Babies Eating Lemons for the First Time: Cutest Video Ever!

babies eating lemons

Scientists and pediatricians typically recommend providing your baby with diverse foods to help provide new sensory experiences and develop healthy food preferences.

And studies show that adding in extra homemade foods such as fruits, vegetables and meats helps babies develop diet diversity, get more valuable nutrients, and even have lower percentage of body fat once they become a toddler.

Some of the best baby foods on the market are trending in this direction too, providing more organic and raw fruit and vegetable puree options that contain no additives or preservatives and even need to be refrigerated to avoid spoiling.

Helping your child experience more diverse foods is also great for increasing the acceptance of new foods and their tolerance for new textures as they grow older (see the studies here and here).

Early experiences with a variety of homemade foods helps acceptance of new flavors and textures as your child grows older.

Once your baby starts transitioning away from breast milk or baby formula, it's time to introduce some diversity into their diets! Be sure to have your baby try out all the textures: crunchy, chewy, mushy, and even mixed consistencies. Raw or partly steamed brocolli is a great sensory experience, as are mushy cooked carrots, slippery banana slices, stringy pasta, and hard-boiled egg.

And provide experiences for all the basic flavor profiles: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and savory. You don't need to go to the extremes and give your baby lemons! For sweet, try out some mango or cantaloupe. For salty, try out some crackers. For sour and bitter, try orange slices and granny smith apple. And for savory, try out some ground beef, mushrooms, or cheese sticks.

If you're worried about the sizes of foods, pieces breaking off and becoming a choking hazard, or messes, then you might want to consider fruit feeder pacifiers or pouches, such as the awesome food pouches made by Nature Bond.

nature bond food pouches pacifiers

So what about that adorable video of babies eating lemons for the first time?

Without further ado, here you go!

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