Best Baby Wipe Warmers of 2020

Wipe warmers are typically met by two thought camps. In one corner, there are the eye-rollers, those who see this as a superfluous luxury item, and then there are the parents who swear by these machines as sanity-saving gifts from the diapering gods. Because every baby is different, there is no one-size-fits-all method for any area of parenting. So, we decided to collaborate with parents from both camps and conduct a hands-on test of some of the best baby wipe warmers on the market. Here are the top 5 baby wipe warmer models; scroll down to read our full reviews of several different options!

Diapering is one of the many challenges that come with the birth of a new baby. Every parent will have different diapering methods, but the important factors remain the same: For a safe, healthy diaper change, parents should dedicate a clean area away from food preparation spaces. The diaper changing surface should be stable and easy to clean (there WILL be messes). If possible, keep all diapering elements together in the changing area: critical elements include fresh diapers, diaper cream, and of course cleaning wipes. There are many wipes brands and styles available for diapering; in many cases, diaper wipes will be light, cotton-like cleaning cloths stored at room temperature. Diaper wipes are kept in air-tight containers to preserve their moisture for most effective cleaning, and thus, they are often quite cold to the touch, especially in winter months. Some parents will notice their babies are very sensitive to diaper changes, and a fussing, crying, wriggly baby adds stress and difficulty to this necessary process. One of the most common culprits for fussy diaper changes is those cold wipes on little bottoms. Imagine how uncomfortable a soiled diaper must feel only to be met with an icy, wet wipe during changing time. If diaper time has become a battle in your home, it may be time to consider a wipe warmer. In our testing, we reflected on diapering experiences and tested machine functions, special features, and safety.

Here are the Best Baby Wipe Warmers of 2020!

1. Hiccapop Ultra Wipes Warmerbest baby wipe warmers hiccapop ultra

The Hiccapop surprised us as the number one on this list. It was actually a pretty close race between this model and the Munchkin Warm Glow (just below), as the two warmers are extremely similar in design and function. The Hiccapop is a “top-down” warming system, meaning the wipes at the top of the stack are warmed first; this is done to prevent browning. This unit retails for about $35, which is the third highest on this list. To set up this warmer, you must first locate the two slide locks on either side of the lid. This was one of the features that gave the Hiccapop an advantage over the Munchkin Warm Glow—while both models include this great element, we agreed the locks on the Hiccapop felt sturdier and were less likely to be accidentally unlocked. The Hiccapop easily holds 50-80 wipes and feeds through a soft silicone slit in the cover and up through a hinged door. We easily stacked the Hiccapop with 80 wipes, and we did have some trouble with the first few wipes snagging and requiring an extra tug, but after set-up was complete with continuous-feed wipes, we had no further issues of this nature. The wipes warmed quickly in just a few hours after plugging in the unit. There is a front window to easily monitor how many wipes remain, which is important for maintaining a healthy stack of warm wipes. This warmer includes a built-in nightlight, which we found more effective than the others with this feature (including Munchkin Warm Glow and Go Go Pure).  To activate the nightlight, press the small, red light button on the top of the warmer; this activates a soft light that shines through the front window. There is minimal tinting through the blue window plastic; and the light is just enough to see by without being obtrusive. The light will automatically turn off after ten minutes, or it can be turned off sooner by pressing the same button once more. Hiccapop rivaled Munchkin Mist (below) in terms of moisture retention. Wipes came out warmed and still thoroughly wet, and the results were consistent with a reduced stack of wipes. The wipe temperature was average for this list, but the machine’s body remained cooler to the touch than others. Finally, the ruggedness of this model especially impressed us over the runner-up. The Hiccapop’s plastic body is thick and solid, and we had no concerns in terms of warping or cracking with use. Interested? You can check out the Hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmers here!

2. Munchkin Glow Baby Wipe Warmerbest baby wipe warmers munchkin glow

The Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer has a simple design that makes for easy fill-up and use (even if you’re holding a squirmy baby with one hand). The price for this model is $27, which is just under median for this list. To load the warmer, open the two green, slide locks, just like the Hiccapop (above). The cover will then easily lift on its hinge to open. Remove wipes in a stack from original packaging, and simply drop them inside. Close and lock the cover and plug in the unit. The green flip top on the cover allows easy access for continuous-feed wipes, and the recommendation is for 80-100 wipes, which is easily held within the unit. Also, like the Hiccapop, Munchkin Warm Glow is a “top-down” warming system. The Munchkin Warm Glow includes a small, yellow light that stays on while the machine is plugged in. This dim light is actually a button, which activates the soft, nightlight feature through the translucent green window on the front. The green tinted light is helpful for night changes, though most of our test parents agreed it might be better if it were a little brighter. The light automatically switches off after ten minutes, or it can be shut off sooner with the button. The front window also serves as an indicator for when wipes are getting low. The wipes feed easily through the soft silicone slot in the lid, and built-in rubber feet on the bottom of the unit keep it from sliding around during changes. One major challenge we had with this unit is outside temperature. The top of this model is not scalding, but it is notably warmer to the touch than most of the other models. The top two or three wipes warmed within about an hour, but it took about 24 hours before the heat had permeated through more of the stack. These wipes were warmer than the Hiccapop results, but we noticed that as the wipes stack was depleted, they tended to dry out faster, so keeping a full stack or adding water per the instructions was imperative for this model. Interested? You can check out the Munchkin Glow Baby Wipe Warmers here!

3. Munchkin Mist Baby Wipe Warmerbest baby wipe warmers munchkin mist

This is the second Munchkin brand warmer on this list after the Munchkin Warm Glow (just above). We liked its durable plastic shell and snugly closing lid—we didn’t even miss the lid slide-latches on this one! The Munchkin Mist is about $30 (about average in price for this list), and a little more complicated to set up than many others on this list, as it includes a water reservoir for maintaining wipe moisture. The first step is to fill the reservoir. Remove the spray top cover from this small compartment and fill to the measurement marks (about half way up the sides). The instructions recommend distilled or filtered water for optimal product life. Carefully replace the reservoir cover—this was a little tricky to do without spilling the shallow cup. A screw top cover would have been easier. Give the spray top a couple of quick pumps to initiate water flow. Lift the warmer’s main lid to slide water reservoir into its housing in the front. Drop in a stack of wipes (this unit’s capacity is 100 wipes, but that’s pushing the limit on keeping the lid closed and maintaining easy retrieval. It easily houses 80 wipes, though). When you close the main lid (and each time you close the wipe retrieval lid) the reservoir will spray water onto the wipes. You can also open the main lid and press the spray button for as much extra misting as you wish. One measured reservoir should hold enough water to mist a stack of 100 wipes—even with some extra pumps, we did not run out of water for a stack of 80 wipes, and this warmer definitely maintained moisture better than any other model on this list, rivaled only by the Hiccapop (above). Like any device with regularly sitting water, the Munchkin Mist reservoir should be descaled about every four months. There are included instructions for this process. Through the clear reservoir, you can get a slightly obscured look at how many wipes remain in the stack. This machine includes a small, white light just under the retrieval door. It stays on as long as the warmer is plugged in, but it is not very bright, and the warmer does not include any other nightlight feature. The cover gets a little warm, but not nearly as hot as the Munchkin Warm Glow (above) or the Tuut (below). There are soft, rubberized feet on the bottom to keep the warmer from sliding around during use. Interested? You can check out the Munchkin Mist Baby Wipe Warmers here!

4. Go Go Pure Baby Wipe Warmerbest baby wipe warmers go go pure

While average in terms of unit height, this model has the smallest width compared to others on this list. This $30 warmer includes two temperature settings for varied preferences. Like the Hiccapop and Munchkin Warm Glow (both above), we were pleased by the slide locks on either side of the lid. The Go Go Pure includes the brightest light-up feature for nighttime changes. Pressing the small button on the cover illuminates the warmer through the front window and the translucent wipe retrieval door. The light stays on for ten minutes, or it can be switched off by pressing the button again. Set-up is easy enough, just drop in the wipes, lock the lid, and pull up through the soft silicone slit under the retrieval door. We tested the low setting first, pressing the temperature button just once to display a single, green dot. Even after 24 hours, we barely noticed a difference in wipe temperature. To be fair, we did our testing in the middle of a summer heat / humidity wave, so maybe this low temperature setting would have been more impressive in the winter. Pressing the temperature button again (display shows two dots) increases the setting to high heat. The high setting performed much better, and within a few hours we had noticeably warmed wipes. However, after about three days, we noticed the wipes in this unit began to lose their moisture. By the week’s end we could hardly call them wet wipes. We had similar results when the unit was tested with a half stack of wipes. The Go Go Pure does not have any rubberized feet on the bottom, and it is a lightweight machine that does slide around a bit. The outside of the machine stays mostly cool to the touch with only slight warmth from the cover. One thing that was frustrating for some parents was how easily the temperature button is to inadvertently hit. It is located just in front of the wipe retrieval door, and it is very sensitive, so it is easy to accidentally increase or reduce heat setting just by grazing your hand across for a wipe. Interested? You can check out the Go Go Pure Baby Wipe Warmers here!

5. Prince Lionheart Premium Baby Wipe Warmerprince lionheart evo baby wipe warmer

This is one of the sleeker, low profile infant wipe warmer options on this list. Coming in at only about 7" tall and 5" deep, it definitely doesn't stand out on the changing table. Prince Lionheart makes a nice range of high quality wipe warmers, most of which include the unique everFRESH pillow system on the bottom along with a little water reservoir tray. You need to rinse/moisten that pillow and tray about once a week and it sits at the bottom under the stack of wipes to keep things hydrated, clean, and promote a separation of the wipes from the heating element (to keep them from drying out or browning). Prince Lionheart says that pillow should be replaced every 3 months or so, and they cost about 5 bucks each. That adds a cost of about $20 annually to the $35 cost of this wipe warmer, so keep that in mind. But that pillow does a really nice job at keeping things moist and its treated with an antimicrobial to prevent any mildew or bacteria from building up. In our testing, we thought it did a great job at preventing wipes from drying out, as long as you ensure that pillow gets rinsed off weekly and some water remains in the tray. With this relatively low capacity dispenser, that's an easy task because it doesn't fit a huge stack of wipes - so you'll end up getting to the bottom relatively frequently and have the opportunity to maintain the pillow. Upon loading a new pile of wipes (a stack of 48 wipes fits well), it took about 30 minutes for the wipes to get reasonably warm. The flip-top lid worked well, as did the dispenser flap. The lid did develop a bit of condensation on the inside, and one of the times we opened it there were a couple drops of water that slid off the back onto the changing table. Outside of that, no real limitations here other than the pillow replacement cost and minor annoyance related to having to moisten and clean the pillow and water tray. It's a good option if you're looking for a relatively small baby wipe warmer that has great features and functionality. Interested? You can check out the Prince Lionheart EVO Wipe Warmer here!

6. Prince Lionheart Premium Baby Wipe Warmerbest baby wipe warmers prince lionheart premium

The Prince Lionheart warmer one of two bottom-up warmer on this list (in addition to the Tuut, below). This means the heat source rises from the base of the machine to warm the wipe stack. It is no surprise, then, that this model took about twice as long as other models tested to heat up for first use. Prince Lionheart’s price point is $25, which is the lowest for this list, but there is a catch… To prevent browning in this bottom-up warmer, this machine features the patented everFRESH Pillow System. This soft foam pillow (as well as the warmer’s tub) are treated with an additive to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that may cause spoilage, odors and mildew (the only warmer on this list to advertise antimicrobial features). The pillow is placed underneath the wipe stack in the machine. It must be rinsed every week, and it should be replaced every three months. Replacement pillows are available in packs of two for $10, which makes this system cost an extra $20 annually. To set up this system, saturate the pillow and place into the unit. Remove wipes from packaging and stack on top of the pillow. Close the cover and lift the smaller flip-top lid to pull wipes through the hard silicone slot. This slot is snug; we didn’t have any major trouble with it, but we agreed that thinner wipes may get caught and tear. The Prince Lionheart warmer does not include a front window. Instead, this machine has a large, bright white light on the front. This light is enough to see by and stays on as long as the warmer is plugged in. After about 1.5 days, the wipes in this machine were warmed all the way through. The wipe temperature was average with many models on this list. The outside of the machine did not feel at all hot to the touch, and wipes stayed moist even with a reduced stack. This machine features built-in gripping feet to hold the unit steady, and the system easily held and maintained 80-100 wipes. Overall, this is a good machine, but the regular sponge-moistening maintenance and proprietary pillow replacements pushed it further down this list. Additionally, we were not too pleased when after the first week we noticed browning on the underside of the pillow. The discoloration mostly rinsed off, but it was still a drawback. Interested? You can check out the Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer here!

7. Tuut Baby Wipe Warmerbest baby wipe warmers tuut

This wipe warmer has a very sleek design with a dim, “smile-shaped” amber light on the front. The light stays on while the machine is plugged in, and there are no other nightlight features. The Tuut is one of only two models on this list that holds wipes within their plastic packaging, which makes set up very simple—drop in a pack of wipes (up to 80 count), close the lid, and plug-in the device. The Tuut is a bottom-up warmer and heats up pretty quickly, with warm wipes ready to use in just an hour or so. We noticed the temperature on these wipes gets hotter than many on this list, though not quite as hot as the Memi (below). Additionally, the bottom of this unit gets pretty hot to the touch, similar to the cover on the Munchkin Warm Glow (above), though this did not result in any furniture damage during our testing. When you are ready to use, press the gray latch release button to open the retrieval door on the cover. This is where we ran into the most trouble with our testing. The Tuut warmer is the only model on this list that does not click, or lock shut. So, when wipes are pulled through the retrieval door, the entire cover lifts open, making it difficult to pull continuous wipes single-handedly. Further, the built-in feet on the bottom of this machine are soft and not as rubberized as many of the others, so the warmer does slide a bit on smooth surfaces.  The Tuut is listed as the most expensive warmer in this review at just under $43.00; however, it can be found for less. Unlike the Memi, wipes in the Tuut did not turn brown, and we did not experience any plastic melting. Upon close inspection after testing, we noticed only some ink transfer from the wipes package onto the bottom of the Tuut basin. Interested? You can check out the Tuut Wipe Warmer here!

8. Memi Dreamy Baby Wipe Warmerbest baby wipe warmers memi dreamy

The Memi Wipes warmer is the tallest model we tested (by almost an inch), and this is important to note because it also has one of the shortest cords we have ever seen—only 3’ long, which is about a foot shorter than the next shortest cord on this list. Many parents in our group found this cord length insufficient to reach an outlet if the warmer was placed on top of a dresser or changing table, so this warmer would likely be situated on a lower shelf—but we didn’t much like that idea for safety concerns. The Memi Warmer costs about $40.00, one of the most expensive models we tested, just under the Tuut (above), and like Tuut, Memi holds wipes within their plastic packaging. Some test parents like this idea because it simplifies the wipe loading process. However, those opposed had concerns of melting plastic and the need to purchase wipes in small packages (which could potentially be less cost efficient). This machine claims to hold 80-100 wipes, but we struggled to squish a pack of 80 wipes inside and were barely able to close the lid. To set up and fill the Memi warmer, first press the lid-release latch to open the top. There is a blue securing cover inside, clamp the latch on this cover to release and lift. Then, open a small pack of wipes and place the pack inside the warmer, pressing down until you hear a click. Close and latch the blue securing cover over the wipes pack; you should hear another click as the spring-action “auto rebound” system is engaged. This is a pretty cool feature that lifts the wipes up toward the top as the pack is emptied. The Memi has a small, white light on the top cover that stays on while the unit is plugged in. It is not enough light to see by for night changes. There are molded “feet” on the bottom of the unit, but they are not rubberized to keep the machine from sliding around. This is a top-down warming system and does perhaps the best job at heating the wipes—within about an hour after plugging it in, the top few wipes are already hot (not scalding, but definitely the hottest of any model on this list). Within a day, all the wipes are consistently warmed, and the outside of the machine is not hot to touch. Major issue: our plastic concerns were confirmed, when within about a week we discovered melted plastic from the wipes package sticking to the inner lid. Also, there was some wipe browning in this warmer by the end of our testing. Interested? You can check out the Memi Dreamy Wipe Warmer here!

How to Pick a Wipe Warmer

Capacity: “Believe it or not, not every diaper change requires the use of wipes. This is not only because urine rarely irritates the skin, but also because today’s super-absorbent disposable diapers effectively limit the amount of urine that even comes into contact with the skin.” You can expect about six wet diapers and three to four soiled diapers per day by the first week of life; this can easily total over 200 wipes per week (especially because newborn poop tends to be sticky). This output will slow down substantially, over the next few weeks/ months. Eventually, you will likely average about 80 wipes per week. Based on our reviews, all of the top-rated wipe warmers on this list were able to accommodate 80 wipes, though some models were able to hold more.

Cords and Adapter Safety: It is important to ensure adapters abide by safety codes. All models on this list included UL Listed, ETL Listed, or conformity to UL 1310 safety standards. Additionally, you may want to check for units with detachable cords. Both of the Munchkin models include cords that are permanently attached to the device. This means if that part of the cord is damaged in any way, the entire device becomes a safety hazard with no chance for a finding a replacement cord. *Bonus: if your child grows out of needing wipes warmed, removable cords will allow you to transform your warmer into a standard wipe dispenser!

Heat Source: Does the warmer heat wipes from the bottom-up or top-down? There are a few bottom-up warmers on the market (including the Prince Lionheart and Tuut on this list). However, most of the leading warmers are top-down models, and this is in effort to reduce browning (since the top wipes are in constant cycle).

Nightlight: A nice, warm wipe can help keep the calm during nighttime changes, allowing baby - and you! - to get back to sleep, sooner. Some wipe warmers even include a soft nightlight, so you don’t need to turn on all the lights for a diaper change! As we discovered in our reviews, those models with nightlight features typically include a 10-minute timer with the option to shut-off sooner.

Refill Window: With a standard wipe dispenser, you don’t need to worry much about how many wipes remain in the stack. But with warmers, it is important to keep the stock full, as some models (including the Munchkin Warm Glow and Go Go Pure) tend to dry out with reduced wipe stacks. Choosing a model with a front window will allow you to make quick-glance assessments on the wipe inventory.

Pro tip: since most wipe warmer models are top-heated, the wipes at the top of the stack will always be warmer. So, when reloading the wipe warmer, always lift remaining wipes and refill underneath.

High Maintenance: While proper use and maintenance are important for any product (and we will include some tips below), some wipe warmers require more regular upkeep schedules and element replacements. In our reviews, we saw this with the Munchkin Mist, which requires you refill the water reservoir roughly every 100 wipes. This model will also need regular reservoir descaling for optimal use. The Prince Lionheart model includes the patented everFRESH Pillow System, which requires weekly rinsing and quarterly replacements of the soft foam pillow. Many products offer instruction manual access online, so if you have narrowed down your warmer choices, you may want to take a quick look at required maintenance.

Antimicrobial: Some warmers include antimicrobial treatments and elements. Since warm, closed spaces are the perfect setting for mold growth, this may be a feature you will want to consider in selecting your warmer. In this list, Prince Lionheart was the only brand advertising antimicrobial features.

Wipe Warmer Maintenance Tips

Don’t overfill: Check your wipe warmer manual for wipe-count limitations. Each warmer will include this information, and it is important to not over-stock your warmer. Overfilling can result in improper or uneven heating, hinge or lock breakage, and wipe browning. It is also harder to properly retrieve wipes from an overfilled unit. In some cases, this may mean you will not be able to fit an entire package of wipes into the warmer. If this happens, simply store the remaining wipes in a zip-seal bag from your kitchen.    

Cleaning: Maintain a healthy environment by cleaning out your wipe warmer every so often. This could be as easy as a monthly routine to simply remove the wipes, empty any standing liquid, cleanse, and (most importantly) thoroughly air out the unit.

Adding Water: To keep wipes from drying out too quickly, many warmers on this list include a suggestion to pour ¼ to ½ cup of water over the stack. Some warmers have frequency recommendations such as every other day, or at each refill. A pro-tip from one of our focus group moms who uses wipe warmers for her two children: When you see the condensation stop collecting on the underside of the retrieval door, it’s time to add more water.   

Unplug for Non-Use: If you know you are going to be traveling or not using the wipe warmer for more than 24 hours, it is a good idea to unplug the unit. Leaving the warmer plugged in and unattended for more than a day risks issues with wipes drying out, product overheating, and possible fire hazard.

Wipe Warmer Alternative: A Simple Wipe Dispenser!

oxo tot perfect pull baby wipe dispenserIn addition to wipe warmers, we decided to include a middle option on this list. The OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser does not warm wipes, but it does provide a strong seal to keep wipes moist longer. This wipes dispenser is made from BPA free, phthalate free and PVC free plastic. It features an easy, one-handed use click-open lid, simply press until you hear a click and the hinge slowly swings open. When finished, press the lid back down until you hear the latch click. There is a soft, silicone gasket all around the inside of the lid to create a tight, moisture locking seal. The wipes sit underneath a weighted plate, which helps dispense just one wipe at a time. The non-slip feet on the bottom of the dispenser keeps the box from sliding around during diaper changes, and like many of the warmers on this list, there is a clear window on the front to indicate when wipes are low. This dispenser comes in just under the lower warmer prices at about $20.00, and it easily accommodates up to 100 wipes. While most agreed that the price point was higher than we would expect for a non-warming wipe dispenser, parents in our test group were genuinely impressed by the sturdiness of this model, noting both its compact size like the Go Go Pure Warmer and also its weight (notably heavier than some warmers like the Munchkin Warm Glow) to keep the dispenser in place during use. Overall, we are happy with this as an alternative for parents just looking to maintain moisture and freshness in their wipes.


Parenting entails choice-making for every aspect of another being’s life, right down to the temperature of tushy-wiping cloths. For new parents, these numerous choices (encumbered by even more numerous opinions from well-meaning family and friends) can be downright overwhelming. But ultimately, the choice is yours to make for your child.

From our research, there are numerous situations where a wipe warmer could make a positive impact on parenting and family life. If you will be bringing your newborn home during winter months, a warmer could help take the chill off wipes for a baby who is just getting used to being out of a nice, warm womb. This may also be a great choice for families who live in colder climates. Older babies with strong sensory responses may be eased during diapering if a warmer can reduce the temperature shock from the cold wipes.

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