The Best Diapers of 2024, Tested & Reviewed

It's a dirty job, but these diapers keep your little one fresh and comfortable.

a baby laying down and getting a diaper change

tali ditye author mommyhood101  By: Tali Ditye, Ph.D., Co-founder
  Updated: April 9, 2024

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Choosing the best diaper for your baby will ensure that your baby is comfortable and dry, without any leaks, blowouts, or irritation.

Research shows that most babies will develop diaper rash within their first year of life, and that diapering decisions (which diapers to use, and how often to change them) are critical for keeping your little one comfortable.

We've been reviewing diapers for over 10 years, and if we made our own, here is what they would look like:

✔️  High absorbency.
✔️  Snug leg cuffs & waistband.
✔️  Pocketed rear waistband.

✔️  Soft, breathable materials.
✔️  No harsh chemicals.
✔️  Hypoallergenic lining.

✔️  Reliable wetness indicator.
✔️  Umbilical cord cutout (newborn).

✔️  Eco-friendly materials.
✔️  Biodegradable materials.

✔️  No fragrances or chlorine.
✔️  No lotions or parabens.

✔️  Strong closures.
✔️  Sized from preemie to size 6.
✔️  Wide availability.

Of course, you will also want the diapers to fit your style (color, patterns) preferences and meet your budget constraints. That's a lot to ask, and very few diapers meet the needs of picky parents!

We take diapering pretty seriously, and every year we make the new years resolution to promise you "no more blowouts!" Each year, we test and review at least five new and existing brands of diapers, putting them through the test with newborns, infants, and toddlers.

Below are the top 5 diapers we've tested, followed by in-depth reviews of about a dozen options.

Diapers will be with you all day, stuffed in your awesome diaper bag, packed into your car's cubby, stacked on your changing table, and adorning your baby's beautiful bum!

Over the past several years, we have found issues with comfort, rashes (check out our best diaper rash creams), leakage, odors, fit, "blow-outs," and aesthetics.

Because many moms reported switching diapers as their babies became toddlers, we have two lists below: Best Infant Diapers, and Best Toddler Diapers. Some of the diapers come from big names like Pampers and Huggies, but others come from smaller companies that are doing a fantastic job outdoing some of the bigger names. Looking for cloth diapers instead? Check out our list of the best cloth diapers.

Full disclosure: Some of these diapers, including the Hello Bello and Andy Pandy versions, were sent to us as free test samples by the manufacturer.

Here are Best Infant Diapers of 2024!

a baby wearing a huggies liggle snugglers diaper

1. Huggies Little Snugglers, sizes Newborn to 6

In the biggest clash of the diapering titans, Pampers and Huggies have been duking it out over who makes the best diapers for about two decades! Not surprisingly, we have intermittently featured both Pampers and Huggies at the top of this list. Last year, the Pampers Swaddlers won the top spot, but then a redesign happened and things started heading downhill. We're always scratching our heads when a top-rated product that consumers absolutely love gets redesigned - if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it! The beauty of these Huggies Little Snugglers is that they haven't changed (yet), and still feature the same awesome design, comfort, absorbency, sensitivity, and protection from leaks and blow-outs. They are also very well-priced, coming in about 2-3 cents cheaper per diaper than the Pampers Swaddlers. For features, the Little Snugglers have the amazing pocketed rear waistband to prevent blow-outs, a yellow wetness indicator, hypoallergenic and soft liners that wick wetness away from your baby's skin, and an umbilical cord cutout on the preemie and newborn sizes. Note that they are also fragrance-free, and free of parabens, lotions, elemental chlorine, and natural rubber latex, making them a great option for babies with sensitive skin.

nestig cloud crib

In our testing, we found them to be soft on both the inside and out, especially around the leg openings where irritation tends to occur. The designs were subtle and cute (like Pooh Bear and Piglet), and the closure straps were incredibly strong while somehow staying easy to detach. Huggies Little Snugglers use what they call the Leak Lock technology which claims to stop leaks for up to 12 hours. That's a hefty claim, but we're happy to report that the absorbency is definitely impressive. We wouldn't suggest anywhere near that long in a wet diaper, to prevent diaper rash, but we were definitely impressed that we could keep it on (and sagging and full) for nearly all day without any leaks. Speaking of wearing the diaper for several hours, one of the unique aspects of the Little Snugglers is that they're so darn absorbent that most babies can wear them overnight without leak-through. We say most babies because there's always an exception! This is TMI, but even with the big explosive poops that tend to come up the back, the Huggies Little Snugglers are experts at catching them before they ruin your favorite outfit! Overall, we absolutely love the Litle Snugglers and think they are very deserving of this spot on our list, surpassing the Swaddlers by a big margin. They are also loved by our friends at What2Expect and Babygearlab! Highly recommended, and we hope your experience is as positive as ours! Interested? You can check out the Little Snugglers here!

a mom playing with a baby wearing a mama bear gentle touch diaper

2. Mama Bear Gentle Touch Diapers, sizes Newborn to 7

These are excellent new additions to our best baby diapers list. We finally got our hands on several sizes of these last year, and after some hands-on tests we were really impressed by the performance. These diapers are made by Amazon as part of their Mama Bear product line, and have some great features. First, they are hypoallergenic, contain no fragrances or perfumes, and do not contain chlorine or latex. Second, they include a very effective wetness strip that basically tells you not only when the diaper is wet, but the extent of color change can also indicate a bit about exactly how wet it actually is. Third, we found them very soft and comfortable while also maintaining an excellent seal around the waist and legs, and preventing leaks (of the liquid and solid variety!). Another thing to consider about these diapers is that they come in both white (no decorations) and a simple and cute bear pattern. The white is a really great option, as it allows you to put on thinner light-color clothing without being able to see patterns peeking through the clothing, so this was a nice touch. They also have a nice simple and modern look in just white, a little bit like the look of a good cloth diaper.

In our hands-on testing, we didn't suffer any blow-outs, tab breakage, rashes, or leakage. We also didn't notice any problems with rubbing and abrasion of sensitive skin, and we think they did a great job wicking moisture away from the baby's skin. When we put them side-by-side with the Huggies, they were very similar in size and quality. The only con is that the ink on the patterned diapers can run a bit when the diaper is wet, or when using certain ointments (like zinc oxide). Overall, this is an excellent daytime diaper (it is not an overnight diaper, so don't try!), and we highly recommend it. They run about 20-25 cents each for the smaller sizes, making them a great budget diaper option. Who else recommends the Mama Bear diapers? Our friends at WhatToExpect call them a top pick! Interested? You can check out the Mama Bear diapers here!

a baby sitting and looking at the camera wearing an honest company diaper

3. Honest Company Diapers, Sizes Newborn to 6

The Honest Company is known for making sensitive, hypoallergenic, and thoughtful personal care products; these diapers are no exception, and we loved testing them! Out of the box, we loved the colorful designs and patterns (good vibes only!). The outside of the diaper wasn't super soft, but the inside felt great. The diapers felt relatively lightweight, so we were initially worried whether they would be absorbent enough to prevent leaks - well, we tested them on a newborn (3 weeks) and 3-month old, and we were pleasantly surprised! They fit very nicely and did a great job absorbing urine, by virtue of stretchy side panels and a snugly-fitting waist and leg cuffs. Speaking of snug, the Honest Company diapers seemed to run small relative to Pampers or Huggies, so whenever you're in doubt, size up.

We found the diapers to work great for daytime use, but would not suggest trying them overnight. You can feel pretty good about using these diapers given the Honest Company's commitment to sustainability, and their use of a bio-based core with absorbent pulp and several plant-derived materials. For price, they are a bit more expensive than mainstream diapers, coming in at about 30-35 cents per diaper, but we think it's definitely worth it! The only cons are that there are intermittent quality control issues with the closure tabs on these diapers; this issue is widely reported online, though we didn't encounter any such issue ourselves. Overall, we think these are a great option for parents interested in sustainability and plant-derived ingredients while maintaining great absorbency and overall performance. Just buy a size larger than usual! Who else recommends the Honest Company diapers? Our friends at Babylist, WhatToExpect, and The Bump all consider them a top pick! Interested? You can check out the Honest Co. Diapers here!

a box of the target up and up diapers alongside a diaper

4. Target Up & Up Diapers, Sizes Newborn to 3

Update: Target has rebranded their diapers to "SuperAbsorb" but they appear to be functionally similar to the originals. Target has done a fantastic job with their Up & Up diapers, and we were super jazzed to have tried them out! Available from Newborn up to size 7, these diapers are hypoallergenic, free of latex, chlorine, phosphates, dyes, phthalates, and lotions, and have no added fragrances. On a more practical level, but they are super soft and durable, have a great waist and leg holes, and use a blue wetness indicator up front. In our testing, we loved the breathable outer lining, the soft and absorbent inner lining, and the complete lack of fragrances. The diapers fit very similarly to Huggies, but are a bit thinner and less absorbent.

The wetness indicator was very reliable, and the tight but stretchy waist did a good job preventing blow-outs! We did have some leaky accidents with toddlers in the larger sizes, so our Up & Up diaper recommendation is limited to sizes newborn through 3. When we first tested the Up & Up diapers about 5 years ago, we thought they were absolutely amazing; in our more recent testing, there is some suggestion that the quality has gone down a bit. The diapers seem a bit thinner and weaker, and not quite as good at stopping leaks. For an infant during the daytime, they are very sufficient; for an older baby, or during the night, we think other brands would perform better. Overall, we think these offer a good bang for the buck, coming in at about half the price of some major brands (about 15 cents each in newborn size!). Just expect to phase out of them once your baby gets above about 6 months old. Who else recommends the Target Up & Up diapers? Our friends at Babylist, WhatToExpect, The Wirecutter, and The Bump all consider them a top pick! Interested? You can check out the Up & Up Diapers here!

a box of pampers swaddlers diapers and a baby wearing the diaper

5. Pampers Swaddlers, sizes Newborn to 5

The Swaddlers used to reign surpreme on not only this list, but were typically top-rated at Babylist, WhatToExpect, The Wirecutter, and The Bump. But then a redesign happened last year and we saw significant quality decline, including absorbency, comfort, and sensitivity. This was pretty sad because everyone absolutely loved the Swaddlers! Most other websites haven't redone their testing with the updated Swaddlers, so if they're still putting the Swaddlers at first place they might be a bit outdated. Anyway, Swaddlers were also the most recommended diaper by hospitals and pediatricians, due to good fit, low rash incidence rate, low fragrance-related odor, and great protection from leakage. They are also reasonably priced: if you purchase in larger quantities (like a box of 186 newborn diapers) you can get the per-diaper cost down to around 25-30 cents. That's a good price for an excellent diaper. We loved that they are overall the softest and thickest padded diaper on the market, they have the wet/dry indicator strip so you don't need to peek inside or guess whether it's time for a change, and it is very rare to get a "blowout" or leak. We found that they fit very snugly to the inner thighs and bum, and our test babies seemed very comfortable in them.

In our updated testing for this year, we honestly thought we had purchased a counterfeit batch of Swaddlers, if there's such a thing: they looked like Swaddlers and were labeled as Swaddlers, but they were thinner and less comfortable, and had more of an odor than we had remembered. So we ordered a second box from a different retailer and they were exactly the same. In our testing, they simply weren't as snuggly and soft as they used to be, and the absorbency wasn't as great as it was. The Swaddlers are still great diapers, but they definitely aren't as great as they used to be. Out of three babies over two days, we got one leak-through and one poopy blow-out, which was surprising for Swaddlers. We also found that they are nowhere near absorbent enough for overnight use. Another drawback is that they aren't fragrance-free or chlorine-free, so some babies with very sensitive skin might develop a minor rash. The diapers do an excellent job wicking moisture away from your baby's skin, have super stretchy flaps to accommodate movements and a growing baby, and the tabs do an excellent job staying shut. At this price point, we think the Swaddlers are still pretty great, and we're proud to continue featuring them on our list! Overall, we are left longing for the old Swaddlers design, and hoping that Pampers will revert back! Interested? You can check out the Pampers Swaddlers here!

a pack of rascal and friends diapers and a baby wearing one of the diapers

6. Rascal + Friends, Sizes Newborn to 6

Rascal and Friends is a small, Hong Kong based company (Rascals International, Ltd.) that is hitting the international baby market by storm with their popular diapers, baby wipes, and training pants. Coming in at about 20 cents per diaper and available at Walmart, the Rascal + Friends premium diapers are becoming increasingly popular on the US - and for good reason! These diapers are available in sizes 1 (newborn) through 6, are gentle and sensitive and do not have lotions, latex, or fragrance. What they do have is double-gusseted leg holes, high-back waistbands, soft and breathable materials, and wetness indicators on sizes 1-2. The materials that come in contact with your baby are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, bio-checked non-glyphosate certified, Dermatest certified, cruelty-free, and designed and developed in New Zealand. We got our hands on these for testing late last year (thanks for the samples, Rascal + Friends!) and were pleasantly surprised with the softness, absorbancy, and overall quality.

In our testing, the first thing we noticed was just how soft these diaper are - softer than most other diapers on this list, soft enough to touch even the most sensitive newborn skin! Opening them up, the inside material is not only soft but also surprisingly thin and lightweight. For reference, size 1 is good for 6-11 pounds, size 2 for 9-18 pounds, size 3 for 13-24 pounds, size 4 for 20-24 pounds, size 5 for 28-40 pounds, and finally size 6 for 35+ pounds. We tested the Rascal and Friends diapers on a 6-week old newborn (size 1) and a 5 month old baby (size 3). They showed excellent leak stopping power during daytime use, no blow-outs, and the older baby was able to crawl around actively without any break-throughs. The leg holes and waist provide a great seal against wetness and solids, and the patterns were adorable (especially the limited edition Cocomelon diapers)! The only challenge we faced was in the older baby during overnight use - he had a few leak throughs. His mom wasn't surprised because she needs to use special overnight diapers with him, and didn't think the Rascal and Friends diapers underperformed relative to any of the other diapers she's attempted to use overnight (Huggies Little Movers, Pampers Swaddlers). Overall, we are happy to feature the new Rascal and Friends diapers on our list, and unless you have a heavy nighttime wetter, we think you'll love them as much as we do! Who else recommends the Rascal + Friends diapers? Our friends at Motherly and Wonderbaby both consider them a top pick! Interested? You can check out the Rascal and Friends Diapers here!

a baby sitting and smiling at the camera while wearing a hello bello diaper

7. Hello Bello Diapers, Sizes Newborn to 6

Hello Bello was founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard out of a desire to provide their own babies with high quality, hypoallergenic diapers that are free of nasty ingredients and chemicals, without having to spend a fortune. In making their daytime and nighttime disposable diapers, Hello Bello used chlorine-free processing, plant-derived absorbent cores, and eliminated the use of allergenic ingredients, lotions, fragrances, latex, and phthalates. They also use sustainable farming to develop the plant-derived fluff pulp (the absorbent fiber in the core of the diaper) that uses soft wood like spruce and pine from sustainably-managed forests that help maintain and renew forests for future generations. We got our hands on the Hello Bello diapers last year (thanks for the samples, Hello Bello!) and were excited to test them out. First and foremost, the patterns are beautiful and fun - offering sloths (if you know anything about Kristen Bell, you'd have expected this!), hearts, lions, and tons of other adorable patterns to choose from. From vintage cars to dinosaurs, Hello Bello offers amazing customization options for the pickiest babies and parents! That all feels and looks really good, but how do the diapers perform!? Out of the box, the diapers had absolutely no odor, they were reasonably soft to the touch, and surprisingly lightweight and thin. The inside was super soft against your baby's skin, breathable, and we appreciated the double gussets along the sides. On the newborn diaper size, they have a very small cutout for the umbilical cord, and the closures use thin and soft Velcro-style tabs. Sizes 1+ omit the umbilical cord cutout but preserve the nice tab closures (note that sizes NB to 2 also have a wetness indicator).

nestig cloud crib

When you put the diapers on your baby, you will notice that the front flaps need to be peeled out on each side, they are folded in and a bit stuck to the main body of the diaper. The flaps on the rear do have a good amount of stretch, but definitely less than most Pampers and Huggies options. We tested sizes NB and 1 on a 5-week old and 7-week old, respectively. We only tested the daytime diapers, not overnights. Performance was great, with only some small issues with leakage and seepage, especially when our test baby was moving his body around a lot (in his exersaucer or during tummy time). The only other challenge we faced was that the mesh inner liner isn't nicely separated from the absorbent core, so there isn't optimal wicking of moisture away from your baby's skin. While we didn't experience any issues with diaper rash while using the Hello Bello diapers, babies with more sensitive bottoms might need their diapers changed more frequently to prevent diaper rash. Overall, we were impressed with these diapers, and think they are a great addition to our list! Not only do they look adorable make you feel good about their ingredients and sustainability, they also performed very well in our testing. If you want the best absorption then look to Huggies or Pampers, but if you want a relatively natural and sustainable option that works surprisingly well, these are the best bet for your family! Who else recommends the Hello Bello diapers? Our friends at WhatToExpect and The Bump consider them a top pick, and Good Housekeeping gave them their top parenting award in 2022! Interested? You can check out the Hello Bello Diapers here!

Here are the Best Toddler Diapers for 2024!

baby wearing a pampers cruisers diaper

1. Pampers Cruisers, sizes 3 to 7

The Cruisers are the overall best diaper option for babies about 16 pounds and up. Several moms recommended that once your baby begins to move around a bit, you transition from Swaddlers to Cruisers for active babies with growing bladders. The Cruisers have 3 layers of absorption, a flexible fit for babies of different shapes (the long lean ones, or short pudgy ones), and provide much better overnight protection than the Swaddlers. This is good since your baby will likely begin sleeping for longer stretches at night (fingers crossed) and the last thing you want to do is wake your baby up every 3-4 hours for a diaper change! The Cruisers are about the same price per diaper as the Swaddlers if you buy in larger quantities (like a box of 128 or 174). We found these for a good price at Amazon. What did our moms say about these diapers? They reported that blow-outs and leaks were very rare with these, due mostly to high absorbency and strong and nicely-fitting elastic that contours nicely to the thighs and bum. They are not as soft and padded as the Swaddlers, as they are prioritizing leak-proofing versus comfort, and they also no longer include the wetness indicator like the Swaddlers. But they are a great all-around diaper with good fit and excellent absorbency, and very few moms reported any rashes with this product. 

toddler sitting on a box of andy pandy bamboo diapers

2. Andy Pandy Bamboo Diapers, size Med - XL

This is a premium diaper for discerning parents who are willing to pay a bit more (about 15 cents more) per diaper for high quality and eco-friendly alternative to the big brands. There are a lot of small companies cropping up and selling all natural premium diapers, but this is the best reviewed one out there. These diapers are so free of everything, we're not sure what's left for ingredients! They have no perfumes, fragrances, dyes, preservatives, alcohol, latex, PVC, chlorine, or phthalates (BPA). They are a great diaper for babies with contact allergies, given that they are also free of gluten, wheat, and corn.

How do they do it? These diapers use biodegradeable and eco-friendly bamboo, making them super soft and comfortable, and giving them very high absorbency. The company that makes these diapers sends a portion of sales to St. Jude's hospital, so you can feel good about paying a bit extra; they are also very responsive to questions or concerns, and customer service is reportedly fantastic. The diapers are also compostable and biodegradable. In our testing, we were surprised that a diaper from a small company with so many good things going for it could actually work so well! The fit was great, they were super soft, and we had no issues with leakage (even overnight for one child!). Highly recommended, and without the increased price they would be #1 on our list.

pampers pure protection diapers

3. Pampers Pure Protection Diapers, Sizes N to 6

These are the direct competitor to the Huggies Special Delivery Diapers (above). They have the same principles: provide a mainstream diaper that can compete with the more natural brands emerging on the market, including a super soft outside that's lined with cotton, no chlorine use, no fragrances or perfumes, no parabens or latex, and hypoallergenic. That makes most parents feel much better about what's coming in contact with their child's skin - after all, these are sitting up against their body (and against mucous membranes) 24 hours a day, so it's worth considering. To be fair, these are really impressive diapers. Are they as good as the new Huggies Special Delivery? Not quite, but they're a good step in the right direction. We definitely prefer the Special Delivery ones for newborns up to size 2 because it includes the rear flap for blow-outs, and then it's sort of a toss-up between these two options once you get to size 3 (because that's when the Huggies option loses the rear flap). That said, these are basically the Pampers Swaddlers that have been modified to remove irritants and harsh chemicals, and add some softness. Side-by-side with the Swaddlers they really look identical in shape and size, save for some different patterns and less fragrance with the Pure option. And they function really similarly. We didn't experience any leakage or blow-outs, and no diaper rash. They were soft and comfortable, and we think they are a great option for toddlers! Worth the extra cost over the Cruisers? Maybe, but we'll let you figure that out! Who else recommends the Pampers Pure diapers? Our friends at Babylist and Babygear lab also consider them a top pick! Interested? You can check out the Pampers Pure Diapers here.


A few years ago we suggested Huggies Little Movers as a top toddler diaper. Unfortunately they recently changed their diaper design and have been receiving terrible reviews about leaks and blow-outs.

Last year, we were going to recommend the diaper that has always been a close second to the Little Movers, the Luvs Ultra Leakguards, but unfortunately they have also gone downhill. They must have revamped their diapers around the same time as Huggies. Unfortunately the revamping was for the worse, and we learned quickly to steer clear of these diapers since the redesign.

Finally, we also tested the Naty by Nature and Seventh Generation diapers. We experienced quite a bit of blow-outs with the Naty by Nature, and the Seventh Generation diapers seem to have gone downhill a bit in the past 2 years. We do like the fact that these options are marketed as "free & clear" in that they use minimal harsh chemicals, and can reduce diaper rash and allergic reactions. We will definitely re-test these options again in the future and see how they perform.

We are always interested in trying out newcomers, so if you have one to suggest, please don't hesitate to send us a message (see About Us section). On a related note, check out our reviews of the best baby wipes, best changing pads, and best wipe warmers to make for the perfect changing table setup! Finally, if you're looking for a good place to put fresh diapers, check out our Itzy Ritzy diaper bag reviews, and if you're looking to stash some smelly diapers, check out our reviews of the best diaper pails!

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