Baby Shower Gifts 2020

Have to buy a baby shower gift for an expecting mom, but not sure what to get her? Worried she won't like it, or someone else will give the same exact gift?

Below we list a bunch of unique baby shower gifts for 2020 that make those scenarios much less likely! Note that our numbering is not in terms of our preference, but just an itemized list of great baby shower gift ideas!

#1. Quirky and silly baby books for the budding braniac or hipster.

These books are fun for both the parents and the baby. Well, maybe mostly for the parents, but why bore yourself to death reading the 19th book of the evening while trying to get your baby to settle down for bed? At least you can slightly amuse yourself at 3am, reading one of these fun books! These are definite crowd pleasers and make fun and unique baby shower gifts for the geeky parents. You can see all of our recommended baby books here. Click any picture to see details.

book1 book2 book3 book4Click any image to see details. book5 book6 book7 book8

#2. Baby food makers (aka baby-fied food processors) and storage accessories.

To see our reviews of the best baby food makers, click here. Once the baby starts eating pureed foods, if you're dealing with a crafy mom she's likely to want to try her hand at making some herself. These baby food makers combine a steamer and food processor all into one cute device that will steam and puree the food for you. All you need to do is add water and basic ingredients like peas, squash, and prunes. And it looks cute on the counter. The Beaba Babycook is the #1 original superstar, and it has been successfully copied by the Babymoov Duo Meal Station, and unsuccessfully copied by other brands such as the Baby Bullet (which is about half the price but doesn't steam the food and isn't well reviewed), and the Baby Brezza (which has some pretty awful reviews). For these reasons, we suggest the original Beaba Babycook, the Babymoov Duo Meal Station, and the Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker. All three will get the job done without headaches and for many years to come. If you're looking for something a bit less expensive, check out the awesome Infantino Baby Squeeze which makes squeeze pouches of baby food. It makes an awesome gift! Be sure to pick up some extra squeeze pouches for the Infantino, and the great freezer pods for storing freshly pureed baby foods. Click any picture to see details.

cuisinartbabyprocessorbeaba baby cook pro infantinosqueezeliljumblfoodmakerClick any image to see details. babymoov beaba1 beaba2


#3. Stylish diaper bags and diaper clutches for the trendy moms who want to stand out in the crowd.

There are plenty of ugly or just plain boring diaper bags out there, and it doesn't take a new mom very long to realize that she has the same exact bag as a bunch of other moms. It's also nice to have options. Rather than one boring diaper bag for every day, getting crusty with old milk, Cheerios crumbs and god only knows what else, new moms love having stylish options. Or how about an adorable diaper clutch for those times when you don't want to be lugging around a big heavy bag. Of course, these diaper bags and clutches tend to be a bit pricier than some of the more mainstream options, but that's the price you pay for being unique. Here are some stylish options for 2020. Click any picture below to see details.

loganlenoraclutch bag2 bag3 katespadebagClick any image to see details. bag5 bag6 bag7 bag8

#4. Clever baby food feeders, bowls, and bottle holders (and one ridiculous baby shower prank).

Babies eat, chew, and suck all the time, and once they start on bottles and solid foods, the new mom will be working extra hard to prepare food, feed the baby, clean up after the baby, and sterilize all the random things that go into keeping a baby's belly full. Here we found some clever devices that can help this situation. Don't want to hold the bottle the entire time? For yourself, try out the Shark Tank sensation, the Beebo baby bottle holder that slings over your shoulder and is awesome for both mom and dad (or for a nanny or babysitter!). It's great for being able to bottle feed while reading a story book. For the baby, check out the L'il Helper Baby Bottle Holder. Want the baby to get all the good fiber from fresh fruits and veggies, but without the choking hazard? Try the Munchkin Mesh Fresh Food Feeders. Don't want to keep cleaning up Cheerios and Kix stuffed into every little crevice in the dining room, living room, and car? Try the Gyro Bowl Gyroscopic No-spill Food Bowl. For the mom who wants to look stylish while soothing her teething baby, you should check out Chewbeads. They're trendy and practical! Any new parent would be thrilled for a gift that helps keep their baby's pacifier in his/her mouth. Wubbanub, a pacifier attached to a soft plush stuffed animal like a giraffe, puppy, or elephant, helps the baby grab and manipulate a pacifier by him/herself. It's the gift that keeps giving! Or, here's a funny baby shower idea: put a real gift into a hilarious fake gift box that has some outrageous product depicted on the side, like the Crib Dribbler that feeds babies like a pet hamster.

clever1 gyrobowl clever4Click any image to see details. beebowubbanub clever7 clever8

#5. Cute swaddling blankets, hooded towels, and sleep sacks.

When babies aren't eating, chewing, or sucking, hopefully they're sleeping or relaxing with mom and dad. There's not much cuter than a hooded towel with animal ears, more useful than swaddling blankets or swaddle systems, or cozier than a zip-up sleep sack. The new mom will love these soft and adorable gifts, and the baby will love them even more. The swaddling blankets are the gifts that keep on giving, everytime the baby settles down to relax or sleeps, the mom will be thanking you. See our ratings of the best swaddling blankets of 2020 here.

cute1 frogtowelhooded adenanaismuslinswaddle halosleepsack Click any image to see details. summerinfantswaddleme cute6 jumpingbeanswrap

#6. Adorable booties and socks for tiny feet and toes.

Looking back through my baby pictures, I don't see any cute booties or socks. Most of the time I was barefoot or wearing a onesie. But that's not the case anymore - all sorts of baby booties, shoes, and cute socks are available now, and moms seem to love these cute accessories. For a review of how to select baby shoes, and ratings and reviews of the best ones we've found, see our list here. Here are some particularly cute booties, and socks for those tiny feet and toes. 

shoes1 shoes2 sayoyoshoes shoes4 Click any image to see details. shoes5 shoes6 shoes7 shoes8

#7. Bathtime, Bedtime, and Baby & Mommy Gifts Sets.

Johnson's and Aveeno make some of the most respected baby care products on the market, known for being recommeded by hospitals and pediatricians, and being gentle on skin, hair, and eyes. Here is a great way to pull together some of the best baby bathtime and bedtime products into a cute gift set that comes in its own gift packaging.

The Bathtime Essentials Gift Set (about $20) includes Johnson's Baby Head-to-Toe Wash, Baby Lotion, Baby Bubble Bath, Baby Powder (Talc free of course), Desitin Diaper Cream, Safety Swabs, and the classic Baby Shampoo. Comes in a cute yellow plastic bucket.

The Bedtime Gift Set (about $25) includes Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath, Baby Bedtime Lotion, Baby Shampoo, Hallmark Goodnight Kisses book, and a cute Hallmark owl stuffed animal. Those bath and lotion products are infused with lavender to help babies sleep better. Comes in a lavender color cardboard carrying case.

The Aveeno Baby & Mommy Gift Set (about $25) includes Aveeno products for both baby and mom. It has the Aveeno Baby Lotion, Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream, Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo, and Aveeno Soothing Relief Creamy Wash. For mom, it includes Aveeno Positively Radiant lotion with sunscreen, and Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. Comes in a cute canvas tote.

bathtimegiftset copybedtimegiftsetbabymommygiftset

Speaking of baths, the Blooming Bath Baby Bath (about $50) is sure to make any mom, dad, and baby smile during bath time. This super soft bathtub fits right into the sink, making it easy for mom or dad to wash baby without bending over the bathtub. It also makes for great baby bath photos! 

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