your bed, allowing you to scoot the bassinet right up against your bed. But this one is even a bit better than those in its ability to squeeze in really close to the bed. The adjustable height allows you fit beds of different heights and mattresses of different thicknesses, and in our measurements it seems to go up/down about 5" total between 5 different settings. The leg design is a bit like a drafting table, making it super sturdy and allowing you to turn sideways on your bed with your legs underneath it and easily pick your baby up without your knees bonking into anything. We really liked that aspect of it. The overall size of this bassinet is quite large. They call it the "city sleeper" but it's unclear what they mean by that, because it's certainly too large for a small city apartment bedroom. If you have a large master bedroom this won't be an issue, but keep that in mind. Another thing we really liked about this bassinet is that the sides are partially mesh so while you're laying in bed you can peek into the bassinet a bit. It has quilted fabric on the inside and a stylish jersey-style fabric on the outside. The mattress is surprisingly thick and comfortable for a bassinet mattress, so we liked that aspect. It does have some small pockets on the sides for storage, but nothing like the big baskets on some other models. In our testing, there were some things we weren't so pleased with. First, we already mentioned how big this is, and it's also quite heavy. Second, given how big and heavy it is, it's super difficult to move around, especially on a carpeted floor. There are no wheels on the bottom, and the feet do not slide. That's a good idea for safety, but a bad idea for convenience, and in our opinion the biggest limitation of this bassinet. Third, we wish it had more storage, either with bigger pockets or a basket underneath. Finally, it could definitely be better looking. It has nice fabric and design, but there is something institutional-looking about this bassinet and several parents made that same comment. Overall you're getting a sturdy, comfortable, and versatile bassinet that is ideal as a bedside sleeper. But it does have some clear limitations; without those, it would definitely be higher on this list! Interested? Check out the Simmons Kids by the Bed City Sleeper bassinet here!

12. Ingenuity Fold-away Rocking Bassinet.

best baby bassinet ingenuity fold-away rocking

This is somewhere between a travel play yard and a bassinet, and it struggles a bit at either of those tasks. Suitable for travel, this bassinet does fold up quite nicely into a cube that's about 22" x 23" and about 9" thick. Small enough to fit into a large suitcase, but there is no travel bag to help that situation. The folding functionality is great for smaller rooms and apartments where every inch counts, as this will slide under a bed or into a closet very readily. As a bassinet, it works pretty well. It has a reasonably soft mattress, breathable mesh walls on the sides for ventilation, soft-touch fabrics and padding over the bars, and a cute style. The mattress is softer and thicker than most other options. The rocking feature is nice, allowing you to reach over (like from bed) and rock your baby gently to sleep. The folding and portability aspects are great, and overall it's a well-built bassinet that looks quite nice and has a great rocking feature. But there were also some cons that we noticed in our testing. First, the bassinet itself is very deep, almost like a cross between a bassinet and a travel crib. It's a bit too deep for an easy reach-in while lying in bed, but not deep enough to protect against a baby learning to move around. Second, there is no storage basket underneath, no sheet is included, and there appear to be no sheets available online for it. That was a bit odd, though we do think that the mattress can be washed, and some bassinet sheets and mattress pads do fit (though not perfectly). So overall, this is a decent bassinet, though it does have some definite drawbacks. But for only about $80, you might be able to overlook the drawbacks. Interested? Check out the Ingenuity Fold-Away Rocking Bassinet here!

14. Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet.

best bassinet delta sweet beginnings

This is one of two classic-style bassinets on this year's list, though it does have some simple modern features. It looks like a beautiful traditional style badger basket or Moses basket bassinet with a subtle falling leaf design on a ruffled dust skirt, a quilted inner liner, and an adjustable canopy. It really looks quite nice and brings back memories of classic bassinet designs. Delta Childrens bassinets have been around for several years, and they have some great reliability and quality, and good customer support. This Delta Childrens bassinet comes with a firm but decently comfortable mattress, soothing music, a nightlight, and smooth caster wheels to help you move it around. This is a really basic bassinet, and the reviewers loved it. The only downside was some reviewers thought the mattress was a bit too thin. We're seeing a trend here - all of the bassinets we reviewed had at least one reviewer mention this same issue. Some moms reported finding thicker replacement mattresses online, as well as some nice mattress pads, but most were happy with the one that came with it. We should mention that Delta Childrens recommends never using a mattress greater than 1" thick for babies to reduce the risk of SIDS. The storage basket on the bottom is a nice touch, though we thought it was a bit flimsy. Usually about $60 online, we thought this was an excellent deal and a great budget bassinet option. Not as many features or as stylish as others, but still a winner. Interested? You can check out the a Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet here!

14. MiClassic 2-in-1 Rocking Bassinet.

best baby bassinet miclassic

This bassinet has produced some serious drama in the Amazon reviews, with some parents absolutely loving it, and some hating it. We were excited to get our hands on it for testing, to help answer some outstanding questions about safety and comfort, and resolve some of the conflicting reviews. Out of the box, we found this MiClassic bassinet pretty easy to unpack and assemble. It took about 5 minutes to figure out how the legs work, how the folding mechanism works, and how to get it ready for bedtime. We liked the styling and the fact that it folded up into an included zippered bag, and thought the fabrics felt like they were of reasonable quality. We were really surprised by just how large and heavy this bassinet is, coming in at about 26 pounds and 38" long and 24" wide. Frankly, these are pretty odd dimensions relative to other bassinets. This makes it nice and large, but also makes it basically impossible to find a better mattress for, or to find replacement sheets. Why would you want to replace the mattress, you ask? Well to be honest, it's really bad. It's not that the mattress itself is particularly poor quality, but the fact that it folds in the middle and has pretty sparse bar supports underneath leads it to be super lumpy, uneven, and even unsafe at times. The bassinet is considered a 2-in-1 because it the little feet can be flipped down and turn it into a rocking bassinet, or they can be flipped back up to prevent it from rocking so much. But those little legs really aren't sufficient because the metal frame touching the floor is also curved. If you're using it on hardwood it might be fine, but on carpet it has a tendency to tilt to one side or the other. Once you take the lumpy mattress and combine it with that tendency to tilt to the side, you're looking at a pretty decent safety hazard for rolling babies. In our testing, we were able to get a 4-month old swaddled baby to squirm and kick enough on the lumpy mattress that she ended up rolling over and making the bassinet tilt slightly sideways. Fortunately, it does have the great breathable mesh sides, but realistically that doesn't help if your baby ends up on his or her face. Overall, we were not impressed with the features, comfort, or safety of this bassinet. It has some good qualities in the styling and portability departments, but otherwise we think it's not worth considering when there are so many other great bassinets on this list in the $80-100 price range. Still interested? You can check out the MiClassic Bassinet here.

15. Chicco Lullago Bassinet Travel Crib.

best baby bassinet chicco lullago

This is marketed as a travel crib, but it's basically a simple, lightweight and easy to transport bassinet travel crib. It comes with a big bag that can be slung over your shoulder and thrown into the trunk for an easy road trip, or under the plane for a farther journey. When we received it, we were impressed with how lightweight and airy the bassinet was. It uses high-quality lightweight materials, and the fabric was soft and easy to wipe clean. It is also removable for machine washing, by the way, which is brilliant. We liked the mesh windows on each side to provide both airflow and a vantage point for parents wanting to peek in on the baby. Assembly was a snap, literally: you simply unfold the basket, snap the legs on, and you're good to go. The bassinet mattress is similar to the Baby Bjorn, and surprisingly thick and comfortable. Definitely more than what's expected for a lightweight travel bassinet. On carpet, the bassinet was stable and sturdy. On hardwood flooring, the anti-slip feet helped a bit, though it was still easy to bump around, but definitely not "tipsy" in either case. Comparing to the Baby Bjorn or Halo, it certainly feels and looks less elegant, which makes sense given that it's about a third the price! The basket is about the same size as the Baby Bjorn, and the overall comfort factor is about the same. Of course, it's not as stylish and doesn't feel as high quality as the Bjorn, but it's definitely great overall. In our testing, we also liked how the bassinet kind of hangs down on the bottom, which means that when baby kicks or wiggles it sways side-to-side a bit. You can also reach over from bed and push gently on the bottom to give it a little sway and calm a fussy baby. Not sure whether that was intentional on Chicco's part, but it works! A little larger than we expected, coming in at around 3 feet long, making it a nice sized travel bassinet that is easy to move. Cons? The mattress quality and comfort leave a little something to be desired, especially with the crease in the middle (for folding). In fact, we dislike that center mattress crease so much that it dropped this option way down on the list after our neighbors found their 3-month old daughter slid down sideways and onto her side in the center of the mattress. Not a good sign! Also, the weight limit is low for a travel bassinet (20 pounds), and the sheet that comes with it is thin and rough, and not waterproof. Overall, this is a great deal for a functional and practical bassinet that is superb for traveling, especially at a price point around $100. Interested? You can check out the Chicco LullaGo here!

16. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet.

best baby bassinet graco dream suite

This is an adorable option that has a much better price point than most of the above options (around $120). It also has some pretty unique features. The first thing to mention is that this Graco Dream Suite bassinet doubles as a changing table. It has a very unique system: you grab the handle on the side, give it a squeeze, and flip the entire upper bassinet over to reveal a changing table. This is a really awesome feature, much more convenient than trying to change a diaper in a bassinet. Also, much neater than doing it on your bed, which is what we resorted to as new parents! The changing table side is good for up to 30-pound babies, which means until around 20 months of age. That means it's going to out-last the bassinet part, which is good for up to 15 pounds or so. In our testing, we found the flip feature awesome, though we were a little disappointed that it took 2 hands to really get the bassinet to flip over. That's good if you have a curious older sibling, but a bit frustrating that you need to put the baby down to flip to the changer side. I needed to use 2 hands, though my stronger-handed husband could do it easily with one hand. I'm not the strongest mom in the world, so you might have better luck doing it one-handed! Outside of that, this is an excellent baby bassinet. It uses soft and easy to clean materials, is sturdy and well built, has a convenient storage area on the bottom (which we used for a changing pad, diapers and wipes), and uses locking wheels for convenience and mobility. It also locks into place so it's not a rocking or glide bassinet. The mattress is as firm as you'd expect for a newborn. The Graco Dream Suite bassinet does have 2 soothing vibration settings and a canopy with cute stars ("boy" version) or flowers ("girl" version) hanging down. We also liked the mesh sides for breathability, easy wipe-clean fabric, and the safety and reliability of the Graco brand. In the package, it came with a single sheet, and assembly took about 10 minutes. Cons? Well, over the course of a few months the mesh bottom starts to sag along with the center of the mattress, creating a potentially dangerous situation for your baby. The sagging mattress can cause your baby to roll onto their side or tummy, or putting them into an otherwise compromising position in the bassinet. Definitely not great in the long run! Interested? You can check out the Graco Dream Suite bassinet here!


When our first born arrived, my mother-in-law dropped off an old Moses basket bassinet from the early 80's, the one my husband slept in as a baby. It was a big wicker basket lined with an old yellowed cotton sheet, with a 1-inch thick vinyl covered mattress with a big gap between the sides of the bassinet and its edge. It was up on folding wooden legs with plastic spinner wheels.

It tipped easily, the legs accidentally folded if they bumped something (or if you kicked them a bit), there was little to no air circulation for the baby, and the mattress was ill fitted. Not to mention it was nearly impossible to find the right size sheet or mattress pad! It might have been the best Moses basket of the 80's, but it left something to be desired in the 21st century!

Needless to say, I kindly declined using the dated bassinet for overnight sleeps. Instead we put it in the dining room so we'd only use it while we were within reach and could keep a close eye on our baby. Mom was a little offended that I didn't want to use it ("it was good enough for him! he turned out OK!"), but then caved and gifted us a new one for overnight use.

The newer one was dramatically better: safer, more comfortable, more versatile, lighter weight, and overall had a smaller footprint. And much more likely to soothe your baby, with its relatively modern features. It's on our list! Fortunately, bassinets have come a long way since the 80's. Some are still quite bad, most are "OK" and only a small number are really excellent.

While bassinets are super useful, they definitely are not essential and there are some great bassinet alternatives out there for parents looking to save money and reduce the number of transitions for their baby. For example, there are some excellent mini cribs that transition to a full size crib and toddler bed - a good example can be seen in our Nestig Cloud crib review!

Like the car seat, the bassinet is a baby essential for parents who want to keep their little one close by during the first several months of life (usually under six months). Note that you should stop using a bassinet when your baby can roll over, move around, sit up, or otherwise do anything that might compromise safety in a sleeping area with sides that are only about 10" tall! Our top-rated bassinets for your baby fulfill all of our criteria, and we hope that you've appreciated some of our honest insights into what to avoid and what to check out.

Interested in finding a full-size or travel crib for your baby? Check out our lists of best convertible cribs and best travel cribs. For more information about bassinets, check out our full bassinet buying guideGood luck, and if you have any questions about our top-rated bassinet list feel free to contact us!

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