Review of the Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Graco is world-renowned for making high quality, safe, versatile, and reasonably priced baby gear. Car seats are no exception, and Graco has really secured a top spot in baby product sales, and you can see why: they appear dozens of times in our best baby gear list.

The Graco Milestone is one of Graco's flagship convertible car seats, offering moderate features and versatility, at a great price usually just under about $200. Not as expensive as their top-rated Extend2Fit or 4Ever models (see our reviews of those here), and not quite as versatile or feature-laden. But the Milestone is an excellent convertible car seat that is definitely worth considering. That said, let's get into our full review!

The Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seatgraco milestone

Pros: Great bang for the buck (about $200), Good overall weight range (5 to 100 pounds), Converts to belt- positioning booster car seat, Premium LATCH connectors, Durable and easy-clean fabric, Easy installation and adjustments, Detachable cup holder, Machine washable cover, Approved for air travel, No-rethread harness, Side impact protection, Steel-reinforced frame, EPS energy- absorbing foam.

Cons: Bulky and large, Only 4 recline settings, No backless booster mode (unlike the 4Ever), Uncomfortable armrests, Narrow seating area.

Full Review: Usually about $200, depending on color options. This is a truly awesome option that is similar in some ways to the Graco 4ever. There are a few primary differences between these two Graco models. First, this Graco Milestone convertible car seat is nearly $100 less expensive, but doesn't convert into a backless booster for use up to 120 pounds. The other difference is that it doesn't support babies down to 4 pounds, only down to 5. So if you have a premie baby under 5 pounds you'll need to look into the 4ever. Outside of those differences, this is nearly as versatile as the 4ever, supporting babies from 5 pounds (using included infant insert) up to 100 pounds, and has basically identical features.

One of the most versatile and best car seats on the market, this seat converts from a rear facing infant and toddler car seat supporting weights from 5 to 40 pounds, to a forward facing seat supporting weights from 20 to 65 pounds, and then finally to a belt- positioning booster from 30 to 100 pounds. It expires 10 years after the manufacture date, which is really fantastic if you want to use it for the long-haul (or for more than one kid!). Many car seats expire after only 6 years, as detailed in our car seat expiration guide. It's heavy, like all convertible car seats with a steel-reinforced frame. Speaking of safety, it also uses EPS energy-absorbing foam like most of the other best seats on the market. In addition to this versatility that is second only to the 4ever, there are some additional great features. First, we love the Simply Safe adjustable harness and headrest, that adjust together by pulling up on the red handle at the top of the headrest. Super simple to adjust across 10 levels of height, and you will never need to rethread from the rear. Second, we liked the recline function: while it wasn't quite as extensive as the 4ever (which has 6 recline settings, and this has 4), it was easy to use via the handle right up front, and we found that the 4 positions were definitely sufficient for most applications (ranging from small to large vehicles, and little babies to toddlers). To make things easier, there is a clever ball level that shows you exactly how much recline you should have when positioned rear-facing. Third, the InRight LATCH system makes installation and swapping between vehicles super easy with the Graco-designed LATCH connector that is a snap to use. The fabric has a premium and soft-touch feel, and is easy to clean, completely removable for machine washing. We also thought the ventilation was pretty good, so little babies won't get too hot with the black version.

Cons? Well, nothing much really, except that it isn't quite as versatile as the 4Ever All-in-1 convertible car seat in terms of weight range (both lower and upper), and number of recline positions. It also has 1 detachable cup holder, versus the 2 built-in cup holders on the 4ever. We also find it a bit narrow for larger kids. Not narrow for the overall chassis, but mostly the seating area. If your child is normal build, they'll be fine, but if you've got a chunky monkey you might want to consider the Boulevard or Radian. We also suggest either of those seats if you're looking for a more premium experience in terms of cushioning an overall build quality. Overall, this is an excellent Graco model that basically has all of the bells and whistles as the 4ever, but with some minor differences, at an excellent price point usually under $200. Interested? You can check out the Graco Milestone here.

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