Fall Activities We Love To Hate: 15 Hilarious Tweets

fall activities kids funny tweets

It's that time of year again when we all start thinking about apple picking, cider drinking, pie making, pumpkin picking, cider donuts, hay rides and corn mazes.

Now that you're filling your weekends with fall activities to fill the time and drain your wallet, the Tweets have started flying about this tradition that can strain even the strongest parenting skills!

Let's start this list off with one that really hits home!

Ahh the joys of apple-picking, and kids, and bee stings!

What could you do with $40? Oh I know, buy a dozen apples!

Like love at first sip. What kids?.

Darn, they found us again! Better luck next year.

Exactly which level of hell is this again? Where's the spiked cider!?

This Tweet reminds us that kids can fight at home, for free!

How is there suddenly nothing else to do when Fall arrives?

Be safe out there, kids!

Three guarantees when apple picking with the kids: sweat, tears, and bruised apples!

Ahh the classic hayride, sitting on a dirty bale of hay, piece of straw poking you in the rear, while you swat at bees and hope things are almost over!

But the farmers!

This parent is somehow mourning their kids' loss of interest in apple picking!

A real sign of the times. Wow, maybe there's something to bringing your kids into nature once in a while!

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