Mockingbird Single-to-Double 2.0 Stroller Review [2024]

The Mockingbird is back with a new version 2.0 stroller and it's better than ever!

tali ditye author mommyhood101  By: Tali Ditye, Ph.D., Co-founder
  Updated: June 18, 2024

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Mockingbird recently released their new 2.0 version of the famous Mockingbird Stroller, with a stronger frame and superior versatility.

We put it to the test and love what we found!

Full disclosure: Mockingbird provided us with their new version 2.0 Single-to-Double stroller for testing, along with several awesome accessories, and we're very grateful (thank you!).

In our testing, we assembled it, tested all of its features, put it in our trunk, and took it out for a day on the town!

Is it worth a spot in our annual best strollers or best double strollers list? Let's find out.

Important note: This review is for the new (for 2023-2024) Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller 2.0 model, which is a newly revamped stroller to help strengthen its frame and increase durability and quality. 

Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller 2.0 Review

Based on our hands-on reviews, we give the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars:

Overall Impressions

Most parents don't have time to read through this entire article, so here's a summary of what we found.

We were excited to get our hands on this updated Mockingbird 2.0 stroller, and we were pleasantly surprised by the following aspects:

✔️  Easy assembly.
✔️  High build quality.
✔️  Beautiful aluminum frame.
✔️  Gorgeous vegan leather handle.
✔️  Expands from single to double.
✔️  Tons of configurations.
✔️  Compatible with most infant car seats.
✔️  Huge canopy with great coverage.
✔️  Adorable peek-a-boo window.
✔️  Huge airflow canopy window.
✔️  Three recline positions.
✔️  One-handed recline.
✔️  One-handed folding.
✔️  One-handed unfolding.
✔️  Comfortable seating & adjustments.
✔️  Adjustable footrests.
✔️  Surprisingly nimble & maneuverable.
✔️  Four-wheel suspension.
✔️  Soft & comfortable ride quality.
✔️  Looks and feels excellent!
✔️  Great customer service & resources.

However, like with any review we write, we also had some little gripes worth mentioning:

❌  Made in China (like the Vista).
❌  In double mode, large and heavy.

Overall, the new Mockingbird Single-to-Double 2.0 is one of the best strollers we have ever tested.

We love its versatility and overall quality, how all the most important things can be done one-handed, and how smooth the ride is.

It's the perfect companion for any family with twins or looking to expand!

The cons are very minor and similar to most other double strollers on the market, including the UppaBaby Vista.

mockingbird single to double stroller 2.0 check price

The stroller is relatively large and heavy when both toddler seats are attached.

We were able to load it into our Acura MDX and Land Cruiser very easily, but if you have a smaller vehicle it might be a challenge.

Of course, you can always pop the seats off, which is surprisingly easy to do and cuts down both weight and bulk.

At its extremely competitive price, we think the Mockingbird is a no-brainer for growing families looking for quality, style, versatility, and a comfortable ride!

About Mockingbird

Mockingbird strollers are made by a company called Baby Generations, Inc., founded in 2017 and based in New York, NY.

Eric Osman is the founder and CEO of Mockingbird, who brought a unique direct-to-consumer concept to baby gear. Rather than paying commissions to big box stores, you can get the best prices directly from Mockingbird, passing the savings on to you.

mockingbird jpma certification

Importantly, Mockingbird is a member of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and produces certified products in the Carriages/Strollers category.

From 2019 through 2022, Mockingbird strollers became extremely popular. From celebrities to you and me, seemingly everyone was rocking a Mockingbird stroller!

Then in late 2022, things came to a sudden halt when there were reports of the Mockingbird stroller frame cracking and causing the entire stroller to collapse. Mockingbird swiftly issued a recall, mailed out a repair kit, and began developing a new stroller version (model 2.0, which we review here) that would be even more durable and sturdy when carrying two children.

Fast-forward to early 2024 and here we are, testing their new Single-to-Double Stroller 2.0, which promises to be better than ever!

Hands-on Testing

The new Mockingbird Single-to-Double has a ton of excellent features. Almost too many to list!

Full Feature & Accessory List

The Mockingbird packs a serious set of features that are complemented by some accessories that you can purchase separately.

We think you'll be impressed with the full feature list:

✔️  5-point harness with shoulder pads.
✔️  Infinite shoulder harness heights.
✔️  Three-position reclining seat.
✔️  Adjustable leg rest (w/pram mode).
✔️  Huge storage basket.
✔️  Hidden storage pocket.
✔️  Massive UPF 50+ canopy.
✔️  Canopy extension panel.
✔️  Peek-a-boo window.
✔️  Large and easy foot brake.
✔️  Locking front wheels.
✔️  Four-wheel suspension.
✔️  Never-flat rubber tires.
✔️  True one-handed fold.
✔️  Stands when folded.
✔️  Adjustable handlebar (3-heights).
✔️  Expands easily to double stroller.
✔️  22+ seat configurations.
✔️  45-pound (per seat) weight capacity.
✔️  42" height limit.
✔️  Removable bumper bar.
✔️  Compatible with most infant car seats.
✔️  Lifetime warranty.

As you can see, the Mockingbird has nearly every feature you could look for in a stroller.

If it's not on the list, it's sold as an accessory. That includes the second toddler seat to expand to a double stroller and several more:

  • Second toddler seat ($145, included in test).
  • Car seat adapter ($45, included in test).
  • Cup holder ($20, included in test).
  • Parent organizer ($25, included in test).
  • Snack tray for kids ($40, not in test).
  • Mosquito net ($15, not in test).
  • Rain cover ($25, not in test).
  • Infant seat pad insert ($35, not in test).
  • Riding board for third child ($95, not in test).
  • Seat liner ($25, not in test).
  • Footmuff ($60, not in test).
  • Hand muff ($40, not in test).

We think the accessories are reasonably priced given the quality and functionality. We do wish, however, that it included the cup holder.

The most essential accessories to consider are the second toddler seat (if you have a second child), car seat adapter (if you'll use it with an infant car seat), and cup holder.


We received a ton of boxes from Mockingbird.

The stroller itself is in one large box including the frame, wheels, one toddler seat, canopy, and bumper bar. 

More boxes are shipped for the second seat, cup holder, parent organizer, car seat adapter, and any other accessories you might order. 

mockingbird 2.0 stroller shipped in several boxes

This was a little overwhelming at first, and frankly a little wasteful.

But once we opened the main box, we were happy to see some instructions placed right up on top:

mockingbird 2.0 stroller instructions

Underneath the instructions and welcome message was the stroller, packed up nicely in a black cloth bag.

This is a great touch for storage and travel!

mockingbird 2.0 stroller bag

Each of the accessories comes with its own instruction manual.

And the manuals have clear pictures to help you with assembly.

With everything out of the box, we were ready to begin assembling all the parts:

mockingbird 2.0 stroller parts and assembly

Basically, you have the:

  • Two toddler seats (at top of image)
  • One stroller frame (folded)
  • One parent organizer (on left of image)
  • Two rear wheels (center image)
  • Two front wheels (back right of image)
  • Two canopies (right image)
  • One cup holder (between the canopies)
  • Two bumper bars (lower right image)
  • Two double stroller adapters (lower left image)

You will open the frame, attach the wheels, attach the double stroller adapters, attach the toddler seats (in front- or rear-facing configuration), and then attach the canopies and bumper bars. 

Finally, attach the cup holder and parent organizer. Done!

nestig cloud crib

Assembly only takes about 5 minutes, and no tools are required.

Here's what it looks like when fully assembled (in double mode):

mockingbird single to double stroller assembled with canopies

Looking good!

Here is a quick walk-around video:

Things We Loved

A few things to notice:

  • The canopies are huge and provide excellent coverage from the sun and elements.
  • The brushed aluminum frame and vegan leather accents provide a premium look and feel.
  • The lower storage basket is enormous and can easily fit your diaper bag and much more.

Let's focus on a couple of additional features that we appreciate.

In the below video, we summarize some of the things we loved, including the adjustable seat recline, canopy extension, peek-a-boo window, easy-to-remove (one-handed!) bumper bar, easy-to-use five-point harness buckle (one-handed!), easily adjustable shoulder harness height, the huge bottom basket, large diameter rubber tires, the convenient cupholder, and adjustable handlebars and leg rests.

The adjustable handlebars have six positions and made for a comfortable experience with both relatively petite (a mom at 5'1" tall) and tall (a dad at 6'3" tall) parents.

The adjustable footrests move between three positions, including an upright pram mode, and a fully downward position for taller preschoolers.

The toddler seat recline can be adjusted between three positions.

What's Different about the Mockingbird 2.0?

There are three primary differences between the old Mockingbird stroller and the new 2.0 stroller:

  1. The canopy is larger. And when we say large, we really mean it - this canopy is huge!
  2. The shoulder straps are easily adjustable without any rethreading. Using the same mechanism as the Thule Shine stroller (review here), it makes life way easier!
  3. The frame is reinforced and sturdier, with beefier and higher-quality aluminum alloy and fasteners.

If you don't want to take our word for it, here's an example of the extremely high-quality welding that secures the new frame together:

mockingbird infant car seat attachment

That's impressive - you typically only see this type of welding on a high-end bicycle frame, never mind a stroller!

Car Seat Compatibility

Compatible infant car seats for the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller include:

  • Baby Jogger City GO 2.
  • Britax B-Safe (35, Ultra).
  • Britax B-Safe Gen2 (FlexFit, FlexFit+).
  • Chicco Keyfit and all Keyfit 30 models.
  • Chicco Keyfit 35, all models.
  • Chicco Fit2, all models.
  • Clek Liing & Liingo.
  • Cybex Aton M & Cloud Q.
  • Evenflo Embrace & Nurture.
  • Graco SnugRide, all models.
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico (30, Max 30, Max Plus)
  • Nuna PIPA (including the Lite, Lite R, Lite LX, Lite RX, and RX)
  • UPPAbaby Mesa (2020 or later), Mesa V2, Mesa Max

Here is what the infant car seat accessory bracket looks like when attached to the stroller, in this case with our Chicco KeyFit 30 attached:

mockingbird infant car seat attachment


This is where the new Mockingbird shines!

Mockingbird claims that the new 2.0 stroller has over 22 different configurations!

You need to see it to believe it:

mockingbird single-to-double 2.0 stroller configurations

OK, we only count 19 configurations, but we also realize that the riding board accessory adds more.

With the two toddler seats, there are four possible configurations, pictured below:

First, you can place both seats forward-facing:

mockingbird 2.0 stroller toddler seat configurations

Second, you can place both seats rear-facing (parent-facing):

mockingbird 2.0 stroller toddler seat configurations

Third, you can place the upper seat forward-facing and the lower seat rear-facing:

mockingbird 2.0 stroller toddler seat configurations

Fourth, you can place the upper seat rear-facing and the lower seat forward-facing:

mockingbird 2.0 stroller toddler seat configurations

The two seats are configured as a tandem double stroller, meaning that one is always in front of the other (rather than side by side).

As you can see in the below video, the seats are very easy to pop onto and off the stroller:

Tandem strollers are much easier to maneuver through tighter locations (hallways, doorways, etc).

They are also ideal for when one child is sleeping and one is awake and lively, or when they get into a little tiff and you don't want them sitting next to each other (it happens)!

If you have the Mockingbird bassinet, you can attach it to the stroller instead of a seat.

You can also bring it inside your house and put it on a stand - for full details, see our Mockingbird bassinet stand review! However, this stroller cannot support two bassinets.


Mockingbird claims its stroller has a one-handed fold. While most strollers make the same claim, very few pass the one-handed test.

Well, the Mockingbird passed with flying colors, as you can see in the above video!

nestig cloud crib

When folded, the stroller frame measures about 31" tall when standing. If a toddler seat is attached, add about 3" to that measurement.

mockingbird 2.0 stroller folded dimensions

It also measures about 25.5" wide:

mockingbird 2.0 stroller folded dimensions

Finally, it measures about 18" thick:

mockingbird 2.0 stroller folded dimensions

In comparison to other strollers, especially double strollers, that is a relatively streamlined fold.

Now that it's folded, let's try to fit it in our car!

Fitting in Car

If you leave both toddler seats attached when folding the Mockingbird, it will be excessively large and heavy.

Here is what that looks like in the back of an Acura MDX:

mockingbird 2.0 stroller folded in trunk of car

To make the stroller much smaller and easier to lift, we strongly encourage you to remove the toddler seats before folding and attempting to put the stroller in your vehicle.

When you do so, it makes it much easier. You can put the seats next to the frame, or you could even stack them on top of the frame.

Here is what it looks like when the toddler seats are removed first, also in the back of an Acura MDX:

mockingbird 2.0 stroller folded in trunk of car

Much easier!

When the seats are removed, it even fits into the trunk of a mid-size sedan.

mockingbird single to double stroller check price

Ride Quality & Maneuvering

Once we got into town, we unloaded the Mockingbird and took it for a spin.

We only had one toddler with us, so we used single-stroller mode with only one toddler seat attached.

We are happy to report that the ride was silky smooth owing to its soft rubber tires and four-wheel suspension.

The stroller is also surprisingly easy to maneuver through doorways, up and down sidewalks and curbs, and down steps.

mockingbird 2.0 stroller with kids in seats on road

Even when loaded with a heavy toddler and a full basket of gear, the stroller remained sturdy and nimble. 

We love the ride quality and maneuverability!

Dimensions & Specifications

We already showed you the folded dimensions, but here are some additional ones:

  • Folded dimensions (frame only): 31" high x 25.5" wide x 18" thick
  • Folded dimensions (one toddler seat): 34" high x 25.5" wide x 20" thick
  • Weight of frame only: 19 lbs.
  • Weight with one toddler seat: 27 lbs.
  • Weight with two toddler seats: 35 lbs.
  • Full length in double stroller mode with two toddler seats: 52"
  • Full height in double stroller mode with two toddler seats: 52"

Small Annoyances

No stroller is perfect (and we're picky!), so we always have some gripes!

One obvious limitation is that because so many aspects of the Mockingbird are sold as accessories, the price can rise pretty quickly when you add them to your order. Even with all the accessories, however, it doesn't get near the price of its main rival, the UppaBaby Vista.

A second minor annoyance is how heavy and cumbersome the Mockingbird is when two seats are attached. It isn't hard to maneuver at all, but it's hard to fold and put into your vehicle. This isn't unique to the Mockingbird, and as we noted above, we strongly encourage you to remove the toddler seats before folding and transporting.

Another minor annoyance is that the seat configurations become limited when you want one or more seats to be reclined.

For example, when both seats are in the forward-facing position, they can interfere with each other when the lower seat is reclined:

mockingbird 2.0 stroller seat interference

Of course, you can reconfigure the seats easily, making this less of an issue.

Outside of those little concerns, we were very impressed with this new model of the Mockingbird stroller!

Overall Conclusions

The new Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller 2.0 has made a resounding comeback, addressing previous concerns and delivering a product that stands out in the competitive stroller market. Our hands-on testing revealed a stroller that excels in numerous aspects, earning it a respectable 4.7 out of 5 stars.

From assembly onward, the stroller impressed us with its straightforward setup and durable construction. Its sturdy aluminum frame, coupled with luxurious vegan leather accents, provides both aesthetic appeal and reliability. The transition from single to double mode is seamless, offering parents unprecedented versatility in configuring their stroller to suit their needs.

Key features such as the expansive canopy, one-handed folding mechanism, and compatibility with a wide range of infant car seats underscore the thoughtfulness put into the stroller's design. The inclusion of essential accessories like the cup holder and parent organizer enhances the overall user experience, though we noted the potential for additional costs with supplementary add-ons.

Despite minor gripes regarding weight and size when both seats are attached, the maneuverability, comfortable ride, and myriad configuration options make it a practical investment for parents seeking convenience without compromising quality or price.

Overall, the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller 2.0 surpasses expectations, reaffirming its status as a top choice in the ever-expanding stroller market!

Where to Buy the Mockingbird 2.0 Stroller

To ensure you get the latest model, we strongly suggest purchasing the new Mockingbird Single-to-Double 2.0 stroller directly through the Mockingbird website.

You can click the below image to check the current prices.

mockingbird single to double stroller 2.0 check price

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