The Best Nursing Pillows 2021

Spoiler alert, the best nursing pillow of the year is the comfortable and versatile My Brest Friend!

Continue reading to see how we arrived at that conclusion, and read our reviews of nearly a dozen options!

Whether you choose breastfeeding or a baby bottle, you'll be feeding your baby about 8-12 times a day for 20-45 minutes at a time!

A nursing pillow is essential to help support yourself and your baby during these times, and a good pillow will help prevent a sore neck, arms, and back, and help you find the perfect position for your baby's digestion. Here are the top 5 nursing pillows we've found, followed by in-depth reviews.

In the past, parents were stuck stacking random pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets under their arms just to be comfortable while nursing their little ones.

The best nursing pillows will offer comfort, little to no slippage, ease of use, versatility, and assistance in getting the perfect latch without neck and back aches from leaning over or holding yourself in an awkward position. They are the perfect complement to a great nursery glider or rocking chair!

To find you the perfect solution to this problem, we put a dozen pillows through hands-on testing to find you the best nursing pillows of the year!

Here are the Best Nursing Pillows of 2021!

1. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow.

best nursing pillows My Brest Friend

My Brest Friend, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! This nursing pillow is our #1 pick, and for several good reasons. This pillow is very versatile: it works for women no matter what size you are (small, medium, large, or plus-size), what size breasts you have, and where you want to breastfeed your baby (nursing chair, couch, bed, floor, car, etc.). The pillow wraps around you and secures with a buckle and is super easy to unbuckle with one hand (the deluxe version of this pillow has a “no-noise” Velcro strap). The pillow is made of two different recyclable foams glued together. The bottom foam, which will sit on your lap, is a denser foam and the upper foam is less dense for comfort since the baby will be placed on the upper part. The cover is easily removed and completely machine washable, and there are additional covers available for purchase if needed. There is also a waterproof inner core cover available on the company’s website. Since the pillow is made of foam and not a stuffing or filling like other pillows, the My Brest Friend will not lose its shape. Even the strap that goes around your body is foam, creating a little bit of back support. The only downfall to the foam is where the strap portion means the pillow portion (on the left side of the pillow). This part of the pillow will continually be bent while putting it on and off and eventually the foam will tear. But even with a tear, the pillow is still completely usable and unless you take off the cover to wash it, you wouldn’t even know it was torn. This pillow also has two small humps. Believe it or not, there is a purpose for those two humps. The humps are called “feeding risers” and they raise the baby’s head just a little bit. My Brest Friend incorporated the “feeding risers” based on recommendations from lactation consultants. Another plus to the “feeding risers” is that while one riser will raise your baby’s head slightly, the other riser, which will be near your baby’s butt, will help to keep the baby from rolling. With the foam structure of the pillow, the feeding risers, and the wrap around strap, your baby will be able to comfortably stay on the pillow even when they start becoming a little more mobile. The wrap-around strap also eliminates slippage, keeping the pillow close to you.

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This nursing pillow allows you to nurse your baby with one hand free or if you can do it safely, two hands free. Something this pillow has that no other breastfeeding pillow has, is a small pocket for you to put all your essentials. Essentials like a bottle of water, a small snack like a granola bar, nipple cream, baby pacifier, or your phone. This pillow is also available in a deluxe version, inflatable travel version, and a twin version. Two minor cons about the My Brest Friend: 1. The zipper for the cover is on the bottom edge of the pillow, so if you are wearing shorts and your thighs are exposed, there is a possibility you will feel the zipper against your skin. Nothing terrible, but worth mentioning. 2. This pillow is not compact and will take space when traveling. Besides this, the My Brest Friend is hands-down our favorite nursing pillow of the year, and quickly became our “best friend” for nursing! Who else loves the My Brest Friend nursing pillow? Our friends at Babygearlab, Babylist, WhatToExpect, and The Bump also consider it a top pick! Interested? You can check out the My Brest Friend nursing pillow here!

2. Borje Nursing Pillow.

best nursing pillows Borje Nursing Pillow

We have chosen the Borje (for short) as our #2 overall choice. This pillow offers comfort, cute style, a good firmness, and comes with a little extra bonus you didn’t know you needed. We found that this pillow is good for small moms and plus-sized moms. Have you ever bought a pillow (for sleeping) and just a few short months later the pillow lost its “firmness” or “fluffiness” and you had to buy a replacement pillow? Well the Borje won’t have that problem. What is great about the filling in the Borje is that the pillow will keep its shape and firmness much longer than other pillows, which over time will lose their density. The reason for this is the filling inside the Borje is very similar to the filling inside of a stuffed animal, individual pieces of fluffy polyester packed together. Since the filling is individual pieces you can adjust the firmness of this pillow to your liking by simply adding or removing the stuffing. Although we do not suggest doing this because the Borje has already been perfectly stuffed to create the ideal firmness to support your baby. The outer decorative cover is easily removable and machine washable. The cover is soft and made from 100% cotton. The Borje pillow also comes with a small removable pillow for your baby’s head. The baby head pillow support stays on with a Velcro strap so it can be easily removed. Now for that little extra bonus you didn’t know you needed: we were surprisingly impressed with how useful and comfortable the head pillow for the baby was. The pillow elevated the baby’s head just right to get a nice latch and to help the head stay elevated to aid in eliminating reflux. What was also nice about this nursing pillow is that you will not have to remember which side you nursed your baby on last because if you are using the head pillow for baby, it will always be on the side you nursed last. The head pillow also eliminated the need to use your hand or arm to support your baby’s head making this pillow almost hands free! Sometimes the little things can make a big difference!

One last thing regarding the head pillow: Do you want a little comfort for your baby’s head and to eliminate any skin to skin sweating when nursing without a nursing pillow? Remove the head pillow and place it on your arm when breastfeeding on-the-go, or on your partner’s arm for bottle feeding (note: the head pillow strap is long to allow it to wrap around the nursing pillow, but it is too long to be secured to your arm). The “U” shape of the pillow suggest that this pillow will not wrap around you like a “C” shaped pillow but will instead rest straight at your side. Now if you are a plus-sized mom, you may find this pillow shallow when around your waist and the ends of the pillow will not pass the middle of your body. And it will take a second to get the pillow into the right position and pushed up against you. But since the pillow has that nice firmness, you will not lose any support for baby. Overall, this is an awesome nursing pillow and definitely worthy of this position on our list! We are proud to say that we are the first major baby gear review site to test this nursing pillow, making it a Mommyhood101 exclusive pick! Interested? You can check out the Borje Breastfeeding Pillow here!

3. Boppy Original Nursing Pillow.

best nursing pillows Boppy Nursing Pillow

Probably one of the most popular nursing pillows of all times is the Boppy. After testing this pillow, we have ranked it third on our list. This pillow was invented by a mom and has been available since 1989. The Boppy pillow is sold with one cover, and there are dozens of covers available to match your and your baby’s personal styles that are available for additional purchase. Both the Boppy pillow and the covers are machine washable, which makes cleanup easy in case of any spills or spit-ups. With each new baby, breastfeeding can have its challenges. There is a learning curve for new moms and even experienced moms when it comes to breastfeeding. The Boppy Original Nursing Pillow has a very simple design. It is easy to use leaving you more time to focus on you and your baby. The Boppy is very versatile, this “C” shaped pillow can be used not only for nursing but also for propping baby up, tummy time, and learning to sit (baby should be supervised if using the Boppy for these activities); all important milestones as your baby grows. The Boppy pillow is similar in feel to a firm sleeping pillow. It offers a good amount of support for baby when the baby is placed directly on the pillow or if you are using it to support your arm while holding your baby. This pillow is not only good for breastfeeding, but your partner or caregiver can also use this pillow to help relieve the strain of holding and supporting your baby while bottle feeding. Let’s be honest, not all of us are the perfect size before or after baby.

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The Boppy is not ideal for larger women. The “C” shape and pillow material (100% polyester fiber) does not allow for ample adjustment. If you are on the larger size (about a women’s size 12 and up), the pillow shape will become more of a wide “U” and the pillow will eventually slip away causing you to adjust yourself while nursing and bringing the pillow back towards yourself. If you are concerned with the pillow slipping, Boppy now offers a crescent moon shaped pillow with a strap to keep the pillow close to you called the Boppy Best Latch. The Boppy Original Nursing Pillow is classic and has been the go-to and has been loved by many moms for decades. The Boppy Original Nursing Pillow comes as one of the more expensive pillows, $39.99. The price includes the pillow and one cover but with this price you are paying for quality and reliability. If you can’t afford the pillow or you were not gifted it, Boppy offers the pillow without a cover, called the “Bare Naked” and it runs about $10 less. Who else recommends the Boppy Nursing Pillow? Our friends at Babygearlab, Babylist, WhatToExpect, and The Bump all consider it a top pick! Interested? You can check out the Boppy Nursing Pillow here!

4. Daddy-O Bottle Feeding Pillow.

pillow for dads bottle feeding daddy-o

Is dad not excited about wearing a little nursing pillow around his waist, or are you looking for a way to motivate him to bottle feed more often, or more comfortably? Well, the Daddy-O pillow might be an awesome option for you! The Daddy-O was introduced to help dads become more comfortably involved in the feeding process, providing a plush and supportive lap pillow that's perfect for bottle feeding. Adorned with stereotypically masculine designs like camouflage and a football field, the Daddy-O fits right into a man-cave, living room, or den. But it's not just about the fun designs, the Daddy-O pillow also facilitates a slightly inclined bottle feeding posture with its unique shape, has a soft (and washable) cover and a low density foam core for comfort, and is the perfect size (about 22" long) for dad's lap and a growing baby. We got our hands on the Daddy-O pillows for testing in mid-2021 (thanks, Daddy-O!). At first, we were a little hesitant about the obvious masculine branding (it's a bit on the nose), but after trying it out with a few friends we started to see the appeal - dads really like it! It's lightweight and easy to pop onto your lap, provides a nice supportive position for bottle feeding, and it doesn't look entirely ridiculus or way too small for dad to use.

But that's not to say only dads can use it, or that only dads liked it - in our testing, we found that men and women alike appreciated the simplicity of the pillow: no straps, buckles, or awkward fastening process. Of course, it's not really designed to compete with a traditional nursing pillow. In fact, we'd say it's not great for breastfeeding at all, but it definitely prevents the sore arm during bottle feeding - and we think that's worth a lot! The inclined surface rises about 2" in a 6.5" length, meaning that it has about a 30-degree incline; note that breastfeeding experts like Dr. Patricia Mackin suggest an incline of about 30 to 45-degrees while breastfeeding, so this is pretty well-designed. On our scale, the pillow only weighed about 15 ounces (less than a pound!), so it's easy to pick up and throw into a closet for storage. Even better, it's made in the USA! The only cons are that it's most appropriate for bottle feeding and not breastfeeding, and the core is polyurethane foam. Of course, your baby will never be sleeping on this pillow, so that's not a huge concern. Overall, we think the Daddy-O is a great option for a first-time dad who wants to get more involved with bottle feeding, and it makes a great and useful gift that can help motivate both parents to get involved in feeding the baby! Interested? You can check out the Daddy-O Pillows here!

5. Bamibi Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow.

best nursing pillows Bamibi Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow

The Bamibi Multifunction Pregnancy Pillow and Breastfeeding pillow is the largest of all the pillows we tested. It’s definitely a “stay at home” pillow and not something we would recommend traveling anywhere with. Laid out, the pillow itself measures just under 73 inches long and anywhere from 9” to 12” wide, the size of a full body pillow. The Bamibi also comes with a smaller, 9” x 18” pillow. This pillow is one of two pillows we tested that can be used during pregnancy and after your baby is born. The material inside the Bamibi is a polyester filing and the cover is made of 100% breathable cotton. Both pillows have an “invisible” zipper so you will not have to worry about you or your baby feeling the zipper. The pillow is pretty soft and not as firm as other nursing pillows, but again, that’s because this is not strictly a nursing pillow. Since it can be used during pregnancy, we did sleep with it and it is comfortable to use and snuggle up with; it’s even better than the Snoogle pregnancy pillow in our opinion, and for about half the price. So, you might be thinking, how does a body pillow become a nursing pillow? Well, all you need to do is wrap the pillow around yourself and hook the toggle located on one end to the hoop located on the opposite end of the pillow. Then turn the pillow so the toggle and hoop are on your backside. Voilà, you have a nursing pillow! With how wide the pillow is when it is wrapped around you, it will be pretty easy to nurse your baby using any nursing hold. Or even nurse two babies at the same time using the football hold. There are several ways to use the smaller pillow. The first, you can put it between your stomach and the larger pillow to get some added support for your baby. If you are considered a normal size woman, then you will definitely need to use the smaller pillow because there will be a gap between you and the pillow and you do not want your baby to roll into you. Even if you are plus-sized, there may still be a gap. If you are a smaller woman, the small pillow will not help with closing the space between the pillow and yourself and there will still be a gap for the baby to roll into. Since this pillow is “multifunctional,” you can also use the pillow as a nest for the baby. Simply place the small pillow in the middle of the closed large pillow and you have an anti-roll seated cushion for your baby or a pillow for tummy time. Some things we didn’t like about this pillow are that it takes a little time to fold up the pillow and get it ready to nurse your baby. You will need both hands to get the pillow wrapped around you and ready for nursing. So hopefully your baby isn’t starving and crying when you need to use this pillow! If the large size of the pillow doesn’t bother you because you do not plan on taking the pillow outside of your home, the Bamibi is a good combo pillow to have and at good price. Interested? You can check out the Bamibi Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow here!

6. Luna Lullaby Bosom Nursing Pillow.

best nursing pillows Luna Lullaby Bosom Pillow

The Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow is a nice thick nursing pillow that is super plush and soft. It’s so soft that it might be a bit better if it were a little firmer to aid in comfortably supporting your baby. Unlike other nursing pillows on this list, the cover is not secured to the pillow with a zipper but instead uses a fold at one end, similar to a sham cover. There are plenty of covers with different designs and colors to suit your taste. The pillow is “V” shaped so the arms of the pillow will fan out and end or rest at your hips. Since it’s not “C” or “U” shaped, you don’t have to worry about this pillow not fitting around your waist, making the Luna Lullaby Bosom a really nice nursing pillow for plus-sized moms. Though, like any pillow that does not securely strap around you, this pillow will eventually slip away from you creating a gap where your baby can slip into. And, if you are a smaller woman, the pillow may feel less secure against your body because the “V” shape can be very wide. The pillow is not too large to take with you in the car but on an airplane or suitcase, this pillow will take up a good amount of space. If you are looking for a pillow that can do a little bit of everything during pregnancy and after, you may really enjoy the Luna Lullaby Bosom. The shape and thickness of the pillow would be good to sleep with to relieve hip pains common during pregnancy. Just like a lot of the pillows listed here, you can use the pillow for tummy time and to prop baby up against for assisted sitting. This pillow was the most expensive we tested, coming in between $43.00 and $59.00 depending on the fabric, cover, and/or any sales. This pillow is nice for what it is but it did not “wow” us, and it was not any better than other pillows tested. If you are a fairly large woman and you can find this pillow on sale, then it might be a good option for you. However, with nothing special about this pillow, you might want to buy something that is more in your price range or is more comfortable for your unique body. Who else loves the Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow? Our friends at WhatToExpect and Babygearlab also consider it a top pick! Interested? You can check out the Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow here.

7. Royexe Inflatable Nursing Pillow.

best nursing pillows Royexe Inflatable Nursing Pillow

As the name suggest, this nursing pillow can be inflated by blowing air through a one-way valve mouthpiece. It is also the most compact and easiest to travel with as it can be easily inflated and deflated and stuffed into a diaper bag, purse, or suitcase, making it a great travel nursing pillow. What is really nice about this nursing pillow is that you can personalize the comfort simply by adding air or releasing air. And unlike other inflatable items, this pillow does not trap cold air and transfer it to the baby or your arm. Fully inflated the nursing pillow is 24” x 20”, and is rated to support 300 pounds. The pillow itself is a heavy-duty puncture resistant plastic material with a soft “plush-minky” cover which is removable and washable. When first inflated, the pillow is narrow and can be hard to put around the waist, especially if you are still carrying extra weight from pregnancy or you are a “little more to love” kind of woman. After a couple uses, the pillow will stretch out making it less tight around the waist and more comfortable to use. Similar to the Boppy, you may have to adjust yourself or bring the pillow back towards your body during feeding because the pillow will eventually slip away from your body. The pillow seems to lose a little air after a day or so of continued use; or if you are traveling in different elevations. But the slight loss of air did not interfere with comfort and/or feeding. With the pillow fully inflated, if you choose to place the baby on the pillow, it can be very firm with little to no give. If you choose to rest your arm on the pillow and hold the baby, you may need to deflate the pillow a little bit to allow a proper position for latching. This pillow can be used daily at or away from home, especially if you have limited space. Overall, this nursing pillow is ideal for traveling, whether on a trip to the grocery store or a friend’s house, but especially if you are going on an airplane. Because of its ability to fold up into a purse or suitcase, you would easily be able to use this pillow on your flight without taking up valuable space. And because you can control the size of the pillow with how much air you chose to inflate the pillow with, you will not encroach on other passenger’s space! We are happy to say that we are the first major baby gear review website to test this nursing pillow, making it a Mommyhood101-exclusive pick! Interested? You can check out the Royexe Nursing Pillow here!

8. Lansinoh Nursie Nursing Pillow (Cuff).

best nursing pillows Lansinoh Nursie Pillow

If you’re an experienced mom and only enjoy the cradle hold, this small pillow (more like a nursing cuff than a nursing pillow) might be for you. This pillow is only really good for the cradle hold or maybe, if you are talented and patient, you could do the cross-cradle hold. The Lansinoh Nursie is very easy to use. Simply slip your arm through the pillow and nurse or bottle feed your baby. The pillow is soft and plush and will assist in lifting your baby closer to your breast for nursing. The lining where your arm goes is very soft and comfortable, though we did notice that during warm weather your arm will become warm and may sweat, making the material a little wet. Because your arm will be inside the pillow, this pillow will probably be better for experienced nursing moms or moms whose babies have grown out of the newborn stage to the infant stage. A new mom with a newborn may find it hard holding baby and trying to get a good latch with only one hand available. This pillow would also be great for a partner or other caregiver to use while bottle-feeding your baby. Did you have a c-section or are you planning on having c-section? Since this nursing pillow goes on your arm, you will not have to worry about the added pressure on your mid-section that you would get from all the other nursing pillows that are required to sit on your lap, making it a great nursing pillow for c-section recovery. The Lansinoh Nursie is 11” x 9”, just slightly larger than a piece of paper. With its small size, this pillow is ideal to keep in the car or for outings when you don’t want lug a larger nursing pillow around. The small size also makes traveling with it easier as it can fit in most diaper bags. There are no additional covers available for this nursing pillow. The pattern on the pillow is gender neutral with gray colors. Another nice thing is the entire pillow is machine washable. The Lansinoh Nursie can have a bit of versatility - you can use the pillow to comfortably burp your baby, and when traveling with a toddler or older child, you can use it as a head pillow when not using it for nursing. Also considered a top pick by our friends at Babygearlab, you can check out the Lansinoh Nursie Nursing Pillow here!

9. Luchild Nursing Pillow.

best nursing pillows Luchild Nursing Pillow

The Luchild nursing pillow is very similar to the Borje option, above. There are a few slight differences between the two pillows starting with a price difference of about $10, the Luchild being the cheaper of the two. One of the big differences between the Borje and the Luchild is that the Luchild is made of organic material. The cover is an organic flannel and the filler in a hypoallergenic PP cotton. This type of material and fabric will help with asthma and allergies. So, if you are looking for an organic and hypoallergenic nursing pillow, this option might be perfect for you! In comparison to the Borje, the Luchild pillow is roughly 22” x 15”, making it about 1” smaller than the Borje, even though the Luchild seemed a lot smaller to us. This is likely because the Luchild is nowhere near as firm as the Borje, having much less filling and lower density overall. With less filling the pillow can be too soft and your baby will sink into the pillow. Washing the pillow is a little different from all the other nursing pillows. Per the instructions, it is recommended that you spot or hand wash the pillow. You can however wash the pillow in the washing machine. If you choose the washing machine, you need to put the pillow in a tight laundry bag otherwise it may scatter. One thing that makes the Luchild stand out from the Borje is that is can be folded down to 12” x 9.5” x 4” making it easy and convenient for storage and travel. The Luchild comes with a clear plastic carrying case to assist with keeping the pillow compact. Other than the slight differences between the two pillows, including the softness and the more particular way of cleaning it, it’s probably better to invest the additional cash and get the Borje. Interested? You can check out the Luchild Nursing Pillow here!

10. Nurse-Sling Nursing Pillow nursing pillows Nurse-Sling Nursing Pillow Sling

When you think of a nursing pillow the Nurse-sling is not what first comes to mind! When you first look and feel the Nurse-sling, it may remind you of an extra-large and plushy fanny pack. That’s right, a fanny pack! The machine washable Nurse-Sling has two zippered pockets. One pocket keeps a plush pillow in it and the other pocket can be used to keep essentials like a pacifier, diaper, burp cloth, nipple cream, small snack, etc. To be honest, we were a little nervous about trying this unique concept for a nursing pillow. To use the Nurse-Sling, put the padded strap over the shoulder opposite the breast you plan on breastfeeding with (there is a picture instructional book that comes with the sling to help you figure out how to put it on). Then put your baby’s head and/or upper back on the pillow portion. Use the adjustable strap to adjust to yours and babies’ comfort. That’s it. And for easy removal, there is a buckle on the opposite side of the adjustable strap. If you have a newborn, you can put your baby on the same side of the padded strap that goes over your shoulder and the pillow can support most or all of the baby’s body. While you are sitting and feeding your baby, you can rest the bottom portion of your baby’s body on your lap or in your arm; giving you at least one hand free. If your baby is large enough, you will be able to rest your baby on your lap and then you can have both hands free, even if you have extra-large breasts. However, the larger and heavier your baby is, the more strain there will be on your neck from the strap. Even though the strap is padded, you will eventually start to feel the weight of the baby on your neck and shoulder, causing a bit of soreness over time. The sling is really only good for the cradle feeding position, but it does keep your baby elevated to aid in eliminating reflux. The Nurse-Sling is good for women of all shapes and sizes and it supports all different breast sizes. The sling is also great for traveling with. It is fairly compact and comes with a bag for storage, including a convenient carabiner on the outside of the bag to hook to whatever you want. Not only can you use this pillow while nursing, but you can use it long after you are done. Need a small diaper bag for the grocery store, running errands, or the zoo? Just remove the plush pillow from the larger pocket and you have a small diaper bag that can be strapped over your shoulder. The pocket is made of a canvas type material like a backpack so it should be durable. Overall, a cool concept and we were happy to have given it a try! Interested? You can check out the Nurse-Sling Pillow here.

11. Infantino Elevate Nursing Pillow.

best nursing pillows Infantino Elevate Nursing Pillow

The Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow is designed to address the problem of lifting your baby to the breast for nursing. This pillow is adjustable to offer mom a variety of feeding positions with support for the baby. The Infantino Elevate is the only pillow that has a unique multi-layered designed where the layers flip like a book. Relatively new to the breastfeeding market, this pillow is the only one of its kind that we could find. The Infantino is machine washable and you can throw it in the dryer too. The pillow has a very slight curve in it, like an ellipsis, just enough to comfortably sit on your lap, no matter what size of woman you are. And because the pillow does not have a “C” or “U” shape you can feed your newborn or older baby in the football, cradle, cross cradle, and angled holds. Not only can you do these multiple positions, but you can do them in three positions: flat, moderate, or maximum. Another thing this pillow can help with is if your baby has heartburn, reflux (GERD), and/or is just a very gassy baby. Nursing or bottle feeding your baby at a more upright position can help milk travel down the esophagus and stay in the stomach. If you are a woman with a longer torso, this pillow may just be the right one for you. With the three elevation levels you will be able to get the baby closer to your breast with little to no slouching; it’s basically a fancy replacement for stacking random pillows to elevate your baby! When you are done using the pillow, you can fold it up and tie it together to save space and when it’s tied up it looks like a pretty sea shell. Cons? A few moderate ones. The fabric has a very itchy or scratchy feel to it, making is less comfortable to touch, and after a feeding or two you may find some strains of baby’s fine hair because the rough fibers grabbed the hairs and either break the hair or pulled it out. The fabric can only be described as the loop or pile side of Velcro (the softer part that Velcro teeth would stick to). The edging of the pillow is very firm/dense and the center where your baby will lie is a bit less dense. This can cause the baby to sink into the pillow. With the edging being so firm, it can be difficult to get the baby close to the breast especially if your breasts are on the smaller size. When feeding your baby at any elevation other than flat, the round center can cause the baby to arch their back or have awkward space where you may have to hold the baby for comfort. The big plus with this pillow is the adjustability and if you can get past the fabric texture and the pillow’s firmness, this pillow may just be right for you. Also recommended by our friends at Babygearlab and The Bump, you can check out the Infantino Elevate Nursing Pillow here!

12. Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss Nursing Pillow (Cuff).

best nursing pillows Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss nursing Cuff

The idea of the Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss nursing pillow is just that, a nice idea, with a simple padded ring that you wear on your arm. Though it looks easy to use because the idea is simple and seems self-explanatory, there is a large learning curve to figuring out how to use this nursing pillow. In fact, Itzy Ritzy even has a video on their website to show you how to use the pillow, likely due to all the confused parents desperately seeking help! Even after watching the video, the pillow is still challenging to use in terms of both setup and comfort. The last thing that you want is to be very tired, trying to nurse your baby in the middle of the night and still figuring out how to affectively use this pillow. And speaking of nursing in the middle of the night, if you nurse in a nursing chair, this pillow is even more difficult to use as you will probably not be able to put this pillow on your lap and your nursing chair is probably not wide enough to place the pillow next to you. Unless you have a very long torso and very small breast this pillow will be nearly impossible to use while it rests on your lap. The reason for this is the pillow is 11 inches tall. To get an idea of how it will be to breastfeed a baby, sit in a chair or on the couch (legs out or crossed) and stand up a piece of paper (11”x 8”) on top of your thigh. Can you see what the distance from your lap to your nipple is? Now also imagine trying to feed a newborn or an older baby. Even if you place the pillow on the couch next your leg, it’s pretty awkward to use and you will be leaning to the side just go get your baby in the right place. We took a look at the photographs on the box the pillow came in and it even looks like the photographs have been altered to show a woman who can use the pillow as the company suggests it be used, whether that is breastfeeding or bottle feeding. A plus about this pillow is that you can use it to burp your baby. Simply rest baby’s stomach on the pillow and burp away; or you can rock the baby back and forth to help relieve gas. As far as cleaning, we are unsure if it is machine washable; nothing on the pillow or the box says how to wash it. The cover is not removable so we assume you should wipe the pillow down for cleaning. The awkwardness of this pillow makes breastfeeding and obtaining a proper latch very hard. Breastfeeding can be hard and can have a learning curve of its own; don’t make it harder with a difficult pillow as well. Overall, if you can get past the tough learning curve, this pillow will help to limit the strain on your arms. And, it will probably be best if you are only bottle feeding your baby. We do not suggest this pillow for breastfeeding, however, as we found it very challenging and awkward to use. Also recommended by our friends at Babygearlab, you can check out the Itzy Ritzy Infant Nursing Pillow here!


We want to stress that nursing pillows are not a one-size-fits-all solution: not all women and babies are made equal. They are all different shapes and sizes, and have very different needs. The same goes for nursing pillows: some are big, some small, some more comfortable, some more versatile, some need to be hand-washed, some you can throw right into the washing machine, etc. For these reasons, each mom and baby will likely find comfort and convenience in a different nursing pillow.

That being said, some things to consider when shopping for a breastfeeding pillow is your body shape and size (length of your torso, distant from your nipples to your lap, weight, etc.), your baby, and your breast size, believe it or not. Women with larger breasts, say as big or bigger than the baby’s head, will need to have at least one hand available to hold the feeding breast so the baby can breathe and not be suffocated by the breast. When deciding which pillow you want, remember that fit is the most important thing. The pillow should be comfortable for your and your baby’s bodies and stay put the entire time during use. The pillow should also offer the best height for your body type, size of breast, and the baby to support proper latching. Another important factor is firmness. You want a firm pillow so your baby does not sink into the pillow and lose his/her latch. Adjustable firmness is a bonus, for instance with the inflatable nursing pillows or the models that allow you to remove some stuffing to get the perfect firmness.

Breastfeeding is such a personal and intimate thing to do. Make sure you go to baby stores or store that sell baby products (Target, Walmart, etc.) and try out some pillows to help you get a better idea of what will work for you. Amazon is a good choice when the pillow has free returns, just be sure not to actually use it for nursing if you might return it!

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