Best Jogging Strollers of 2018

A good jogging stroller makes the difference between a smooth relaxing run and a wild bumpy ride for baby. Unlike a traditional umbrella or framed stroller, jogging strollers have several features that make them great for your outdoor workout: larger wheels, adjustable and ergonomic handle bars, wheel suspension, cup holders, storage bins, hand/parking brake, and a supportive and comfortable seat.

To find the top running strollers of 2018, we got together with 6 moms and tried out 11 different strollers. Our hands-on reviews checked out the features, popped in our kids, and went out on a jog. We ran on a gravel trail, a bumpy sidewalk, and through some suburban streets. These units are the overall best jogging strollers we could find. To read more details about the factors we considered when finding the best running strollers of 2018, scroll down to the bottom of this page. Otherwise, here are the best we found!


The Best Jogging Strollers of 2018!

1. BOB Revolution Flex Jogging jogging stroller 2018 bob revolution

This top rated BOB revolution flex jogging stroller is the best of the bunch! A bit more expensive than our other options, but definitely worth the premium price. This stroller has it all, the 9-level adjustable handle bars, adjustable suspension, a decent storage bin, and very comfortable seat. The "Flex" name comes from the fact that there are so many adjustable components to suit all users and contexts. Along with the adjustable suspension (with 3" of travel!) the inflatable rubber tires make for a very smooth and stable ride with great traction on a variety of surfaces. The sun canopy is also excellent with huge coverage to block sun and rain on longer runs, and the seat has several recline settings. Though it doesn't have any cup holders, you can purchase some accessories: BOB makes a great handle bar console (with tire pump!) for parents that includes two cup holders, and a greatsnack tray with a cup holder for kids (both are about $30). Of the strollers we tested, this one felt the sturdiest and most durable, inspiring confidence while running. The wheels are not only large in diameter but they are real inflatable rubber tires, not those hard cheap tires you find on many other models. This BOB Revolution is for babies from 8 weeks old up to 75 pounds! For negatives, we thought the storage bin was a bit small for bigger trips, the handle bars were not ergonomically angled, and like all jogging strollers it is quite large and cumbersome. One of our more petite moms found it difficult to lift into the car. Compared the earlier versions, this model is a bit larger overall, with higher handlebars, a larger canopy, and convenient side pockets for cell phones or pacifiers.

2. Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging jogging stroller 2018 joovy zoom

Consistently low inventory on these jogging strollers, so get it if/when you can! This Joovy Zoom jogging stroller is relatively new to the market, and it is just about as good as the BOB, and for over $100 less. It includes some really great features for the price point: independent rear suspension, a large storage bin, a comfortable seat, a great sun canopy, cup holders, a center console for a phone and keys, and pockets in the seating area for your kid. The Joovy also has a great feature that sets it apart: there is no rear axel that allows for a longer running stride without kicking the back of the stroller. This was a truly awesome feature, especially for our taller testers. In fact, we didn't even notice that aspect until we had a 6-foot+ tall dad ran around the block with it and was beaming about how he didn't need to completely change his stride and posture just to avoid kicking the rear axel. In our tests, the Joovy was really awesome with great maneuverability, stability, and build quality. This feels like a stroller that will really hold up well to bumpy roads and long miles. We also thought the seat was very cozy, and the aluminum frame was very sleek and stylish. So what are the drawbacks? Well, the handle bars are not adjustable. Our tallest parent, at 6' 3" found himself hunched over a bit to maintain a grip on the handles. Also, the handle bars are not ergonomically angled which can increase wrist strain on long runs. Overall, this is an excellent stroller and great #2 option when the price of the BOB steers you elsewhere. As long as you're under about 6' 2" tall we think you'll be very happy with this option!

3. BOB Ironman Running & Jogging Stroller. best jogging stroller 2018 bob ironman

We swear we don't own stock in BOB, they just make fantastic running strollers so it's hard not to put them in top spots. Notice how we called this a running stroller rather than a jogging stroller? That was intentional. This stroller is designed for higher speed and longer distance running, with a fixed front tire (non turning), firm pneumatic tires, and a great all-wheel suspension system. Even though it does not have a turning front wheel the stroller has a very nice weight distribution that makes it easy to turn while running. If you're in tighter places it's an issue, but this stroller is truly designed for moving on wide sidewalks, trails, or roads. The fixed front wheel is primarily a safety issue: when running fast, you do not want to accidentally lift the front end and lay it back down with a turned wheel. The lock-in-place versions (the other ones on this list) should help that situation, but the fixed wheel is for that extra confidence boost. If you want a jogging stroller that doubles as a great grocery getter then we suggest any of the other options on this list. An added bonus with this stroller, and something that we really fell in love with, was the hand brake. This isn't for use as a parking brake, but rather for slowing you down while running downhill so you don't have to exert extra energy. This is especially great when your baby gets heavier (up to 70 pounds) and you're moving fast: if you need to stop quickly, such as in response to a vehicle, the brake will help you out tremendously. Even though the weight of this system (23 pounds) is similar to the others, it felt light and nimber and we really liked the easy folding mechanism. We thought that overall it felt very durable and high quality, like the other BOB on our list. It has an adjustable canopy, a great storage bin, and a multi-position reclining seat. Some negatives include: no cup holder, and no adjustable handle bars. We note, however, that even our 6' 2" dad thought the handle bars were decently high enough without adjustment; in contrast, our 5' 4" mom thought they were a bit too high. So there's a sweet spot somewhere between 5' 5" and 6' 1". If you're an intense runner, and even want to run races with your little one, this is the stroller for you. If you're a more casual runner and want the lower price, go with the Joovy.

4. Schwinn Arrow Jogging jogging stroller 2018 schwinn arrow

This is a great jogging stroller, designed to be aerodynamic, stable, and quite capable even on long and fast runs. Also pretty sharp looking, and there are a lot of great features here. It has large 16" pneumatic tires on front and rear, with real metal spokes just like on a bicycle, keeping it lightweight and durable. The rubber grip was easy to hold, with a center hand-brake that worked quite well to slow the front wheel using a conventional bicycle brake design. There are also rear shocks that work quite well to absorb surface irregularities. The canopy is a good size, though a bit smaller than some other options on this list. The canopy also includes some small speakers that can be attached to any MP3 player (or smart phone) to play music for entertaining the little one who's along for the ride! A little silly in our opinion, and the speakers are quiet and somewhat poor quality, so not certain they'd really get used much. The storage basket underneath is a reasonable size, the handlebars are adjustable, and there are two cup holders up top for the parents to use. Great for holding a water bottle while running. Like the BOB Ironman, the front wheel is fixed in a straight-ahead position, making it less versatile for around-the-town use (not running). Ideally, you want a fixed front wheel for running, and a swiveling front wheel for around town. Another major detractor for this stroller is that it's really enormous, even when folded up. You can take the wheels off to try to fit it into a trunk, but the front wheel is quite difficult to align properly after removing. If you have an SUV or station wagon, you'll be fine, but outside of that this stroller is too big for most trunks. A relatively low weight limit here of about 50 pounds, though even with a 35-pound test child, it felt a but cumbersome. Overall, a great jogging stroller with some small compromises.  

5. Baby Jogger Summit Jogging jogging stroller 2018 baby jogger summit

If you want some of the features of the BOB Ironman, like the awesome hand brake, but without having a fixed straight front wheel, this is a great jogging stroller for you. The Baby Jogger is on par with the Joovy Zoom but not quite as stylish and nearly twice the price. But you get some great features. This stroller is very sturdy and reliable, and we loved how it felt over the bumpy trail. The easy-access front wheel lock was awesome: there is a lever on the handle bar that allows you to alternate between a fixed front wheel during running and a swiveling front wheel during everything else. That's a really nice touch, we cannot say enough things about how convenient this was! It also has all-wheel suspension, a great hand brake for downhill assistance, a huge sun canopy and storage bin, and a comfortable and reclining seat. Also, don't tell Baby Jogger about this but one of the kids spilled milk on the our demo stroller's seat; fortunately the fabric was super easy to clean and we don't think it absorbed into the cushioning. The weight limit is a hefty 75 pounds. So what are the downfalls? Well, price is a bit steep for our taste even for the added convenience of the hand brake and easy-access front wheel lock. We also thought that for this price it should include an adjustable handle bar to accommodate different height runners, a parent console for keys/phone and a drink, and maybe a tray for the kiddo. We don't think that's a lot to ask for in a $430 stroller! I mean, check out the Schwinn above or Baby Trend below, for instance. 

6. Baby Trend Expedition Jogging jogging stroller 2018 baby trend

This is another great but very basic jogging stroller that will save you some cash while getting some great features. Not quite the sturdiness or build quality as the BOB or Joovy Zoom, but for 25-50% of the price you're getting a very good jogger that will last you many miles. There are a lot of great features here: large diameter (16" front, 12" rear) real rubber pneumatic tires, built in cup holders, a center console for phone/keys, ergonomically angled handle bars, an adjustable canopy, a good storage compartment, and a multi-position reclining seat. In our testing, we thought this stroller showed good maneuverability, decent stability, and a smooth ride. Over urban terrain it was well-mannered and didn't get away from any of our testers. The front wheel was easy to lock into the straight position, and we thought that it did OK over bumps but with more jarring feedback than the BOB. The seat itself was also a bit flat on the back so it didn't seem quite as comfortable. But don't forget you get what you pay for: it doesn't have quite as many higher-end features as the BOB or Joovy Zoom. Specifically, there is no suspension system to help you absorb the bumps, no adjustable handle bars, and it doesn't feel quite as sturdy overall. But for the price we thought this makes an excellent option for the parents who want a back-to-basics jogging stroller that is very capable and will suit them well for many years.  


Here are some of the factors we considered:

First, the best jogging strollers have larger wheels, usually at least 12" in diameter but often upwards of 15-18", giving it more directional stability and agility over rougher terrain (like rocks, bumps, sidewalk seams, curbs, etc). They also tend to be a bit knobbier which will give you better lateral stability when running on looser ground, like on gravel or dirt. The knobbier tires will also help you maintain traction when using the hand-brake on looser ground surfaces. You do not want to try jogging in any serious way with a conventional stroller. Those tiny wheels will wobble incessantly, the front end will constantly veer off course, and you might find the stroller suddenly stopping when you hit what you thought was a small bump.

Second, the best jogging strollers have adjustable handle bars to accommodate different heights (like mom vs dad!) and running positions. This feature provides a more ergonomically appropriate running position for you, reducing the risk of discomfort and injury. Some models, like the Baby Trend Expedition and the Thule Urban Glide also provide an angled handle bar that allows you to place your hands and wrists at a more appropriate and natural angle. This is an especially important feature for longer runs. This is the same concept used by ergonomic keyboards and mice, helping your wrists maintain a more natural position rather than flexing them to hold onto a straight bar.

Third, the best jogging strollers often have some form of wheel suspension to help absorb road bumps and make your up-down running movements less jostling for the frame and baby. The suspension systems aren't what you'll find on a Lexus, but they do help out a bit over the bumpy stuff. Options with suspension tend to be a bit more expensive, however.

Other things to look for in a great jogging stroller include cup holders for child and parent, a good-sized storage bin, a hand-brake to slow you down during downhill runs, and a supportive and comfortable seat. All of the best running strollers reviewed above balance these features with reasonable cost.

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