There are a lot of important things to consider when you pick a double stroller. Will it be side-by-side? Tandem? Will it be a pain to fold up? How heavy will it be? Will it fit through doorways or in the trunk of your car? Will it fit two kids of different ages and sizes, or only twins? Buying a double stroller can be daunting, so before you drop $300-750 on a stroller, read through this article to get some helpful buying tips.

Below we detail some of the most important considerations when finding a double stroller, and then we review over a dozen double strollers to find the most comfortable, most convenient, safest, and lightest weight option. We narrow the options down to give you a listing of the Top 8 Best Double and Tandem Strollers of 2018. Here are some things we looked for:

Flexible Infant and Toddler Configurations. Modern double strollers can be reconfigured to satisfy even the pickiest moms. Take the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller as an example (#4 on our list), which can be reconfigured in seven different ways. You can have an infant car seat and a toddler seat, one facing you and once facing forward. Or you can have two infant car seats facing you, two toddler seats facing forward. And the list goes on! When selecting a double stroller be sure to think a bit about how you'd like it to be configured, and make sure there's some flexibility because, as it turns out, kids start to get a little demanding as they get older!

Comfort. Many double strollers, whether tandem or side-by-side, compromise comfortable seats to keep the weight and size down. But there is a happy medium between an enormous and heavy stroller with super comfortable seats, and a sleek lightweight stroller with seats that feel like sitting on a piece of wood. Because manufacturers try to keep weight and cost down, some double strollers have very uncomfortable seats. We've done the testing and picked out the seats that are the most reasonable compromise of comfort and weight/bulkiness.

Size and Weight. Double strollers can be huge and inconvenient. About 5 years ago a good friend of mine, Amy, had a side-by-side double stroller that she couldn't fit through the front door of the local coffee shop! So there she was trying to get herself an iced coffee to reward herself after a morning full of fusses and tantrums, only to find that she couldn't even get in the door. She just about threw the stroller in the dumpster at that moment. Don't end up like Amy. Our review and list considers width and length, finding the right balance between big enough to be comfortable versus too big to fit in doorways. We also consider weight. Double strollers can get very heavy, especially if you're attaching infant car seats. You can tip the scales over 50 pounds with two infant car seats. Think you could get that down a set of stairs, or into the trunk of your car? Only if you've been spending some time at your local CrossFit!

Folded Size. Manufacturers have gotten really clever with folding double strollers, making them not quite as cumbersome as they used to be. A good double stroller will fold to about 1.5 times the size of a single stroller. But that's still quite large. We tested the Options Elite in the back of a CR-V and it just about took up all the trunk space. While they will all be quite large, some are better than others. If you plan on fitting it into a regular trunk, you might want to grab that measuring tape and check on some sizes before ordering. We provide folded sizes in our reviews.

Compatibility with Infant Car Seats. If you plan on including at least one infant car seat on the stroller, you need to be sure that it is compatible with your particular brand and model of infant car seat. The best double strollers that reconfigure between infant and toddler use "universal" car seat adapters to accomodate most of the major brands. Be sure to check the details.

Here are the Best Double Strollers of 2018!

bobrevolutionduallie1. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller. Usually under $650. This is a side-by-side or "duallie" double stroller with some great flexibility, smooth ride, great features, and good size and weight. This is the smoothest riding double stroller we tested, it really glides like a dream and it's not just for jogging. Unlock the swivel front wheel and it makes an awesome around-town stroller. And BOB makes some of the best quality strollers out there (it's also at the top of our best jogging strollers list). We broke out the measuring tape and at its widest point this stroller is just under 31" wide. The standard exterior door opening is 35" wide, with interior doors being about 29" wide. So while you won't be able to get it through the door to your bedroom, you'll definitely fit it into the door of your house or the local coffee shop. If it doesn't fit, they are violating fire code! Folded up, the BOB Revolution is still quite large: we measured about 39" long and 16" high. The width is the same at just under 31". The size (and weight at 34 pounds) scared us, but in our testing we were able to easily fit it in the trunk of a Toyota Corolla and Honda Accord, so that made us more comfortable. We didn't even have to remove the wheels. If you pop the wheels off, you can fit a lot more in the trunk as well, like some groceries or beach gear. Some features we loved: adjustable handlebar height to accomodate mom and dad, relatively easy two-step folding, suspension keeps bump smooth, comfortable seats, large diameter wheels for jogging, and it felt stable and well made. We also loved how far out the two independent canopies came on their second extended setting, blocking not just sun but also doing a pretty good job blocking rain. The cons? Well, it is an expensive stroller and the add-on features can rack up some considerable cost. For instance, if you want to add the BOB infant car seat adapter or snack trays, that will be an extra $99, and if you want the BOB cup holder that will be an extra $25. Also, instead of swapping a toddler seat for an infant car seat, the infant seat sticks up sort of awkwardly from the stroller when using the attachment. So if you have the cash and want an excellent stroller, this is the one for you.

joovyx2double2. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller. Usually about $200-300. Another excellent side-by-side option, by the same company that makes several other top-rated strollers appearing on our other lists. Joovy is well known for mixing great styling with functionality, for a reasonable price. This double stroller is no exception. This 30" wide stroller can fit through most standard doorways, while still supporting up to 45 pounds per child (90 pounds total). We liked that each seat could recline independently, and footrests could also adjust independently. The independent recline is not unique on this list, but the footrest aspect is. Some good features include: two cupholders for parents, two good-sized zippered pouches for parents (great for phones and keys), a really large storage basket underneath, good sized wheels (7" front, 9" back) to help over the bumps, and a truly huge canopy. Folded down, we measured it at 30" x 36" x 14" thick, which is smaller than the BOB Revolution, but larger than the Baby Jogger. Weighs just over 30 pounds, which is heavy, but there's a lot of stroller here. Couple of small downfalls relative to other options. First, the canopy covers both children, so you cannot have one down and the other up like you can with the BOB Revolution or the Baby Jogger. Second, it doesn't stand on its own while folded, which is an issue for most of the strollers on this list. Overall, this is an excellent stroller with only some very minor drawbacks. All the most important features are there and in abundance, very impressive at this price point!  

babyjoggercityminidouble3. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller. Usually about $500-600. At a similar price point to the BOB Revolution Flex, this side-by-side option is a close second place. There are several available right now: remaining stock of the old version, the 2015 version, and the newest model. This stroller has very similar features to the BOB, but with some important distinctions. First, both have adjustable handlebar height, an easy folding sequence, suspension to keep things smooth over the bumps, far-reaching canopies (the BOB wins here by a small margin), comfy seats, and high build quality and stability. In terms of size, the Baby Jogger folds to a considerably smaller size than the BOB, into a 30" by 31" rectangle only about 13" thick. Recall that the BOB had a dimension nearly 40" long when folded. So this fits more easily into smaller trunks: we got it easily into the Accord and Corolla, but also easily into the Civic trunk as well. This is partially because the wheels are much smaller than the BOB. Where that saves in size, it hurts in the smoothness of the ride. While the BOB is a dream glider, this is a bit more finicky and not as smooth. Opened up, this is 30" wide, about the same as the Joovy but a bit slimmer than the BOB. So overall this stroller is a reasonably compact package, but the trade-off is not having as smooth of a ride, particularly for jogging when you want those large diameter wheels. On our scale it was 33 pounds, coming in just under the BOB by 1 pound, and over the Joovy by 1 pound. If you're looking for something a bit smaller and lighter, this is the stroller for you. It's very expensive, however, putting the Joovy out in front by a bit of a margin. If you have a bigger budget and are actually interested in jogging (this one says "not intended for jogging" despite the name), the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller is a better option, but it will cost you.

contoursoptionstandem4. Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller. Usually about $300. To be honest, we are partial to the side-by-side options for one silly reason: once the kids get a little older they will inevitably start fighting about who gets to sit in the front. If your kids are anything like mine, that fight never ends well! But here is an awesome and incredibly versatile tandem option. Tandem means that one sits in front of the other, rather than side-by-side. In our tests, the Options Elite is the best tandem stroller on the market. Tandem has a few advantages to the side-by-side: first, with this stroller you can configure how your kids are sitting. Want the infant facing you, but the toddler facing forward? Want both facing forward? That's fine too. When you have an infant and toddler, the tandem feels really great. You can put the infant in back up higher facing you, making feeding and helping your baby super easy. And the toddler can face forward to see all the action. The side-by-side isn't great with an infant car seat, as it's hard to reach over and forward to where the infant car seat attaches. So the tandem wins in that regard. Second, at only about 26" wide, this tandem is great for fitting into relatively narrow places. As a silly example there is a narrow side entrance to our local children's museum that only the tandem could fit through. But the tandem has some down-sides. It doesn't fold as flat as a side-by-side. In fact, the Options Elite folds to 21" x 26" x 39" which is even larger than the BOB in terms of overall space taken up in the trunk. Even though it is quite large when folded, it is also very well equipped. It has a cup holder for parents, a huge storage compartment with side zipper access (!), stands on its own when folded, and has really nice seating surfaces with padded headrests and adjustable footrests to accomodate growing babies. The Options Elite also includes one infant car seat adapter that works with most of the major infant car seat brands (Graco, Chicco, Britax, etc.). If you need to attach two infant car seats, you'll need to buy an extra Contours brand car seat adapter at a very reasonable $20. Note that the Baby Jogger City Select Tandem is another great (but expensive at $650+) option, but the seating is more crowded than the Contours and we think the price is a little excessive.

babytrenddoublesitstandstroller5. Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller. Usually about $175. As we noted above, we are quite partial to the side-by-side double strollers, but here is another great tandem double stroller that is most similar to the Contours, but a little less versatile and a lot less expensive. This double stroller can be used with two toddlers, or two infant car seats, or one infant car seat and one toddler. Infant car seats would always be rear-facing, and toddlers always front-facing. It also has the "stand" functionality, which means that the back seat can be removed to reveal a platform that older kids can stand on (or sit on as a "jump seat"). The toddler seats support up to 40 pounds each, and the standing/jump-seat platform up to 40 pounds as well. To be honest, we went far over that 40 pound limit for the jump seat, and it seemed completely fine. We really liked the smooth and easy to steer handling of this stroller, which was helped by the soft rubber wheels and smooth bearings. We also thought the canopies were quite good, though they did not provide as much coverage as the Contours. Each seat as swing-out trays with cupholders, and there's a covered tray with 2 cupholders for parents as well. Those are very convenient to have. Assembly wasn't terrible; there is the large stroller frame, and then you need to attach the canopies, trays, and wheels. Everything snaps together, no tools required. the front seat has a 2-position recline that doesn't go too far back, to avoid completely occupying the rear person's space. The rear seat has a much more extended recline, so this is where you'd place the sleepy toddler who needs a nap. The seats themselves are completely fine in terms of comfort - not too firm or soft, and the fabric is easy to wipe clean as needed. We tested several infant car seats to see which would fit, and we found that no modern Britax seats fit, however we did have luck with the Baby Trend Flex Loc series, the Evenflo Embrace, and the older Graco SnugRide and SnugRide 32 models (NOT the Click Connect models). So if you want to be able to click the infant car seat into the trays, you will basically need to use the Baby Trend Flex Loc series. This seat is on our best infant car seat list, but is rated pretty low relative to other options. The Contours is compatible with a much wider range of infant car seats. Some additional cons? Well, the storage basket was small and really difficult to access if you have 2 kids in the stroller. It's heavy and a bit cumbersome to fold and unfold, though we were able to get it easily into the trunk of a Camry, Accord, and Impreza. So overall, some limited versatility here, but a great overall double stroller option for an excellent price.

jeepdoublestroller6. J is for Jeep - Scout Double Stroller. Usually under $120. This is an excellent bang-for-the-buck lightweight double stroller, with an inexpensive price tag, good reliability, and several great features. This side-by-side stroller supports up to 70 pounds total weight, with 35 pounds of maximum weight in each seat. It uses a lightweight (only about 18 pounds) aluminum frame that folds into a rectangle that's about 13" by 42", and 11" thick, which is larger than most other options on this list. That's because it folds up like an umbrella stroller, long and thin. We fit it easily into Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla trunks. The downside of it folding like an umbrella stroller is that the handlebars aren't connected to one another in one long bar, unlike the others on this list. That made it a bit less comfortable to maneuver, especially when doing it one-handed. In our testing, we thought the large canopies did a pretty good job protecting from the sun and light rain, especially for this low price range. They are nowhere near as large as the Joovy or Baby Jogger canopies, but they do a nice job. We also thought the seat recline option was nice to have, though the recline range was restricted and the mechanism was finicky to use. For safety, there is a 5-point harness and locking back wheels. We also loved that there are several storage pockets (4 of them!), and it came with a cup holder for grown-ups; note that the cup holder is detachable for squeezing through tighter spaces (like smaller doorways). We thought the overall ride quality was relatively poor, given the relatively small and hard plastic wheels. Overall, we thought the build quality was about a 6.5 out of 10, which is to be expected in this price range for a double stroller. Cons? Well, its light weight makes it feel a bit less sturdy, though we think it is worth the easy folding and lifting into the trunk. The canopies could come down a bit farther, and the recline feature was a pain to use. Other than that, if you're looking for a lightweight, inexpensive double stroller, this is definitely an excellent option!            

thuleurbanglide7. Thule Urban Glide 2 Stroller. Usually under $700. This is a beautiful and sleek stroller with an awesome looking aluminum frame, large diameter wheels, and an understated design. This is the real urban stroller for those who want a side-by-side stroller that looks and functions great, and are willing to pay the price. Not only is it beautiful and comfortable, it has some great features. A hand-operated parking brake, adjustable ergonomic handlebar, smooth riding rear suspension, big canopy with peek-through window, and reclining seats. Some fun extras include a storage area that can be fully closed to protect from the elements (and from sticky fingers), real air-filled rubber tires, and a truly awesome smooth folding design. Folded up, the Thule is one of the smallest on our list, folding down into a 35" by 31" rectangle with about 14" of thickness. That's less trunk volume than the BOB or Contours, but not quite as compact as the Baby Jogger. Opened up, the Thule is about the same width as the BOB, just under 31", so you won't have any issue with exterior doors on houses or businesses. Unlike the Baby Jogger and Contours, the Thule is actually built for jogging. The large diameter wheels, hand-operated brake, and rear suspension make this super smooth and low rolling resistance for long runs on pavement or trails. The weight is on par with the others, at 32 pounds. Cons? Well, it does stand nicely on end when folded, but it can't be rolled when folded (the old Thule 1 was able to do that). And unlike the Contours, it doesn't include an infant car seat adapter. Finally, it's too expensive for our taste. Otherwise, it's one of our all-time favorite side-by-side strollers if you can stomach the price!

babytrendnavigatordouble 8. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger. About $250. Here is an awesome option for the (relatively) budget-conscious double stroller buyer. Coming in lowest on our price list, this stroller offers a lot of bang for the buck. It's no BOB or Baby Jogger in terms of style or overall build quality, but it offers a wallet-friendly alternative to the otherwise dauntingly expensive double stroller market. The Baby Trend wins overall for the number of included features. It has an awesome parent tray with two cup holders, storage, and built in speakers for your MP3 player! It has real air-filled rubber tires, locking front swivel wheels for running, a medium sized canopy with peek-through window, reclining seats, parking brake (not a hand-operated brake, just for parking), large storage basket, and a reasonably easy folding sequence. It's also the only one on our list that includes the two kids trays! It also fits two infant car seats, the Baby Trend ones (with the Flex Loc attachment) will snap right in. But with these features comes some limitations that are expected given the price. The rubber tires are nice, but there is no suspension to help over sidewalk cracks or trail bumps. The canopy doesn't come out as far as the other options, and the parking brake can't be used to help slow down on a hill (it's only for parking). Also, the divider between the two kids is relatively small so the kids can easily see and reach each other, for better or worse! In our test, we also found the reclining feature a bit awkward to adjust when a kid was in it, and thought it was a little wobbly/unstable when running. This stroller is a little excessive in its width (just under 33" wide), about 2" wider than most, which might make it a pain to line it up perfectly for fitting through a door (with under an inch clearance on each side). It's also the heaviest on our list at 43 pounds! Overall though, if you can look past some of the little drawbacks this is a real winner for the price point!