Celebrity Babies and their High-Flyin' Baby Gear

Posh strollers and cozy car seats are number one with this year’s celebrity parents!

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Rejoice, Hollywood aficionados and star-studded baby enthusiasts, 2023 was an exciting year for celebrity babies!

From Paris Hilton to Rihanna, we’ve got the inside scoop on the crème de la crème of infant accessories that are turning heads from Beverly Hills to the Big Apple.

Keep scrolling or use our table of contents to find the celebrity baby gear you want to see!

Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas welcomed baby Luai in July

Step inside Lindsay Lohan's world of baby bliss and see the swanky sanctuary designed for her little star, Luai!

Nestled in the heart of Hollywood glamour, Baby Luai's nursery boasts none other than the adorable Nestig Cloud crib – a haven of luxury where dreams are made.

lindsay lohan standing in nursery next to the nestig cloud cribImage: Nestig

This crib, coming in at a mere $750, is a pocket-change splurge for Lindsay, who effortlessly earned over $27 million from her blockbuster movies.

Crafted from sustainable Brazilian Pine with contemporary flair, the Cloud crib isn't just a cozy cocoon; it's a statement piece earning top ratings in our reviews of the best cribs.

As Luai peacefully snoozes, Lindsay and Bader play the role of vigilant parents with the Nanit Pro baby camera. This sleek monitoring marvel, priced at approximately $400, isn't just a gadget; it's a window into the future of Hollywood stardom.

lindsay lohans baby in a crib being viewed by the nestig baby monitorImage: Instagram @dakotalohan

A small investment for the Lohans, ensuring they keep a watchful eye on their little VIP in the making! And according to our research, it's the best baby monitor with WiFi you can buy!

We can't resist but make a small point, however: Never put your baby asleep in a DockATot, they are banned for sale in the US due to risk of suffocation and death.

In Lindsay Lohan's nursery, the Nestig Cloud crib and Nanit Pro create a synergy of style and security, proving that even in Tinseltown, the love for your little one knows no price tag.

Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro welcomed baby Athena in June

In an exclusive peek into the world of celebrity parenting, Maria treats us to a visual journey through her Instagram posts, unveiling a baby gear extravaganza fit for a little superstar.

The tour highlights Maria's top picks, including the high-tech 4moms MamaRoo baby swing, the ever-popular Doona stroller with its seamless conversion to a car seat, and the stunning Namesake Liberty crib that sets the stage for baby Athena's sweet dreams.

Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro holding baby Athena with the 4moms mamaroo in the backgroundImage: Instagram @mariamenounos

Witness Athena's chic strolls through Beverly Hills in the Doona stroller, seemingly petite in Keven's grasp but delivering a comfortable ride over even the biggest sidewalk cracks on Rodeo Drive!

Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro pushing baby Athena in a doona strollerImage: Instagram @mariamenounos

Priced at approximately $550, this sleek stroller with its oversized canopy is a modest investment for a touch of Hollywood glamour and the added benefit of shielding Athena from the paparazzi's prying eyes.

Just like Lindsay Lohan, Maria Menounos entrusts the Nanit baby monitor to keep a vigilant eye on her little diva during those precious moments of slumber in the Namesake Liberty crib.

Valued at around $500, this crib, although a princely sum for some, feels like mere pennies for a star of Maria's caliber, with an estimated net worth soaring around $20 million.

Maria Menounos nursery and namesake liberty cribImage: US Weekly

In Athena’s nursery, luxury meets functionality, proving that even Hollywood's most glamorous moms are on the lookout for the best in baby gear.

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum welcomed baby Pheonix in January

Hold on to your tiaras! Paris Hilton, never one to shy away from the spotlight, has given us a front-row seat to the haute couture of baby gear, unveiling a collection fit for Tinseltown's most adorable tot, Pheonix.

At the pinnacle of luxury on our list, Baby Pheonix glides through the Hollywood scene in the extravagant Baby Dior stroller, a collaboration with the popular baby brand Inglesina.

This stroller isn't just a ride; it's a work of art, marrying intricate detailing with the timeless elegance of the Dior signature design.

And with a price tag of approximately $5000, it stands as one of the most opulent strollers to grace this list!

Paris hilton in park pushing baby dior strollerImage: Instagram @parishilton

In a heart-warming Instagram video, Paris showcased a beaming Pheonix in her arms, solidifying the tiny tot's status as an A-list darling.

In the background, the posh Nuna Pipa infant car seat makes a cameo at around $300 – a modest choice in Paris' world of baby luxury.

the nuna pipa car seat used by paris hiltonImage: Nuna

But the glamour doesn't end there.

In another video reveal, we spot the lively Fisher-Price Jumperoo baby exersaucer, a playful addition priced at $100, and the chic BabyBjorn bouncer seat where baby Pheonix cozies up with a plush bunny rabbit toy – a scene fit for the newest mini monarch of the Hilton family!

paris hiltons baby sitting in a babybjorn bouncer seat holding a bunny rabbit dollImage: Instagram @parishilton

Pheonix is living the dream, cruising in style with a swanky car seat and the crème de la crème of strollers.

From dodging paparazzi to lounging in a bouncer seat, this tot is the epitome of Paris Hilton's fashion-forward parenting.

Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford welcomed baby Evelyn in October

In the enchanting countryside of Devon, Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford welcomed their third bundle of joy, baby Evelyn, into a life of English elegance.

Despite their penchant for privacy, the couple allowed us a glimpse into their parenting journey, featuring some standout selections for their little one.

While strolling through the charming streets of London, the power couple showcased the beautiful Joolz Geo2 stroller – a symbol of superior style and versatility.

carey mulligan pushing a joolz geo2 strollerImage: Getty Images

Designed to accommodate a growing family, this stroller is expandable to a double, a necessity when you're a mom of three like Carey.

Priced at a noteworthy $1100, it may not reach the heights of the Baby Dior stroller, but for Carey and Marcus, who boast a combined net worth of about $25 million, it's a luxury worth every penny.

carey mulligan carrying baby in a babybjorn carrierImage: Allen Bregg, SPLASH NEWS

Speaking of luxury, Carey Mulligan's taste doesn't stop at strollers.

The elusive baby Evelyn has been a bit camera-shy, but we know that Carey, a mom with an eye for simple sophistication, chose the BabyBjorn, a fan-favorite baby carrier, in the past.

Priced at a modest $80, this carrier lets England's youngest star rest her little head in the lap of understated luxury.

In Carey Mulligan's world, baby Evelyn experiences the best of both worlds – English countryside serenity and stylish sophistication.

Tia Blanco and Brody Jenner welcomed baby Honey Raye in July

Step into the world of Brody Jenner and Tia Blanco, where no expense is spared to ensure baby Honey Raye sleeps in the lap of cozy sophistication!

In an adorable YouTube reveal, the couple gives us a glimpse of their nursery masterpiece, a blend of simplicity and elegance fit for their precious little one.

Among the stars of the show are the carefully selected baby essentials, showcasing Brody and Tia's keen eye for quality.

The Keekaroo Peanut changing pad, priced at around $150, ensures that every diaper change is a plush experience. The Angelcare baby bathtub, a steal at about $20, and the Yogasleep Hushh sound machine, priced at approximately $25, add soothing touches to Honey Raye's sanctuary.

And let's not forget the posh BabyBjorn Bliss baby bouncer seat, gracing the nursery at a modest $200, offering a cozy retreat for moments of play and rest.

tia blanco with baby sitting in a babybjorn bouncer seatImage: YouTube

Surprisingly reasonable given the couple's estimated net worth of about $15 million, these baby gear choices prove that luxury can be achieved with a touch of practicality.

But the surprises don't end there – a cozy Boba baby wrap, priced at only about $40, keeps Honey Raye snugly close to her beautiful mama, creating moments of bonding that money can't buy.

brody jenner and tia blanco carrying baby in a boba wrapImage: HawtCelebs.com

In the world of Brody Jenner and Tia Blanco, Honey Raye's baby gear radiates warmth, comfort, and a dash of Hollywood flair.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed baby Riot Rose in August

Even in the world of celebrity parenting, where opulence often knows no bounds, Rihanna stands out as the queen of effortless style – and her baby, Riot Rose, is no exception!

When it comes to Riot's on-the-go essentials, this superstar mom has made some surprisingly down-to-earth choices that prove you don't need a platinum card to roll in A-list style.

rihannas baby in an evenflo car seatImage: TikTok @Rihanna

Rihanna's choice for Riot's car seat is the Evenflo SecureMax – a surprisingly budget-friendly car seat that doesn't compromise on safety or style.

Priced well within the reach of us mere mortals (about $100), this car seat boasts a sleek design and top-notch safety features that have become synonymous with the Evenflo brand.

Riot Rose may be riding in the backseat, but with this affordable yet chic car seat, he's undeniably cruising in star-studded comfort.

When it comes to naptime on the go, the 4moms Breeze travel crib is Riot's home away from home – a cozy cocoon that goes wherever Rihanna's busy schedule takes her.

rihannas baby in a 4moms breeze travel cribImage: Instagram @badgalriri

Coming in at only about $250, this travel crib is a testament to the fact that celebrity parents like Rihanna know the value of a good deal without compromising on quality.

Last but not least, there's one exception that proves even a superstar mom can't resist a touch of luxury – Riot Rose's first birthday party wouldn't be complete without his statement-making black Dior sunglasses.

rihanna and asap rockys baby wearing dior sunglassesImage: Instagram @rihannaofficiall

Rihanna, never one to shy away from high fashion, ensured that Riot Rose's first birthday look was nothing short of fabulous.

The black Dior sunglasses typically sell for over $500 a pair. While they may be a departure from the budget-friendly choices in the rest of Riot's gear, when it comes to milestone moments, this celebrity mom knows how to make a statement.

And with over $1 billion in net worth, she can most certainly afford to do so!

Final Words

In the glamorous world of celebrity parenting, one thing is clear – whether it's budget chic or luxury splurges, Hollywood's tiniest stars are riding, napping, and celebrating in style.

As we conclude our journey through the cribs and car seats of the rich and famous, we leave you with the knowledge that in the realm of A-list babies, the glitz and glamour never take a nap!

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