Parenting Articles

Parenting is both rewarding and challenging at times, and there is nothing more beautiful than watching your efforts to nourish, educate, guide, and love your child pay off through the phases of development. Our parenting articles are not only well-researched and updated on a monthly basis with new science and insights, they are also written by parents with expertise in child development, occupational therapy, neuroscience, and/or pediatrics.


fathers day gift coupons for fun

Father's Day Gift Coupons - Print and Clip!

Looking for a heart-felt gift for your child to give on father's day? Check out these adorable gift coupons that you can print, clip, and give as a gift.

Dad can use these year-round to spend special time with their daughter or son, or just to get some special treatment!

Breakfast in bed and a car wash? What dad could resist those!? Free to print, share, use, and enjoy!

coronavirus pinata fun for kids

Make a Coronavirus Piñata in 8 Easy Steps!

Looking for a way to vent your frustration about the coronavirus? Check out this easy-to-make coronavirus piñata that will let you bash and smash the virus, revealing a delicious treat inside!

Perfect for birthdays, graduations, and socially-distanced gift giving, this takes just a couple hours to make and will keep the kids busy and entertained for hours trying to get at the candy inside! All you need is flour, water, newspaper strips, a balloon, paint, and a string. And something fun to put inside!

developmental milestones babies toddlers

Developmental Milestones: from Baby to Preschool

During the first years of life, children go through a wonderful series of changes that are truly unique to every child. We gathered the expertise of a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and asked her to compile some of her experiences about developmental milestones, how to recognize them, and when to be concerned about possible delays. Below is what she put together, organized by age range - from newborn to toddler and beyond.

autism developmental milestones

Autism and Developmental Milestones - Therapist Observations

When a child receives an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis, there may be an adjustment process for some parents as they learn to be the best parent for their child while also navigating therapies, insurance claims, and a new vocabulary.

For parents of a child with autism, there will be new special moments in growth and development that are unique to your child and unique to autism. These might separate your son or daughter from the neurotypical child development pathway; some developmental milestones might arrive earlier than others, and some milestones might be delayed.

activities for kids at home keep busy

Activities for Kids at Home - 13 Fun Ideas

Home with the kids for who-knows-how-long? Running out of ideas to keep the kids busy and entertained while you're all at home?

Here are 13 fun activities to keep you and the kids busy while helping their minds and bodies stay active during the time off from school.