Best Kids Trampolines 2024, Tested & Reviewed

These top-rated trampolines will keep your kiddos jumping for joy for years to come.

four children jumping on a large trampoline together

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Trampolines are a great way for kids to get out some energy, and most kids will spend tons of time jumping on a new trampoline! They are great for outdoors during the summer, and indoors during the colder fall and winter months.

Trampolines are also great for providing children with proprioceptive input, building strength, and getting them engaged in a fun whole-body activity that is recommended by physical and occupational therapists alike.

Here are the top 5 kids' trampolines we've tested, followed by in-depth reviews of several options.

Over the past few decades, several safety advances have made trampolines much safer.

For example, new safety net placements and handlebar additions have reduced injury risk, especially on the smaller trampolines for toddlers and bigger kids aged 3-7.

Of course, like any sports activity (bicycles, soccer, lacrosse, and the list goes on), there are always risks of injury, even with trampolines that seem very safe.

To find the best toddler and big kid trampolines, we focused on safety, netting, durability, jumping surface diameters, handlebars, reliability, fun, and of course, price!

We first consider toddler and little kid trampolines, then big-kid trampolines.

Full disclosure: Some of these trampolines, including the Little Tikes and one of the Skywalker models, were sent to us as free test samples by the manufacturer.

Important note: Always supervise your child on a trampoline, and never let more than one person use it at a time. Be sure to check out the Cleveland Clinic's helpful safety tips about trampolines.

Here are the Best Trampolines for Little Kids!

The trampolines in this section are best suited for children from about 2 to 6 years old. After that point, you'll want to consider a Big Kid Trampoline

smiling young girl jumping on the original toy company trampoline

1. The Original Toy Company Trampoline.

This trampoline for kids has a cute blue/yellow/red color pattern and is an obvious first choice! It folds up into a really compact footprint that can fit in a small closet or trunk, which is a big plus. Sometimes it's nice to put these things away for a month or two, then take them back out for renewed interest! It has no metal springs, instead using a series of heavy-duty elastic straps, which are excellent. While bungee cord attachments tend to break after 8-12 months of heavy use, these elastic straps have proven themselves far superior, lasting for several years. We also thought this was one of the easiest trampolines to unfold and set up in our living room, and liked that it used 6 instead of 4 legs to increase stability and safety. Assembly was a breeze and it felt very sturdy and well built.

nestig cloud crib

This 36" diameter trampoline also has a very high weight limit at 150 pounds, so even mom might be able to have some fun! Speaking of fun, it has a nice wide bouncing surface, a great bouncy elastic to the trampoline jumping surface while still being firm enough to prevent kids from jumping too high, and a padded upper handlebar. This model ended up in first place on our list for four primary reasons: first, it uses elastic straps rather than the unreliable bungee cord, second, it has a very high weight limit, third because it feels very sturdy with its 6-leg design, and finally, it is super easy to assemble (took about 10 minutes). The only downfall, like some others, is that once your kid gets heavier they might put more weight on the handlebar and make the back of the trampoline lift off the ground during jumping. While we highly doubt it would ever actually tip over, once your kid gets a bit bigger (60+ pounds) you might want to consider attaching a little weight on the back legs (like a dumbbell or bag of sand/rocks). Interested? You can check out the Original Toy Company trampoline here!

two boys jumping together on the ancheer double trampoline

2. Ancheer Kids Double Trampoline.

We don't know why it took so long for trampoline companies to figure out how much fun it would be to make a double trampoline for kids! This is the first we've ever tested, and it was truly a blast! It's perfect for siblings, twins, and play dates - two kids can jump simultaneously while holding on to the sturdy center handle. This is an awesome trampoline for kids with a lot of energy who want to jump together on a double indoor trampoline, facing each other, and laughing the entire time! It's basically a mini trampoline that has an oblong oval shape so that two kiddos can fit on it. The longest dimension is just over 5 feet long, and the shorter dimension is about 3 feet wide. It sits about 7" off the floor, and uses heavy-duty metal springs around the edge that are covered by a padded mat. In terms of the bouncing surface, it's pretty good - not as bouncy as some others, but still loads of fun. And when someone is jumping on the opposite side, if they time it just right they'll get a pretty big rebound effect where the other child bounces up really high as a result of the other child's jumping. It's awesome to be able to have that type of effect in a relatively small indoor trampoline while being able to hold on to the central handlebar for safety.

Speaking of the handlebar, it's adjustable up and down from about 30" high to 40" high in 2" increments. The lowest setting is good for young toddlers, and the higher settings are for kids between 3-100 years old! This trampoline has an impressively high weight limit of 220 pounds (total!), which means that some parents will be able to use it while their kids aren't looking. In our testing, we found the Ancheer trampoline easy to assemble - simply unfold it, screw on the legs, and attach the handlebar. Took us about 15 minutes to get it ready for action. The quality control was high - we tested 2 different units and they were both great. There are some reports of breakage, but we haven't experienced any such issues. The only cons here are that because it's a two-kid trampoline, the jumping surface for each kid is relatively small for big kids over 7-8 years old. Of course, you can also remove the handlebar entirely and use it as a solo trampoline when your child is bigger. Interested? You can check out the Ancheer Double Kids Trampoline here.

young girl jumping on a serenelife kids trampoline

3. SereneLife 36" Kids Trampoline.

This is a great, reliable mini trampoline for toddlers with a very high (about 150 pounds according to the instructions) weight limit and a compact bouncing surface (3 feet wide). The SereneLife trampoline uses an array of perimeter elastic bands rather than springs and is a very durable option for kids and teenagers. In our opinion, elastic straps are slightly better than bungee cords for durability and definitely safer than metal springs. Springs pose a pinching hazard, and it can hurt quite a bit if a foot/leg falls down into the metal spring area, so keep that in mind. In our testing, we found this trampoline to be well-made and sturdy, it doesn't allow kids to bounce too high, and it has a nice padded handle. The handle stands about 24" off the bouncing surface, making it a good height for kids from about 4 to 14!

nestig cloud crib

The only downfall of this trampoline is that we've noticed that once your toddler reaches about 40-50 pounds, and if they are a hard jumper, the back of the trampoline can lift a bit off the ground during big jumping. We haven't seen any reports of it tipping over, but some parents have attached something heavy to the back of it to prevent it from lifting off the ground. Another minor gripe is that it would be nice to have an adjustable handlebar height. Outside of that, we love this new addition to our list, and are happy to have tried it out! Interested? You can check out the SereneLife kids trampoline here.

smiling girl jupming on the little tikes trampoline in the living room

4. Little Tikes 36" Toddler Trampoline.

A cute, reliable, portable, sturdy, and safe trampoline option for little kids! It uses the same elastic strap type of material rather than springs or bungee, just like the Original Toy Company version, which is a safer and more reliable option. We found it very easy to assemble, with a firm bouncing surface that gets more flexible with time, and we loved the nice wide and curved handlebar. The weight limit is relatively low on this option, topping out at 55 pounds, and the size of the bouncing surface is a bit smaller than some other options. In our testing, we also appreciated that the handlebar was easily unscrewed for easy storage, the legs were sturdy and stable, and the jumping surface wasn't excessively springy! It's a great option for younger kids just getting started in jumping, but the lower weight capacity means they will phase out of it relatively early.

Limitations? Just a few. After a year of use, the foam on the handlebar started to rip a bit. With children over about 40 pounds, the back can lift off the floor a bit during aggressive jumping. Outside of those little issues, we think this is a great trampoline and a very good option for a little first-time jumper. Coming in at the cheapest on our list at about $60, this trampoline offers good bang for the buck, especially with smaller kids. Who else recommends the Little Tikes trampoline for toddlers? Our friends at Babylist call it a top pick!

kids playing and jumping on the wamis dinosaur mini trampoline in a backyard

5. Wamkos Dinosaur Mini Trampoline for Kids.

If your little one loves dinosaurs, this 36-inch mini trampoline from Wamkos is an awesome option! Similar to most other toddler and little kid trampolines, this model uses a series of 30 wide elastic straps around the perimeter of the jumping surface, a folding design (for shipping and storage), a padded perimeter cover, and a large padded handlebar. The weight capacity is very high, coming in at 220 pounds, and the rubberized plastic feet on each of the six legs. There is a t-rex design on the jumping surface and a green camouflage pattern on the padding. Coming in at about $85, we were excited to put this trampoline to the test!

The trampoline arrived in a large, flat cardboard box. The trampoline was folded in half (like a half-moon) for shipping, and the first step involved simply folding it open and placing cotter pins on each side. The next step was to attach the padded skirt to the perimeter, which involved a bit of stretching (it's easier with two people!). Finally, you attach the legs and handlebar, and you're ready to get bouncing! The entire trampoline felt sturdy and well made, the rubberized feet were great at preventing the trampoline from sliding across the floor, and the handlebar was at a great height for kids from about 3-5 years old (about 21-22" high). The jumping surface itself is about 25" in diameter, which is definitely large enough for most children - note that we prefer to have a nice wide padding area around the perimeter that overlaps the jumping surface a bit (to avoid accidents). We also liked how the handlebar had a small bend in the middle to help free up more jumping area, and our kids had a ton of fun on it! The only downfall was that after several months, some of the foam on the handlebar began to rip and peel off. Outside of that, it's awesome and the price is right! Interested? You can check out the Wamkos Dinosaur Kids Trampoline here.

6. LBLA 36-inch Toddler Trampoline.

a boy jumping on the lbla 36 inch kids trampoline

Here is another great 36-inch kids trampoline with a spring-free construction, adjustable and padded grab handlebar, high-quality construction, and a stable base with 6 legs. It has a nice high weight limit of 132 pounds, making it great for kids as young as about 3 years old but also usable until they're much older (and for some parents!). Out of the box, the jumping surface comes folded in half; simply pop it open and screw on the legs, and then attach the handlebar, and you're ready to get bouncing! The assembly instructions were easy to follow and it took about 15 minutes to put together. After that, it was pure fun! It works best on the carpet so the back legs don't pop up of the ground with heavier and more aggressive jumpers. The vinyl jumping surface is very bouncy and strong, and we didn't have any issues with the bungee straps. We loved that there are two ways to attach the handlebars, one for little kids and one for larger kids, and the handlebars can be adjusted from about 2 feet high to about 3 feet high. We used it for about 3 weeks and didn't have any major issues other than a toddler with sore legs from jumping for an hour straight! We did notice that the padded handle grip does start to deteriorate and come apart a bit. This might not be ideal, especially if your toddler might want to chew on the handle. Other than that, we think it's a great new addition to our best trampoline list and think you should consider it - especially for the competitive price of around $65. Interested? You can check out the LBLA 36-inch Kids Trampoline here.

7. Galt Folding Trampoline.

the galt folding trampoline

This is the most common choice of physical and occupational therapists because it's relatively compact (about 2.5 feet wide square bouncing surface), sturdy, folds flat for storage, and kids can't jump too high on its relatively rigid bouncing surface. It's also fairly reliable, and the company is decently responsive when something happens. What will happen? Most likely, the bungee cord holding the jumping surface to the frame will break after about 8-12 months. This is not unique to the Galt, it also happens with other bungee-based trampolines (like the old One Step Ahead ones). That's why they sell replacement bungee cords online! Of course, we wouldn't suggest trying to replace the bungee cord yourself: we tried it and got so frustrated after a couple of hours that we completely gave up. Also, just like with the trampolines above, we found that it has a tendency for the rear legs to lift off the ground during aggressive jumping. You will notice that it is somewhat plain looking, and smaller, but it's a good utilitarian trampoline option. The weight limit is 77 pounds. The bungee cord issue is the primary weakness of this trampoline, though it does come in at a good price point, usually about $75.

Here are the Best Trampolines for Big Kids!

For these reviews, we focus on trampolines well suited for kids over the age of about 5-6 years. For safety reasons, try to avoid letting kids under the age of 10 or so jump on a trampoline surface larger than about 7 feet in diameter, due to hazards associated with letting a little kid jump really high on those super-springy trampolines. And for safety, even the best trampolines need a parent or guardian nearby to attend to a child or teenager who's jumping! We also only review trampolines that have netting attached to the inside of the springs to prevent little legs from going down into the gaps between the springs. In general, the Skywalker and Upper Bounce options tend to be the sturdiest and most reliable. Another option is to consider a bounce house!

1. Skywalker 60" Adventure Trampoline.

the skywalker adventure trampoline

This trampoline comes in a couple of different themes, with varied diameters: the seaside adventure is 60" in diameter, and the zoo animal theme has a 48" diameter (and quite a bit lower price). We tested out the 60" seaside version, though we assume the 48" version is very similar. Skywalker is a great trampoline brand with a reputation for safety and reliability. This trampoline is no exception. It is suggested for kids aged 3 to 7, and has a 100-pound weight limit. One of the best things about this trampoline is that it has a padded 360-degree handle around the inside perimeter that kids can hold onto when they first start jumping and build their confidence. This unit uses a bungee cord rather than springs, so there's no pinch hazard - but bungees do tend to wear out and break a bit faster than metal springs or elastic straps.

We must say, however, that we've had one of these in our backyard for four years now and it is still sturdy and hasn't had any bungee cord breakage. The white foam vertical bar pads have basically disintegrated and fallen off, and all colors have been bleached out from the sun, but it still works perfectly! This trampoline has a fun zippered entrance, which is less annoying than the common Velcro ones. The only downfall is that it can be tricky to put together because the instructions that come with it are quite terrible, there are a ton of parts, and the assembly involves some tricky flexing to get the inside handlebars all attached. Once you figure that out, you'll be well on your way to years of fun with the backing of a solid reputation from Skywalker trampolines! Interested? You can check out the SkyWalker trampoline here!

2. Skywalker Jump N' Dunk Trampolines.

the skywalker jump and dunk trampoline

This is the ultimate trampoline, for big jumping and big yards! Skywalker has a series of these "jump n' dunk" trampolines that start as small as an 8-foot diameter and go as large as a 17-foot diameter. They have regular circular ones, oval ones, and even square and rectangular ones! All of them also come in a range of colors and patterns, like blue, green red, and camouflage patterns. They are big, well-made, and a bit expensive relative to others on this list (but cheap relative to fancier brands). But the safety features are there: the netting is positioned on the inside of the high-quality heavy-duty springs, the weight capacity ranges from 175 to 250 pounds depending on the size you choose, and we found the build quality to be overall high, with good welds and galvanized steel T-bars at critical support points. Entrance and exit are through a dual-zippered slit (meaning you can unzip from inside or out) on the side, the vertical bars are foam padded and shaped with a curve to prevent bumping into them during jumping, and the outside edge padding is thick and UV protected to slow down fading in the sun.

Note that as with most trampolines, the diameter is measured across the frame, so the jumping surface will always be smaller in diameter by about 2 feet. So an 8-foot trampoline is more like a 6-foot diameter jumping surface, a 12-foot trampoline is more like a 10-foot jumping surface, and so on. In our testing, we used the 12-foot trampoline. It took us about 2 hours to fully assemble (with 2 people), with the help of an included spring-pull tool. The build quality was overall high, the jumping was awesome, and overall it seemed to be durable and well constructed. The velcro-on/off basketball hoop was a nice touch, though it wasn't really used much and we ended up just removing it. Over time, we expected the foam covers of the vertical bars to lose quality, the padding to fade in color, and the entrance/exit zipper to break. Over the first couple years, the zipper and foam covers hadn't broken apart. The pad did fade a bit in color, even with the UV protection aspect, but that's to be expected with anything you leave out in the bright summer sun. Now that we've had this trampoline for 7 years, the foam padding and netting have deteriorated and ripped apart; fortunately, Skywalker sells replacement netting and pads, and were able to revive our old trampoline for another 5 years of fun! Overall, we highly recommend this trampoline and expect it to last your family for several years. In general, we found the 12-foot diameter one to be most versatile: large enough to support growing kids, and a high enough weight capacity to support parents under 200 pounds. And that's half the fun here, that parents can bounce too! High recommended for a larger, outdoor-only, trampoline to support tons of fun for several years.

3. Skywalker 40" Lily Pad Trampoline.

the skywalker lily trampoline

This is very similar to the 60" Seaside Adventure, but more ideal for smaller spaces. This uses a 40" diameter (meaning a ~30" jumping surface), which is pretty narrow for kids but definitely helps save a lot of space. All of the things we love about the 60" version are here: zippered entrance, interior perimeter handlebar, high quality, and reliable construction, strong netting material, and the netting is attached to the inside of the springs/bungee. Given its narrow 40" diameter, this configuration does make it feel a bit narrow inside, but it was perfect for our test kids ranging in age from 3 to 6. Our 7-year-old gave it a shot and thought it was too constrained to enjoy. It does have a 100-pound weight capacity like the larger one, so it is feasible for smaller adults to have a little fun! The only thing we didn't like was assembly, much like with the larger version. Also worth noting is that the vertical foam padding falls apart a bit if left outside, just like with the other one. Outside of that, you can get this for only about $55 online, and it should last for about 2-3 years until your toddler grows out of it around 5-6 years old.   

4. My Bouncer Castle Bounce House.

my bouncer castle

About $150, with a ton of entertainment value for that price point! OK, this is technically not a trampoline. We're breaking the rules, but this is a bouncy house with a center bounce area that behaves a lot like a trampoline. This is very likely the safest way to get your kids to bounce out their energy, with inflatable rather than rigid pole sides that kids can bounce into and off of, and a net to keep them contained. Parents love this unit because it's like having an expensive inflatable birthday party right in your own house! It also comes with everything you need - including the front slide, pump/blower (inflates in about 10 seconds!), basketball hoop, and tie-down weight bags. The vinyl is very thick and high quality. It is about 72" tall, which is 6 feet. So we were able to fit it in our basement and playroom without any ceiling height issues. It is quite large though, with the slide and blower, so make sure to check out the dimensions (92" L x 118" W x 72" H). Maximum weight is 150 pounds, so this will last your family for quite some time. (See our reviews of some other bouncy houses here.)

Other Trampolines We Tested

Little Tikes 7' Trampoline. Excellent build quality, similar to the Skybound Super 7. Highly recommended, though we point out that the netting is attached outside of the springs, which we consider a safety hazard. And it does use springs, not a bungee or elastic.

Giantex My First Trampoline 84". Another great 7' trampoline option, very similar to the Skybound 7. Great price here, but again the netting is attached outside of the springs, which we consider to be a bit of a safety hazard.

Zupapa Trampoline for Kids. This trampoline comes in 8', 10', 12', 14', and 15' diameter options, and has consistently high build quality, durability, and fun. However, the netting is attached outside of the metal spring area, which means feet and legs can fall into that area, risking injury. Zupapa upgraded these trampolines last year to include a "no gap" design, which basically extends the perimeter pad in by another two inches, covering more of the springs. However, we think it's a much better idea to attach the net inside the springs, reducing the risk altogether.

Upper Bounce Classic Trampoline and Enclosure Set. Yet another great 7' option, very similar to the Skybound Super 7. Though it does have the netting outside of the springs, we have to give them credit for the 3" thick padding they place over the springs to help reduce injuries related to a leg sticking into the spring area.

How to Pick a Toddler and Big Kid Trampoline

Over the past few years we have tested over two dozen different trampolines. Some designed for toddlers ages 2-3 or so, and others designed for bigger kids aged 4-7 or so. There are also much larger ones for bigger kids aged 8+ and we include one of those in the list below, simply because we've had such great experiences with it. We focus primarily on toddler trampolines and "big kid" trampolines: 

toddlertrampolineThe toddler trampolines usually are smaller, provide less of an elevated bounce, and have an attached handlebar with padding to ease kids into learning how to bounce on their own. These are very low to the ground (usually 4-6"), usually have a weight capacity under 80 pounds, and use either springs or bungee cords to hold the jumping surface onto the frame. Our boys have never fallen off one of these (knock on wood!), even in the beginning, and they are not the most coordinated boys in the world! But they have succeeded in bouncing the trampoline into oblivion and breaking the bungee support cords, and we will talk about this issue when we review individual units. The toddler versions, because of their smaller size, are perfect for a play room, basement, or living room. Usually used indoors given their size, and just like one of the best play kitchens they are really a play room essential!


The "big kid" trampoline includes safety netting (an enclosure net attached to the inside of the springs), a slightly larger and more elastic/bouncy jumping surface, and is a bit higher off the ground. These usually have a weight capacity between 100-120 pounds, and kids can jump quite a bit higher than on a toddler trampoline. They are a good option before stepping up to a larger and more dangerous trampoline that allows kids to bounce too high for their own good (and your and your insurance company's sanity). They are also still small enough to fit inside if you have a good space with high ceilings. As trampolines get larger than these (usually around a 7-foot diameter max), they are too big for in the house and are left outside all year round.

Another note is that while your kid is using an outdoor trampoline, be sure to put on some kids mosquito repellent and sunscreen for kids, to keep things fun, safe, and comfortable!

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